Updated March 2019

If you’re a nursing mom, one thing you might not have thought as much about is — what the hell am I supposed to wear? Especially as you begin to think about leaving the house. And silly ideas like that.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many a mom has underthought this as well.

I will tell you right now that for your second (or more) baby, you won’t give this two thoughts. Nay. You’ll simply hike up (or down) whatever you’re wearing and get the job done.

But when you’re first getting started, it’s really nice to have some easy-to-nurse pieces in your arsenal. We’ve amassed our favorite nursing pieces in each category, summary below.

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$ — Target, Medela Nursing Cami ~ $25

For the price, you can’t beat Target nursing tanks. I (Melissa) purchased many of these in all colors and wore them everyday throughout my nursing journey – perfect to wear under tops or to bed. The fabric is soft and stretchy and folds down at the strap. This tank runs true to size, so stock up on these! *For smaller busted women, can be used in place of a nursing bra. 

Nursing Wear

Target also sells a Gilligan & O’Malley tank ($9) which I’ve also worn and is another great option. It’s cotton vs. spandex fabric, so choose your fave!

$ — Undercover Mama Undershirt ~ $25

Undercover Mama is so cool because you clip it onto any nursing bra hook and pull everything down at once — all while keeping your belly covered. See a demo here. Perfect for work, pumping, and covering your belly when you are feeding in public.

Undercover Mama

$$ — Seraphine Black Nursing Tank Top ~ $39

Sometimes, you just don’t want your top to look like a nursing top. Seraphine makes a good basic tank with lift-up access for nursing. Soft, stretchy, breathable fabric grows with you from pregnancy to postpartum to nursing. This is a higher quality top that will last.

Seraphine Tank

$$ — Rumina Nursing and Pumping Tank ~ $38

Rumina makes amazing gear for both pumping AND nursing mamas. It pulls down to nurse and pulls up to pump with the built-in, hands-free pumping bra. A perfect undershirt for wearing to work. This tank is so great, you might find yourself living in it.

Rumina Tank

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Also, for dads, we recommend the Bondaroo by Dadware. It’s a mens shirt that has a flap for easy access to dad’s chest. Moms shouldn’t be the only ones to get skin-to-skin bonding time.