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Toys for 2-Year-Olds

Finding the perfect toys to engage and challenge two-year-olds (and to keep up with their development) can be a guessing game — their interests and skills change so often and quickly.

We particularly love toys that are hands on, encourage pretend play and problem solving, contribute to fine motor skills development (like building and stacking), and introduce toddlers to behaviors like sharing and taking turns.

Here are some fan favorites:

Mega Bloks Big Building Bag ~$44

These pre-Duplo brightly colored mega bloks are perfect for little hands that are still learning how to fit and stack pieces together. It’s a great open-ended building set that will last for years.

Sidewalk Chalk ~ $29

It’s never too early to encourage little ones to let their creativity flow. This childhood classic, reimagined in whimsical shapes and hues (including donuts, castles, fortune cookies, and ice cream cones!), helps increase grip strength and encourages the imagination.

Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Toy Cleaning Set ~$26

We’ve said this multiple times — there’s never a better time to get children involved in household chores than NOW. This set is just the right size and is sure to get kids excited about cleaning and tidying all by themselves!

Green Toys Mini Vehicle, 4-Pack ~$19

We love how durable all Green Toys are, and this set is the same high-quality we’ve come to expect. These cars — made from recycled milk jugs — are great for cultivating imaginative play and practicing gripping skills.

Balance Board ~$52+

These simple wooden boards are a great sensory tool for developing balance and increasing littles’ confidence in their physical abilities and spatial processing. Kids straight-up LOVE exploring what they can do with these! (You can also use it to set up a cozy lounger for story time.)

Ukulele ~$32

No surprise here: music is soooo beneficial for developing brains — and not just for the creative advantages. Playing an instrument also helps teach cause & effect and increases children’s overall neural activity. We love these colorful options.

Toy Umbrella Stroller ~$16

A walker in disguise (hah!). A toy stroller is a great way for toddlers to keep practicing their walking skills and a great pretend play tool for both boys and girls.

Gonge Riverstones ~$74

This sensory toy set offers a fun, adventurous way to encourage gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and weight-transference. We love that the stones stack up for easy storage too.

3-in-1 Wooden Puzzle Set ~$25

Puzzles are great learning and educational tools for shapes, colors, animals and so much more. This set of three offers it all.

Baby Doll ~$11

A simple baby doll makes an excellent toy for teaching (boys and girls!) about empathy and caring for others. (Also, it’s hilarious to watch babies take care of babies… seriously, it’s prime-time entertainment, folks.) We love these affordable dolls from Miniland that come in a range of skin colors.

First Orchard Cooperative Board Game for 2 Year Olds ~$29

Collaborate with other players to collect all the fruits before the raven reaches the orchard. This game teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and color recognition. A great intro to the wonderful world of board games.

Micro Kickboard Mini Deluxe ~$94

Getting your first scooter is practically a rite of passage nowadays. The Micro kickboards are ubiquitous and made to last — you can’t go wrong with these. We also love this model for toddlers because the handle extends to grow with your child.

We hope you found something here that will keep your 2-year-old engaged, inspired and having fun!

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