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Breastmilk Storage

Nursing/pumping mamas, please, I implore you: have a good breastmilk storage system. Losing even one ounce of that liquid gold is like… just devastating. I may or may not have almost murdered my husband for incorrectly storing my breastmilk one time.

If you’re not planning on using your pumped milk within 6 hours, you should put it in the refrigerator (in the bottle is fine). If you’re not planning on using it within 6 days, you should freeze it. In the freezer, it will stay good for a maximum of 6 months. *You may not want to pump too far ahead because the composition of your milk – and your baby’s needs – will change over time.

This is the 6/6/6 rule. Cool huh? Six hours, six days, six months.

How do you store it, you ask? You can store your milk in bags or containers, like in the AVENT Via container set. Most pump makers also produce storage bags that you can pump directly into. Sadly, the Medela bags rate very poorly, so I would instead recommend Lansinoh storage bags.

From OnlyTheBreast.com
From OnlyTheBreast.com

Milkies Milk Trays allow moms to freeze expressed breast milk in 1 oz servings (no more waste!). Each tray freezes eight 1-oz milk sticks so you can thaw the exact quantity you need, and these reusable milk sticks fit in all bottle openings. *Made in the U.S.A.

Milkies Milk Trays

Kiinde also makes a VERY cool breastmilk storage system that allows you to pump, store (freeze), organize, re-heat, and feed — all without having to transfer the milk. Best of all, there is only one little piece (the nipple) to clean! People are gaga over this one (even though he went to MIT and I went to Tech (the real Tech, that is), we can still be friends).

Check out the video here shot at the 2015 ABC Baby Show:

Yes, I highly recommend the Kiinde system for pumping mothers.

You can also buy a milk storage organizer by The First Years [below] to organize your milk by date.

milk storage

And you thought strollers were overwhelming. 😉 Haha — that’s it for feeding.

Next!!!! (You’re doing good, stay the course) ——> 8. Clothing…

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