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Toys for Babies

It can be a challenge to come up with baby gifts that check all the boxes: “think outside the registry,” affordable, welcomed by parents, lol. Here are some of our favorite toys for babies that fit the bill: they’re all at a reasonable price point, great for infant development (and entertainment!), and parents also love to receive them.

Best Toys for Babies

toys for babies - black and white board book

Black & White Board Book, Tana Hoban ~$7

This accordion-fold board book uses stark color contrast to engage babes, and the foldable book format is perfect for use during tummy time.

Bright Starts Classic OBall ~$5

This quintessential toy is super easy for little fingers to grab, and the bright colors further help with hand-eye coordination and early grasping skills. Also great for teething. And licking, lol. So much licking.

Indestructibles Baby Books ~$6

These books are AMAZING. They are literally indestructible — and believe me, my kids tried hard. Take them anywhere, let your baby play with them, leave them outside — anything — and they’ll still hold up. Choose from a TON of wonderful options, all with bright colors and fun illustrations and stories.

Sassy Sensation Station High Chair Toy ~$10

Stick this station on your babe’s high chair tray (or anywhere, really) for a fun diversion. Many parents love it for “buying some time” during dinner prep and the like.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Teething Crinkle Book ~$10

We love that this textured book brings the Eric Carle classic to your baby without the gnawed edges of the board book — it’s bright (duh), engaging, and doubles as a teether. Use it for free play or clip it to the stroller or carseat.

Infantino Wrist Rattles ~$12

These adorable animal-face rattles velcro around the wrist — and babies go nuts for them. Yes, be prepared for a big kicking-and-punching-in-the-air-eyes-grow-wide-with-excitement kind of reaction! It’s hilarious. You’re welcome.

Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror ~$15

In case you don’t know, babies LOVE mirrors. This is a great tummy-time accessory that prompts all kinds of funny exploration. *User tip: prop it up in front of something to prevent the inevitable tip-over.. and over, and over, and over…

Nino Percussion Egg Shaker Set ~$10

Babies love these, and they’re great for “gripping practice” (geeze did we just say that??). A classic for the under-one crowd.

Edushape Sensory Balls ~$20

These bright balls are fun to touch and watch, because they bounce/roll all over the place. A super-fun explorative toy.

The Manhattan Toy Co. Teething & Sensory Rattle ~$10

Another classic teether rattle — I don’t know a single family that didn’t own (at least) one of these. Babies love to grab them, shake them, and bite them.

LAMAZE Clip-on Toys ~$17

A must-have for the stroller or car seat — these cute sensory toys have all kinds of different textures/fabrics, sounds, and “mini activities” that keep littles busy for a surprisingly long time.

Skip Hop Explore & More Follow-Bee Crawl Toy ~$22

This little toy is THE BEST for emerging crawlers. And so funny to watch. You can set it to move around in predictable circles or randomly — and then sit back and enjoy the show… Or, you can just let your baby chase your Roomba. 😂

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo ~$33

This fun take on classic baby stackers is even more fun — we love the bright colors, the durable and grippy texture, and the circular bases that make the whole thing fun to topple over.

Kid O Light & Sound Activity Board ~$45

This baby “busy box” (😂) features heartbeat sounds, color changes, and buzzing bees — babies love learning to use the control dials and see what happens when I

The Manhattan Toy Co. Musical Llama ~$61

This cute musical toy from the beloved Manhattan Toy Co. will last well into the toddler years — it’s super high quality and kids love it.

FP 3-in-1 Spin & Sort Activity Center ~$65

A great standing activity center that’s not over-the-top (in terms of stimulation and price) — every family needs one! We especially like that this one has removable legs for easy storage, so the footprint can work for city life, grandparents’ homes, apartments, etc.

Thanks for reading – hope you found the perfect gift for your baby. Enjoy this special time!

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