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Pumping Bras

Whether you’re pumping and feeding at home, pumping to increase your supply, or pumping at work, having a couple of good pumping bras on hand can make your life SO much easier. They may look ridiculous at first (hey, just be glad you’re not one of the models), but in the end you will be so thankful for the ability to pump hands-free that you won’t care. (And you can add this to the things-you-won’t-give-a-damn-about-after-childbirth list.)

Here are our favorite pumping bras, in order of price:

Simple Wishes Pumping Bra ~$29 — Editor’s Choice

The Simple Wishes pumping bra is pretty much THE pumping bra — it’s all but got the market cornered. Women love it, we love it, everyone loves it. Especially with so many more portable pump options available these days, this will totally change things for you in the efficiency department.

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You can pump both breasts at once, hands-free, without having to sit there and hold the horns on your breasts. Yes, many a working mum (pretending to be English) is sitting up in her office (or lactation room) wearing this bra as we speak. (Note — the straps are removable/adjustable.)

BRAVADO! Clip & Pump Bra Clip ~$30

Bravado’s pumping bra accessory is beloved — it’s comfortable, easy to use, and discrete. **Note that this is an accessory; it’s a piece that attaches to your nursing bra — not a bra in itself. Watch the video (in the pics section) to see it in action. If you already have a nursing bra you know and love, this can transform it into a pumping bra.

pumping bras accessory
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If you’re looking for a true pumping bra:

PumpEase Hands-Free Pumping Bra ~$32

This pumping bra is super simple to use and also super easy to put on and take off. However, if it’s not the right fit (i.e., too big — and it does run a bit large), it won’t hold the horns on well enough for a tight seal. Make sure to check out their “fitting room” size chart (scroll down to view it) carefully before you purchase. Based on the fit/sizing, this is probably a better pick for smaller women. Comes in a bunch of cute styles. (If Amazon is out of stock, check here.)

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Kindred Bravely Sublime Pumping & Nursing Bra ~$54

This bra is stupid comfy and super practical, besides being a very high-quality product. Women love that you can wear it as your regular bra and use it for both nursing and pumping: two separate clip-down layers allow for pumping or easy breastfeeding access. Make sure to consult the sizing chart before ordering.

pumping bras kindred bravely
photocred: @4fsgiven, via kindredbravely.com
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Hatch The Essential Pumping Bra ~$78

This splurge-worthy pumping bra is… luxe. It’s insanely comfortable while still being supportive, stays in place, and has a beautiful long-line cut and a seamless look. It’s almost, dare we say, normal.

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BTW, you can read more about pumping at work here.

OK, friends. Let’s keep moving right along… next up: how to store your precious liquid gold.


  1. The blurb above makes me think the BRAVADO! Clip & Pump Bra Clip clips into any nursing bra with clips, but the writeup on the Bravado website makes me think it may only clip into Bravado-brand nursing bras with clips. Any confirmation available on which is accurate? I have some Playtex nursing bras and was going to buy this accessory based on the Lucie’s List recommendation, but don’t want to end up in an incompatibility situation.

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