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Best Baby Swings and Rockers

Ahhh, the wondrous world of baby swings. A baby swing is something that many parents will say is their #1 must-have item.

The best baby swings out there can bring babies some much-needed calm and relaxation while offering caregivers a few sacred moments of peace and quiet. In fact, the motion of being in a swing (or bouncing in your arms, even) has been proven to have a calming effect because it’s reminiscent of being back in the womb. 

Swings can be used for newborns all the way up to the max weight limit, although if baby is starting to crawl out, it’s probably time to pack it up. Newborns should always be reclined as far back as possible due to their lack of head control, which can cause them to slump over and compromise their airway and breathing.

We chose not to get a baby swing because we had a small apartment and they require a lot of space, but many (many, many) parents are completely nuts over baby swings.

Most swings not only swing back and forth (like a pendulum), but also play sounds and have other visual goodies. You can also use a swing like a bouncy seat to stash your baby away while you GSD (get stuff/sh*t done) around the house.

Best Baby Swings, Rockers and Hybrid Recliners

Fisher-Price has the market cornered on traditional (full-size) baby swings. Check out all of Fisher-Price’s baby swings. Remember: this is a great item to buy used on Craigslist and the like.

Graco Simple Sway Swing – Best Economy Baby Swing ~ $89

You don’t have to spend a ton for a decent baby swing. The Graco Simple Sway is a parent-favorite with its compact frame, six sway speeds and a very fair price. The Simple Sway has a deep, comfy seat, 15 sound options and two vibration settings. Just note that it only swings from side-to-side.

Hybrid Items for Infants and Newborns

There are also some mixey-matchey items in the “swings and rockers” department ~

$$ – Graco Glider LX Swing  ~ $134

This bouncer seat also swings, but takes up less space than a traditional swing. Unlike other hybrids, the seat portion is a stand-alone bouncer that can pop off the swing and can be carried anywhere; hence, a really versatile 2-in-1 product. It has a soothing vibration setting that babies love. Can be plugged in or run on batteries.

Another popular combo item, but more of a space-hog is…

$$ – Graco DuetSoothe Swing + Rocker ~ $189

This swing is much bigger than the previous two, but if space is not at a premium, check it out. This one is similar to a traditional swing (i.e. it doesn’t bounce, and has three swinging positions), but what sets it apart is that the seat is detachable so you can carry baby from room to room (super helpful if she happens to fall asleep while swinging, and you want to take a shower!).

$$$ – 4moms mamaRoo ~ $269

This could have landed in the “bouncer” category, but I felt it was more of a swingy thing.

If you’ve got some Benjamins in your wallet, the mamaRoo is cool. It’s ideal for people who don’t have the floor space for a regular swing and dig the modern design. What’s different about the mamaRoo is that it is designed to move just like parents do when comforting their baby — it emulates motions like a car ride, swaying side to side, an up and down bounce, and more.

The newer ones are blue-tooth enabled, so you can control the sound/volume and motion/speed from your smart device. While many users absolutely love the mamaRoo, some reviewers complain that its movements aren’t smooth enough for baby, the blue-tooth doesn’t always work, and that the speakers sound like static. Eesh. For this price, you definitely want a product that works well (and that your baby loves)!

Why Should You Get a baby Swing? Give Yourself a Break

Sometimes you hear new moms complain that they don’t have enough time to get dressed in the morning or take a shower. My goodness, it doesn’t have to be this way! You must take care of yourself — this includes eating well, showering every day, and getting out of your PJs (okay, the first two weeks, you get a pass)…use these bouncers/swings to help you stay sane.

Essentially, you’ll need one of these “baby holders” on each floor/separate area of your house. For example, get a bouncer for upstairs and a swing for downstairs – or a playmat for the nursery and a bouncer for the kitchen. You definitely won’t want to be carrying equipment up and down the stairs each time you need to put your baby down. Trust me on this one!

You can take the bouncer into the bathroom with you so you can shower. Yes, it’s fine! Pull it into the kitchen so you can cook, eat, do the dishes, or fold some laundry. Put your swing next to the dinner table, so you can actually eat your food. You get the picture. 😉

Deal? Okay good.

Take my hand, it’s time to take a bath… here are some awesome baby bathtubs you’re going to need in your life…


  1. The information on the Graco swing is not correct. It does not come apart to become a bouncer, so is not a combo item.

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