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Cold Weather Baby Carrier Covers

There’s nothing like body heat to keep a baby warm. You want your little one to stay cozy throughout the winter months? Strap them on! But… it comes with a caveat. Regulating your body heat with a baby stuck to your body is quite tricky; there is a fine line between freezing and sauna-like.

Have you ever overheated when carrying your baby, then realized you couldn’t take your coat or jacket off without completely taking everything apart and starting over? Jeaah, me too. (Here, baby, lie down on the sidewalk and freeze while I take my jacket off.) Not to mention, not being able to zip up your coat if the carrier is under the coat or having to bury baby’s face onto the coat’s exterior, which is exposed to all sorts of elements.

No. Thanks.

So what’s the solution? Baby carrier covers and baby carrier winter jackets! They are must-have layering accessories for all baby wearing parents. Check out these baby carrier covers and jackets that can easily come on or off, as needed:

Universal Carrier Covers for Winter

Bebamour Universal All-Season Carrier ~ $32

The Bebamour cover has multiple uses; it can be used with any carrier type, and in the stroller as well. If the day turns warm, you can unzip the sides to allow airflow, and the detachable hoodie is reversible for use in front or back carry positions. It’s highly-rated, and the price is great.

Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover ~ $59

Designed to provide added warmth, this universal carrier cover is water-resistant and fleece lined. We love the self-storing hood and parent pockets, which also have access to baby. It’s great for use with a car seat and stroller, too.

7 A.M. Enfant “Pookie Poncho” ~ $90

This versatile Pookie Poncho can be used in three different ways: as a carrier, stroller, or car-seat cover. It is the ultimate in winter warmth for baby, comes with two different hood attachments, and is safe for use while in the car.

P.S. many users have switched to this cover because the warmth and quality are much better (i.e., you get what you pay for).

B & Me Booker Maternity, Babywearing Vest ~ $105

I used this babywearing vest from B & Me with my second son, and it was quite possibly my favorite winter gear. I wore Leon a lot when he was an infant (hello, free hands to tend to my firstborn). In the the depth of winter, this fleece vest was the perfect accessory to keep baby and me warm. Simply put it on top of the baby carrier — it expands to make room for baby. Seriously genius! Plus, it also works for baby bumps, so if you plan on having another baby, you can repurpose it.

Brand-Specific Covers for Winter

Ergobaby Winter Weather Cover ~ $49

This cover snaps at the shoulder straps of any Ergobaby carrier (although not intuitively, read the directions) and has a water-resistant outer shell and an inner fleece lining. Ideal for wind and mild winter days with baby facing in only.

Note that this cover is made for Ergobaby carriers, however, users have used it with other brands of carriers as well. Note also that this carrier has HUGE coverage – my (Melissa) 2 year old can fit in it ;).

*Also available in a rain cover for rainy days during spring time.

BabyBjorn Cover for Baby Carrier ~ $49

This cover by BabyBjorn features an outer fabric that is water resistant and windproof and a soft fleece lining to keep your baby warm on chilly winter days. You can use the cover whether your little one is facing in or out, and the brand recently updated the design to add a button that allows you to adjust the cover based on your baby’s size. It fits all BabyBjorn baby carriers. Parents say it’s easy to use and to attach (even when baby is sleeping).

That’s it for now. How did you keep warm while baby wearing on cold days? Tell us in the comments below.

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