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Winter Outerwear for the Whole Family

Gearing up for a snowy adventure with your little one? Whether your child is walking or not, you’ll want a coat or snowsuit that will keep him warm and dry. Since there are tons of options out there, we did your homework for you and selected the best winter coats for toddlers, babies and, yes, even YOU! Because we know y’all will be spending a lot of time outdoors this year.

NOW is the time to bundle up — both you and your littles. Seriously, friends — stock up on winter gear before it all sells out!

Remember, don’t use heavy, puffy coats in the car (because, safety). For car-appropriate covers and coats, please go here.









Another thing many families like to have on hand for the winter is high-quality rain gear, which you can use for waterproof layers overtop of warm pants/coats, etc. (Also, depending on the climate where you live (west coast!), waterproof layers may fit the bill for the winter months in general…).

For toddlers, we love Reima — they make great rain bibs, waterproof jackets, and even layered rain mittens — and for slightly older children, Grunden’s (yes, the fishing-wear brand) is a great bet!






    1. Hi Emily! I personally love LL Bean, North Face and Patagonia for warmth, quality and they have lines that are waterproof. Best of luck in your search!

  1. Do you have any tips on how to convince your toddler to actually wear his jacket without causing a complete and utter meltdown? 🙂

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