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Nomi High Chair Review

Prior to having kids, I was all about aesthetic. Fashion over function: that was my M.O. Since becoming a mother, this philosophy has changed drastically, though my inner fashionista is still always looking for baby gear that’s as chic as it is functional.

So when I first spotted the new Nomi High Chair at the ABC Kids Show a few years ago (this back pre-pandemic when they were having baby shows…), I was instantly intrigued. Here was a gorgeous high chair – sleek and modern – that can be used in a myriad of ways from birth and beyond.

Nomi grows with your child!

We fell so in love we even went live on Facebook to report our new discovery. Was it beautiful? Yes! But was it also uber functional? Totes! And so I just HAD to try it out for myself (full disclosure: they sent me a sample).

Separated at Birth?

When I registered for my first son (6 years ago!), a number of people insisted I get the famous Stokke Tripp Trapp. People spoke of the Tripp Trapp as if it were the only high chair in the world, a literal legend among baby items.

Tripp Trapp, Tripp Trapp, Tripp Trapp, Tripp Trapp…

Being the amateur I was, I went with one that was cheaper (I will not name names) and, well, after two kids I was ready to light the thing on fire and toss it out the front door. I could never get the darn thing clean enough and it literally started to disintegrate into shreds.


Something seemed strangely familiar between the Nomi and the Tripp Trapp: design, longevity of the product, functionality. Were we imagining this? It was then we were made aware that the designer of the Tripp Trapp — Peter Opsvik — also designed the Nomi (for his grandkids, this time). How cool!

Nomi High Chair Review — Set Up

Upon opening the box, I was thrilled to see the Nomi came with its own set of allen wrenches (love!). I’m also happy to report that the instructions were quite easy to follow; all in all, it took me about 15 minutes total to get this sucker up and running.

add-on chair cushion

Pros and Cons

So remember when I said I like pretty things? This chair is just that: gorje!

Like the Tripp Trapp, the Nomi is ergonomic and very comfortable for littles. When you adjust the height of the seat and footrest, the depth is automatically aligned thanks to the unique shape of the stem.

The stem is made from FSC-certified steam-bent veneer, which provides maximum strength and flexibility.

Bonus: For young infants (less than 6 months), check out the Nomi Baby Accessory. At ~$189, it may seem $$$$, but it’s actually less than the price of the BABYBJORN Bouncer or the Nuna Leaf — if you want your high chair to work for you, the newborn bouncer accessory can effectively convert the Nomi high chair into a lounger. This is great for small spaces because it saves you from needing a separate bouncer.

Unlike other bouncers that sit on the ground, the Nomi bouncer accessory raises the Nomi to table height, which makes engaging with baby so much easier for the entire family (it also gets baby out of dog-face-licking range, pestering older sibling range, etc.).

Once baby is starting solids and can sit up unassisted, he is ready for the regular high chair function. You can either use the high chair with its tray, or simply pull it up to the table so your baby can eat off the table’s surface with the rest of the fam (like the Tripp Trapp). The Nomi offers a safety restraint at the waist and a harness with a buckle to keep baby safely in the chair while eating at the table.

My favorite part: this high chair is insanely easy to clean and wipe down. Even spaghetti sauce didn’t stain the white components on our chair.

Get this: because the chair is so lightweight, you can hang it on the table edge so you can clean under it. That is crazy-genius stuff right there!!

After 2+ years of age, your child will be ready to transition to “Nomi Chair.” This means you can use the chair without the restraint and harness. Our 2 ½ year old is just graduating to this function, and he loves it! He feels like such a “big boy,” yet is still safely confined in a high chair while he eats (win for him; win for Mom!).

The chair is available in a number of color combinations. Specifically, the wooden stem of the chair is available in a few oak finishes, sure to compliment any home interior. The seat, restraint and footrest are also available in a number of colors.

Also nice is that the base of the chair has a set of wheels so you can move the Nomi around without dragging it across your nice flooring (looking at you, my precious hardwood flooring). Don’t worry though: the wheels are anti-tilt so our crazy toddler friends can’t tip themselves over (like my 2-year-old would 100% try to do).

In the critique department, I wish this high chair could be folded somehow — especially for urban families who live in smaller spaces.

I also wish the chair came with certain accessories, such as the tray and cushion, especially given it’s steep price point ($379!). I really think a tray is an essential component of any high chair, though I understand the philosophy of the Nomi (and the Tripp Trapp) is that the baby should sit at the table with the rest of the family during mealtimes. I get that — I really do… yet, I still think it should come with a tray.

All in all, the Nomi really is a really cool unicorn: attractive AND functional, and will truly grow with my child. It’s beautiful, easy to clean, and will be a fixture in our house for years to come. It’s a strong contender among our top picks for high chairs.

Have you tried this chair? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Leave ’em in the comments below.

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