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The Importance of Involving Kids in The Upkeep (Premium Content)

We could write an entire book detailing everything that goes into tending to a family — and we’re sure most of you could, too. 

It’s hard to describe exactly… it’s the mental load, it’s The Overwhelm, it’s TCOB, it’s decision fatigue, it’s information overload, it’s feminism gone haywire, it’s… exhausting. 

It’s like Betty Friedan said back in the 1960s: it’s a “problem that has no name.” 

Overwhelmed Mom Syndrome: It's Real If You Have ADHD

We’re hoping to start a conversation about what it means to be a part of a collaborative, cooperative family in 2020 — and how to successfully include our children in everything that goes into minding a family and a household. Let’s call it — the business of the familyThe Upkeep

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