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Toys for 1-Year-Olds

It can be a challenge to come up with gifts for one-year-olds, who simultaneously fall into the baby and toddler category. They’re boddlers. Anyhoo, we’ve rounded up a selection of gifts that all fit the bill — they’re economical, high-quality, open-ended, and will not result in your being banned from future gifting (hah).

Here are some of our favorite gifts for one-year-olds — at every price point — that you can feel good about purchasing and gifting:

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy ~$9

Toddlers LOVE this brightly colored magnetic fishing set that comes with three fish to catch plus the pole. The magnets are strong, so they work well even in water and bubbles. Note that the “reel” does not retract… and watch out for kids swinging the thing around!

Wooden Puzzles ~$varies

A perfect introduction to the world of puzzles — these chunky wooden puzzle boards introduce children to various animals, shapes, colors, etc., and are great for “practicing” hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.

Mushie Stacking Cups ~$15

These neutral-toned stackers also double as a fun bath toy set — they have cut-outs on the bottoms in different shapes that make water play extra silly. We also love that they’re easy to store and pack, and they’re very durable.

Mega Bloks ~$16

A classic open-ended building toy, these oversized “legos” are a great starter set for littles that aren’t quite ready for Duplo. Seriously, if any tot had only this one bag of Mega Bloks in their toy area, it would go very far. My kids have yet to grow tired of their set… 5 years later!

Boon Pipes Building Bath Toy Set ~$29

These are an incredibly engaging and “different” kind of bath toy that make kids feel like scientists in the tub. 🙂 The suction can be a little finicky but young children always seem to find creative ways to work with such “glitches.”

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube ~$28

Press one (or multiple) of the six colored buttons on this cube for lights and a Mozart tune highlighting the instrument depicted. It’s not overly flashy/tinny, and makes for a fun intro to musical variation.

Blockaroo Magnetic Foam Building Blocks ~$35

These “blocks” are so perfect for one-year-olds — the magnetic pull makes them easy to build with and put together in different ways, and since they are foam they also float in the tub! *Note that if you are buying for a “chewer,” these can deteriorate rather quickly.

Bears for Humanity Teddy Bear ~$40

These adorable “classic” teddies are handmade from hypoallergenic, organic cotton, and for every bear purchased the organization also donates one to a child in need. (Check out the full collection here.)

Hape Walk-a-long Wooden Snail Pull Toy ~$19

This wooden pull-along snail has a shape sorter shell that also spins as you pull. Also comes in other cute animal options, like a puppy!

Bubble Machine ~$29

Bubbles can literally provide hours of entertainment for a toddler (or a pet, LOL). This one plugs in, which is great, spits our TONS of bubbles, and lasts for years.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Xylophone ~$25

This two-in-one toy has balls with a mallet that toddlers can place then knock down to “play” the xylophone; plus the xylophone slides out for independent use. It’s very sturdy and will last through lots of wear and tear.

VTech Sit to Stand Walker ~$39

This thing has enough on it to occupy littles for long stretches of time. (The phone is always a huge hit…) The interactive front/face of the walker can be easily removed for separate play while sitting. *Note that there is no volume control.

Lovery Play Tunnel ~$50

This crawl-through tunnel is made from organic cotton and is beloved by babes and parents alike. We love it for its simplicity and ease-of-use: besides being tons of fun, it’s also lightweight and easy to move around the house or pack for car travel.

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano ~$60

This bright wooden piano has the “key feel” of a real piano. It’s just the right size (roughly 16″ x 9.5″ x 11.5″) and toddlers LOVE it! Note that the pitch sounds slightly off-tune…

Ice Cream Truck Walker ~$59

This high-quality (and adorable) walker doubles as an accessorized ice-cream truck — it’s perfect for 1-year-olds with the added benefit that it can/will grow with them for a few years. Many toddlers 3 who are -4 still love playing with theirs.

Hape Scoot Around Bike ~$51

This cute indoor wooden ride-along bike is so fun — and a great intro to balance bikes for the outdoors. May be a little small if you are purchasing for a very tall kiddo.

Classic Radio Flyer Walker Wagon ~$80

This walk-behind wagon is literally timeless — it’s super high-quality, versatile, and fun. There are virtually no complaints about this one, folks!

Customizable Etsy Play Climber (3-Piece Set) ~$172+

If you’re looking to spend a little more, this 3-piece climber is easy to assemble in multiple different configurations and provides hours of active entertainment. It’s great craftsmanship, too, and will last for the long haul.

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