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Phil & Teds Poppy Review

Price $119



I loveth my new high chair, the Phil & Teds Poppy ($119). They sent me a sample several months ago and it’s my new go-to. Therefore, I wanted to do the honors, and offer you my Phil & Teds Poppy High Chair review.

Phil & Teds poppy high chair review

This high chair meets all my requirements, which include:

1. Does not contain fabrics – check!

The last thing you want on a high chair is fabric: terrible idea! The Poppy has an “aerocore” seat that’s soft and spongy, so it’s comfy, but still waterproof and easy to clean.

Phil & Teds poppy high chair review

2. Easy to assemble, store, and take down – check!

Just pop the metal legs on or off to set up or take down. To store, simply remove one pair of legs for a slim fold.

Phil & Teds poppy high chair review

3. Easy to clean – check!

The tray and seat are really easy to wipe down. The tray is very easy to remove and wash at the sink, which I much prefer to washing in the dishwasher because it takes up the entire lower rack. The only caveat is that the seat will stain if your kid spills tomato sauce or any other stain-ey liquids on it.

Phil & Teds poppy high chair review
This is not me.

4. Will last for several years/through several stages (see below) – check!

The Poppy makes a really cute kid’s chair (remove the straps and lower it) and I look forward to using it for just that.

Phil & Teds poppy high chair review

5. Can be used in a high and low position (I’ll explain) – check!

So, my kids sit at a low “kids table.” Okay, okay, we ALL sit at the kids table (which is quite funny to see grown adults on tiny little kids’ chairs), because we are too lazy to walk into the dining room (sue me).

It’s REALLY hard to find high chairs that have a low height setting. In fact, this was my biggest stumbling block in finding a high chair.

6. Looks good – check!

Phil & Teds poppy high chair review

This high chair isn’t plasticky and cheap looking, like many of them are. In fact, the Poppy is more reminiscent of Boon and some of the other super modern product designers.

Watch out for

Again, the only two things to look out for is that the seat can stain if you’re not careful and the tray can pinch your baby’s thighs when putting it on. I’ve done this a few times when I was in a hurry and it pinched her pretty good – I have since learned how to do it properly, but just be careful.

Outside of those two complaints, this chair will take up residence in our High Chair Buyer’s Guide.



  1. Avatar

    We just bought this for my 5 month old and love it! It goes with our modern kitchen and isnt obnoxious and baby-ish. My only complaint, thus far is the legs are super wide, and we have tripped a few times- just need to get use to it, I suppose. Highly recommend, especially for the price point.

  2. Avatar

    Wow! I didn’t realize that you can convert this chair to a low chair! We got a great deal on this chair as it was the last one at a Buy Buy Baby Store closest to us. It was pretty much sold as is and didn’t include a box or an instruction manual. Now I love it even more!

  3. Avatar

    Did any of you have trouble getting your child in or out or struggle with the shoulder straps? I really like this chair, but would hate to deal with straps always slipping off! Also, was the footrest always comfortable?

    Thanks for your help!

  4. Avatar

    We love this chair. It’s worked really well for all possible ways over the last year. The problem I have with this chair is that it’s legs are wide. If I’m not too careful, I have tripped on it. It’s just out too far for me to predict while walking where it’s leg is.

  5. Avatar

    We have this chair and have loved the look. Our baby has been super comfortable in it from the get-go. Love that you can put the entire seat and tray in the dishwasher. Unfortunately, as mentioned, the tripping hazard is real. Everyone does it and especially the grandparents which is nerve-wracking!

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