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Baby Jogger City Select 2 Review

Price $659


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Are you in the market for a convertible, all-terrain stroller that can accommodate one, two, or — with a glider board (sold separately) — even three kids? The Baby Jogger City Select 2, which hit the market in July of 2021, combines the best features of the (regular) City Select Double Stroller and City Select Lux strollers — and weighs about 5 lbs less than the City Select Lux! In fact, this new model (the “2”) replaces both of those old models, which have now been officially discontinued. 

The “2” comes in two different flavors — the Base Model and the Eco Collection — and can be purchased as a single or double pram. If you buy the single first and, down the road, need a double for baby #2, you can purchase the second seat accessory (in either the regular or Eco style, depending on which stroller model you own) to transform your single into a double. Very cool! In addition, this stroller boasts 2 dozen different seating configurations — it’s really versatile and durable and truly could be the only stroller your family needs. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s talk about the City Select 2’s two different versions:  the Base Model, which goes for ~ $659, and the Eco Collection, which is pricier at ~ $749.

While they both have the same functionality, the Eco Collection offers a more sophisticated, sleeker look, upgraded, eco-friendly and antibacterial Tencel fabrics, a leatherette handlebar, and it comes with a bumper bar. The Base Model, on the other hand, has a plastic handlebar and its fabrics are made of polyester and nylon. Unlike the Eco Collection, the Base Model does not have a bumper bar. 

While both versions of the City Select 2 come with a black frame, they have different colorways. 

The Base Model comes in three different colors (below): Radiant Slate, Peacoat Blue & Flint Sage. Meanwhile, the Eco Collection offers four different colorways: Mulberry Burgundy with brown leatherette, Lunar Black with black leatherette, Frosted Ivory with brown leatherette and Harbor Grey with brown leatherette.

City Select 2 Base Collection
City Select 2 Eco Collection

Okay, now that we’ve got looks covered, let’s talk about the functionality of this new Baby Jogger City Select 2 double stroller.

We’ll say at the start that we like the build quality of Baby Jogger strollers — they tend to have a higher-end “feel” without the luxury price. This is one of the reasons Baby Jogger strollers are such crowd favorites. 

The Car Seat Situation

The City Select 2 happily accepts two infant car seats or bassinets, making it a great stroller for twins. 

Deluxe Pram

When it comes to car seat compatibility, this stroller definitely takes the cake — you just need to purchase the appropriate car seat adapter (see list below). Note that all adapters for the City Select and City Select Lux will fit the City Select 2. 

Click here for the Baby Jogger Car Seat Compatibility Chart. 

Baby Jogger City Select Configurations

(Great for twins — no arguing about who gets the bigger or better seat!). Each seat has a 45-lb weight limit (90 lbs total) and both recline independently. Yay! 

Each seat also has a padded puzzle-style 5-pt harness buckle that’s fairly kiddo-proof (and also kind of adult-proof when active tots are involved…), and a 4-position adjustable foot rest. The adjustable footwell is awesome for when kiddos want to sleep or just don’t want their legs hanging straight down.

Firstly, something to note, unlike many other convertible strollers, when in doubles mode, this stroller takes the 2nd seat in the front instead of the back. This detail makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, people.

On the plus side, the front-heavy situation makes the Baby Jogger incredibly spacious and roomy for your kids — MUCH more so than many double strollers — and it also gives you a tremendous amount of versatility in seating.

It also means that taller parents with a longer stride won’t constantly kick the back of the second seat (you know who you are!). The downside to the front-heavy center of gravity is mentioned below where we discuss the maneuverability…

Seat Positions

With a few clicks, you can switch the seats from forward facing to rear facing. You can also face the seats toward one another if your kids are feeling sociable (below) or flip the seats into opposite directions when they need some separation. 

There are 24 (!!!) different seating configurations allowing kids to face you, face each other, face the world – and so many in between.

Even though there are technically these 24 options ^^, the three main seating configurations for the “post-car-seat phase” are: facing each other (below),

Lucie (4) and Alice (almost 2)

both facing forward (below),

and both facing rear (see below; note, this is the old City Select, but the seating configurations is the same on the “2”). 

Photo via IG from @twinbrothers1114

The double rear-facing option is unique and hard to find in the double stroller world (see also: Bugaboo Donkey and Contours Options Elite).

Something to be mindful of: as your children get bigger (and their legs get longer!), it does get a bit tight for the kiddo closest to the handlebar. Additionally, neither child will be able to recline as much, as the child in the lower seat will be leaning back into his/her sibling, and, likewise, the legs of the sibling above will knock into the back of the other child’s seat. This is a physics problem that all inline double strollers have, FYI. Not a dealbreaker — just something to know.

In singles mode, though, check out the recline… very nice!


The City Select 2 has awesome, independently operated UV50+ sun canopies, which you can adjust to be higher for a taller child (this is awesome!).

Each canopy has a peek-a-boo window with a magnetic closure (soooo much quieter than Velcro) and an adjustable head height to accommodate kiddos as they grow taller. 

Image via IG @snugglebugzbaby


Like its predecessor, this stroller has a large underseat basket (it can hold 15 lbs!) that’s accessible from all sides. It has an expandable, elastic back to make it easier to get items in and out. Plus, the stroller offers seat-back storage pockets as well.

If you want more storage or are looking to upgrade your ride a bit, there are lots of accessories you can buy to fancy up your ride, including: a belly bar (included with City Select 2 Eco Collection version), glider board, parent console & handmuff.

Note: While most accessories will work for the City Select 2 and both its predecessors, the second seats are specific to each model and cannot be interchanged between the strollers, the bench seat accessory ONLY fits the Lux and cannot be used on the “2,” and the snack tray for the 2 and City Select will not work on the Lux. 


Big change here: the “2” now has a regular foot brake; this is a change from both of the previous models, which had a hand-operated parking brake on the side of the frame.

Another nice feature is the stroller’s telescoping handlebar — this makes it comfortable to push for parents who are particularly tall, though many shorter folks (less than 5’4″ or so) have complained that handlebar is still too tall even in the shortest position. Note that the Eco Collection offers a beautiful leatherette handlebar (above).


This baby is an all-terrain stroller with fairly rugged foam-filled tires that don’t ever need to be re-inflated. While true air-filled tires afford the smoothest ride, the “forever air” tires offer a happy medium (because re-inflating tires and dealing with flats is a huge pain). New on the 2 model, all four wheels are now made with polyurethane—a more durable polymer that rolls well over all types of terrain. (On the older City Select, only the front wheels were made of this material.)

The rear tires are 12”, while the front are 8” (compared to 16” rear tires on a full-size jogging stroller). The front wheels offer suspension and sealed ball bearings, and can swivel as needed for greater maneuverability, or lock in place if you’re headed on a walk over non-winding, smooth terrain. 

Here’s the big thing you should definitely know about the City Select: it’s very lonnnng in doubles mode. As mentioned before, this makes it incredibly roomy for your kids. The downside is that it’s a little harder to steer and if you live in a hilly area, it can really get away from you (meaning, the front wheels will start pulling you downhill when you’re turning, especially as your children get older and heavier). For this reason, I don’t recommend this stroller for people who live in the hills, especially if your kids are older/heavier. Oyyyy! Trust me on this one…

It’s also important to note that being front-heavy, it’s harder (nearly impossible) to pop the Baby Jogger up onto a curb. Just consider these factors carefully when looking at this stroller.

*This stroller is not meant for running or jogging, despite the brand name.

Baby Jogger City Select Fold

With its patented “quick fold” technology (yes, they invented that awesome seat fold!), it folds pretty easily with two hands (simply tug the two “fold handles” on either side of the stroller and it quickly folds in half), and it’s fairly compact – it’s probably even the most compact folded stroller of the convertibles. In fact, it is 20% smaller than the folded UppaBABY Vista stroller. 

However, the City Select 2 will not fold as a double; you have to remove the second seat first in order to fold this stroller. 

Here is an older demo video below. This is for an older model (and from a younger me – ha!) but the basics are all the same:

Bottom Line

Though newer on the scene, we have a lot of faith in the Baby Jogger City Select 2. It’s a beautiful, well-made, durable, versatile all-terrain stroller that is SUPER spacious for your kids and offers a ton of different seating configurations. Although the stroller is a bit harder to steer and maneuver due to its length and the front-heavy weight distribution, parents with a long stride will enjoy the extra “kick” space.

Best for:

  • Twins!
  • A baby and a toddler
  • People who live in a flat area with good handicap ramps
  • Tall parents with a long stride
  • People who value roominess for their kids, above other things.

Not good for:

  • People who live on hilly terrain or need to pop the stroller up on the curb a lot
  • People who want to be able to fold the stroller with both seats attached
  • Parents shorter than 5’4″


  1. Very helpful! Any advice on twins and the pram vs deluxe pram bassinets? Please keep in mind price and that we need multiples of basically everything. Also, is it advisable to have 2 separate or can both newborns be walked in one? Lastly, looks like 2 prams can be attached to the city select, but I just want to be sure.

    1. Hi there! You’ll need to prams — one for each twin. It would be so great if they could both fit in one, but alas — you’ll need two.
      yes — you can attach two prams to the City Select. As for deluxe versus regular pram… it depends on your needs. Will you be walking babies a lot out in the sunshine? If so, you may want the deluxe’s canopy for sun protection. But if that’s not really a concern for you, save your money and go with the regular bassinets. I hope this helps! Good luck!

  2. Thank you for the review!! We are getting the Chicco Fit2 carseat and have purchased the adapter. Once installed, do I have to remove the adapter every time I want to fold the stroller?

    1. Hi Leigh! Yes — thank you! We will be updating our review ASAP and will offer our comments on the latest model.
      Stay tuned!
      ~ M

    1. Hi JoAnn! The City Select has identical seats — whereas the Vista is a “big seat/little seat” situation . The Vista comes with a bassinet and will feel more like a luxury product. The CS will be more roomy and not quite as maneuverable. I hope this helps!!

  3. You say that the City Select 2 stands when folded. We recently started using ours and cannot figure out how it possibly stands after folding. Do you have more information on this? Thanks!

    1. Hi Marissa (I’m Marissa, too!): I am SO sorry — I was misinformed. This City Select 2 does NOT self-stand once folded. I truly apologize for this error. I have updated the review. Thank you so much for asking this question!

  4. Hi Marissa,
    First I want to say thank you so much for this review. It is very helpful! 🥰
    Do you know if the Chicco KeyFit30/Peg Perego adaptor will work for the eco collection stroller? I’m having twins and I want to buy the Chicco KeyFit30 car seat. Thank you!

      1. Do you know if the car seat is suppose to wobble a little? My friend said the seat itself that comes with the city select 2 wobbles a little as well, just seems unsafe. Trying to figure our if that’s just how it fits or if its a manufacturing defect.

        1. Hi Melissa —
          No this definitely shouldn’t be happening! If your wobbles a little, definitely contact the consumer care team to look into it! They should be able to help troubleshoot.
          I hope this helps!
          ~ M

  5. Hi! Thanks so much for your wonderful review! In reference to your comment that second seats are specific to each stroller, I would like to point out that the Lux seats can be used on City Select (original) strollers. I have the Lux seat on my original City Select stroller with no modifications. The original City Select seats did not fold, I was very happy to learn I could use the Lux seat which does fold.

    1. Hi Ashley!
      The canopy can be raised and lowered by sliding the canopy mounts up and down and re-attaching the fastening strips on the side.
      Hope this helps!!

    2. Hello
      Do you know why they discontinued the bench seat? It seemed to be the best feature of the Lux model! (I think your review at the time agreed)

      1. Good question! I don’t know why the discontinued it. Perhaps they are working on a new model, or maybe they just didn’t sell enough of the product? I will be eager to learn more as well, and will be sure to pass on the information!

  6. Do you happen to know if the city select 1 Pram will fit on the select 2? Baby Jogger no longer sells a pram on their website for the city select

    1. Hi Cassie! Yes, I believe the City Select Deluxe Pram WILL fit on both the regular City Select & the City Select 2. Here’s a link to the pram specifically for City Select 2.

  7. Will the second seat for the City Select 2 fit on a City Select Lux stroller? We bought the Lux in 2020 because we wanted to use it for multiple kids and now are expecting baby #2… very disappointed that the Lux has been discontinued and now I’m trying to figure out if we can still make it a double stroller somehow instead of having to buy a whole new one.

    1. Hi Marcella,
      Yes, I believe the City Select 2’s second seat WILL work with the City Select Lux.
      Good luck!

  8. Hello and thanks for this review. I agree with everything you wrote, which is exactly why we chose the CIty Select 2 for our first stroller. We purchased the stroller in early June 2022 and then later in the month with baby registry money, and then later in the month I went online to purchase the bassinet attachment per recommendation only to discover it is out of stock EVERYWHERE (all big box stores, Amazon, etc.). The only bassinet I could find is a $250 one on the Baby Jogger website so out of desperation, I purchased it a week ago. But Baby Jogger is not picking up the phone or answering emails, so I have no status on when the item will ship. So I am super annyoed that a) the regular (less than $100) bassinet seems to be discontinued or there is a manufacturing issue and b) that the only bassinet available is a high end $250 version on the Baby Jogger website, but after one week they haven’t even provided me a status update (took my payment upon purchase). Baby is due in less than 2 weeks and not sure if I should return the City Select 2 and purcahse a different stroller from another brand or hold out and pray Baby Jogger is legit and sends me the $250 bassinet that I paid for. Not sure how Baby Jogger can be selling the City Select 2 without a bassinet attachment for newborns readily availabile for purchase. Thoughts on this and how to rectify having such a high end strroller without a bassinet for the newborn?

    1. Hi Kathryn,
      I’m SO sorry you had to go through all this. Yes, it appears that you can get either the Pram Deluxe or the Eco Collection pram deluxe, which will both work with the City Select 2. Did Baby Jogger ever get back to you? Did they ship your bassinet? I hope so!!
      Congratulations on your new baby!

  9. Hello! Why isn’t this stroller recommend for shorter parents? Also, des it not do well on hills & curbs only in double mode or single mode as well?

    1. Hello! While it does have a telescoping handlebar (height adjustable), some shorter parents have complained that even in the lowest position the handlebar is still too tall for them/feels uncomfortable. The stroller is really only tough on hills and curbs in doubles mode due to its length, but as a single it maneuvers much more easily.
      Hope this helps!

  10. Hello,
    I’m wondering if this stroller in double mode is “Disney approved”. I saw that phrased used on the “ Contours Options Elite Review”. Thank you for such great reviews!

  11. I have the Lux and am so disappointed that it’s been discontinued. I’m struggling to find a second seat, seat adapters, and either a belly bar or snack tray. Do you know if the second seat adapters work with the Lux and I saw the snack tray doesn’t work, does the belly bar?

    1. Hi Cassandra,
      I reached out to Baby Jogger and they said that they recently brought back the City Select LUX Second Seat Kits in Granite. But, unfortunately, the City Select 2 accessories do not work on the Select LUX.
      I’m sorry about that ~
      Take care,

  12. Do you know if the Graco SnugRide® SnugFit 35 DLX Infant Car Seat will fit with this stroller? I am seeing mixed feedback.

    1. Hello Camille!
      Yes — I have confirmed that this combo of Graco SnugRide SnugFit 35 DLX infant car seat WILL fit with the Baby Jogger City Select 2.

      These are the adapters needed.

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