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Keeping Warm Outside: Winter Outerwear Essentials

Do you live somewhere north where the winters are freezing? Or, are you lucky enough to claim mild and brisk weather without an inch of snow? Maybe a fleece jacket layered with a raincoat is all your baby needs.

A winter coat only covers the top — do you need snow pants or warm leggings too? For my mama friends in Buffalo, NY — like the dreaded minivan — the snowsuit has its place and time in motherhood.

For the rest of us shivering souls, ask yourself how much weather will your baby be exposed to each day? Will she be playing in the snow, strolling outside, or running errands with you in your car?

Bundle up and get out there. You can do it. Just remember, spring is right around the corner (okay, it’s really not… but hot cider with brandy helps too).

To help you brave the cold, colder and coldest months, we put together an outerwear guide, with all our favorite winter essentials for baby and toddler — from coats and snow boots, to stroller footmuffs and more.

Winter (outdoor) Gear:

Or go in order…. let’s get started!


  1. Hi. I am looking for thermal undergarments for my 15-month old. I live outside of the US, so need to order online. Headed to Portugal and Spain in Dec and would like extra warmth for his legs.


    1. Polarn o Pyret, Reima and Kuling are some good brands for wool undergarments for kids. Great soft quality. I get miner from Babyshop.com and they are in Europe and seem to ship to most places.

  2. Hi, I struggle to find warm (wool, like smartwool) socks WITH bottom sticky grippers… It seems like socks plus slippers is the way we have to go but little one just rips of slippers – socks that are more than thin cotton would be ideal. I have purchased warm smartwool socks and they are great when in boots, etc. – but at home, grippers would be nice as they get super slippery.
    Any info on those would be much appreciated!

    1. Make your own gripper socks! We have hardwood floors and a kid that ripped off slippers. I found that drawing on the bottoms of the socks with puff paint worked like a charm.

  3. Thank you, as always, for the awesome advice. Any snow boot recommendations for infants? My almost 8 month old can stand alone and walk assisted, and she will love going out in the snow. She’s not even a size 3 shoe yet though.

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