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Winter Mittens

Just like their evil cousins, the annoying scarf and hat, a winter mitten (no matter how warm, cute, and fuzzy) may not stick around for long.

Maybe you’re one of those lucky moms with a perfect snow angel who would never rip, drop, or hurl mittens (usually just one… argh!) into random grocery carts, sidewalks, or passing cars. What? That’s not your kid either!?

If you’re like most of us, finding warm mittens that stay on little hands is half the battle. Depending on where you live (hello Minnesota and lots and lots of wet snow), here are a few adorable choices that will ACTUALLY STAY PUT when Old Man Winter comes a’knocking.

Best Winter Mittens for Toddlers

Zutano Fleece Mittens ~ $15 – BEST FOR BABIES

Get all matchey-matchey with these classic string fleece mittens and Zutano’s popular booties. Baby will be toasty this winter! Note these are not for outdoor snowplay, but work well for errands and other (dry) outdoor endeavors.

Only one size (fits 0-6 months) but comes in 15 color options.

SnowStoppers Mittens ~ $20 –  ECONOMY PICK

Perfect for playing in the snow! SnowStoppers waterproof mittens have a long cuff that goes up to the elbow to ensure the mitts stay in place. Just put them on BEFORE you put your child’s coat on and they won’t fall off (our readers have PROMISED).

Available Sizes: Small (1-3 yrs), Medium (2-5 yrs), Large (4-8 yrs), and Xtra Large (7-12 yrs).
*Available in Xtra Small for the 6-18 month crowd which has no thumbs.

Stonz Mitts ~ $35 – EDITOR’S CHOICE

“The only mittens that stand up to a Minnesota Winter,” these adorable mitts have two adjustable toggles to ensure a secure fit while little ones’ hands stay warm and dry. Designed by Canadians, Stone Mitts are waterproof and have thick insulation that’s warm but not too bulky. The extra long wrists are designed to go over outerwear.

Available Sizes: 0-12 months, 12-24 months

MimiTENS ~ $30

MimiTENS mittens also stay in place by using an extendable cuff that goes all the way up to your child’s elbows. Made of water-repellent nylon with bamboo/cotton fleece inside for extra warmth and softness, MimiTENS win in the cuteness department!

Bonus: Safety feature – identifying tags are made of reflective 3M Scotchlite tape. 

Next time your kid sings, “Do you want to build a snowman??” you can say, “why yes!”

Happy Winter!


  1. I highly recommend checking out N’ice Caps winter apparel on Amazon and Walmart.com! They have great products and are a family-run business based in Minnesota, so they know cold!

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