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Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Review

Is the new Nuna Demi Grow convertible stroller worth the splurge? I’ve spent weeks putting this massive investment to the test to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly so you can make the most informed buying decision. Note: unlike other sites, our Nuna Demi Grow review is NOT sponsored!

2021 Nuna Demi Grow in singles mode

If you’ve been eyeing this stroller on looks alone (who hasn’t?), good news: this baby has beauty and brains. It’s an incredibly well-designed piece of equipment, both aesthetically and functionally.

Quick overview: the Demi Grow is the only luxury stroller with a stacked seat design, similar to Phil & Teds and the Britax B-Ready. The stacked seat design shortens the length of the stroller, making it easier to maneuver than its closest competitors, including the Thule Sleek and the UPPABaby Vista; the “cost” is the loss of the storage basket when used in doubles mode. More on that later.

Overall, we love this stroller and think it may be the best in its class of luxury convertible strollers (with caveats).

The Look

We eat with our eyes, right? If so, I’d order this stroller off the menu.

Based on looks alone, the Nuna Demi Grow is a knockout. It’s nothing like the chunky, clunky monstrosities of yesteryear. The Demi Grow is slender, sleek and, dare we say, stylish.

It comes in two standard colorways: caviar (black) and frost (grey). Nordstrom also carries an exclusive model called “Threaded” (~ $849), which we also ❤️.

The Cost

At $899, the single stroller comes with one toddler seat and two sets of car seat adapters that work with all car seats in the Nuna Pipa infant car seat series, as well as the Maxi Cosi car seat — the former of which is a luxury infant seat. The second stroller seat on the Demi Grow rings up at $249. You can also purchase the whole thing as a double here.

If you’re looking at the Demi Grow, chances are you’re also considering the not too distant UPPAbaby Vista convertible stroller (~ $929). In terms of pricing and compatibility, the Vista gets slightly higher marks because it comes with a luxury pram, whereas you have to buy Nuna’s infant bassinet for an additional $249.

Looking at price alone, if you already know you want a bassinet, the Vista is a better deal…. but they are very different strollers.

Stroller Assembly and Configurations

This stroller is so simple to put together, I didn’t even need the instructions; that simplicity is something I can appreciate. Open the stroller, pop on the wheels, click on the seat and you’re good to go.

The Demi Grow can be used as a single, twin or double stroller. There are 23 possible configurations. Twenty-three.

That sounds elaborate and confusing, but it’s actually good news. It means you could get years and years out of this stroller. It also means your kid can be forward or rear facing, on top or bottom, in a car seat, pram or stroller seat. There are endless possibilities that you’ll have years to explore.

The only downside is that the bottom seat cannot be reversed to rear-face.

Stroller Seats

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Review
nuna demi grow stroller review: seats

The Demi Grow has the Cadillac of stroller seats. They’re cushioned with a padded seat liner that’s great for the colder months and can be removed to expose a more breathable mesh seat for the sweltering months of summer. The seats are also equipped with a padded headrest and padded shoulder straps. So comfy.

New on the 2021 model is a technology called MagneTech Secure Snap, which is essentially a self-guiding magnetic buckle that automatically locks into place. I can see how this would make snapping kids into their seats easier; that said, I can also see how it might also make it easier for kids to unbuckle themselves out of their seats…

New MagneTech buckle technology

You can also recline the seats to a fully flat position with one hand, which is very nice.

demi grow stroller review: recline

These seats have high weight limits; each seat can carry up to 50 lbs of baby meat. On the Uppababy Vista, by comparison, the upper toddler seat can hold up to 50 lbs while the secondary “rumble seat” can only hold up to 35 lbs.  

A rain cover is also included with each seat, which is a nice touch.

The Canopy

The canopy is large and comes with an extendable sun shade. It can be unzipped to reveal a mesh fabric that covers nearly every inch of your baby. Nuna calls it the “dream drape”, and it’s the same thing that comes on the Pipa and Pipa Lite infant car seats.

It’s perfect for hot, sunny days and also to keep distractions to a minimum when napping on-the-go. It also has a magnetic mesh peek-a-boo window so you can keep an eye on your little one, and help with airflow.

demi grow stroller review: peek-a-boo

One annoyance to note is that the clamp mechanism that holds the canopy onto the sides of the stroller constantly comes unclamped, but I haven’t heard anyone else with this problem.


The stroller has foam-filled, all-terrain wheels, which were a big help on hikes (yes, we took this stroller hiking with us). The stroller has all-wheel suspension, which means bumpy surfaces are smooth sailing for your littles.

Huge bonus: this stroller rides well over all kinds of terrain. It has a switch near each back tire that you can set depending on the type of the terrain you’re strolling over — i.e. bumpy, uneven ground, smooth roads or sidewalks, etc. This is super innovative and extremely helpful!

The rear tires have fenders and a plexiglass backing on their rims — a safety feature that many other strollers don’t have. It keeps your precious baby’s teeny-tiny fingers safe from pinches while riding in the bottom seat. A thoughtful feature, IMO.


demi grow stroller review: easy to maneuver

As mentioned earlier, the Demi Grow is a dream to push. Even in doubles mode with both seats attached, this stroller is easy to maneuver on all types of terrain (paved roads, hiking trails, etc.). With the center of gravity so far to the rear, it really pushes like a single.

Unlike other double strollers where the additional seat is attached on the front of the stroller (Thule Sleek, City Select and UPPABaby Vista), the sibling seat on the Demi Grow is (nearly) stacked under the primary seat, like the Britax B-Ready (see comparison below), which is the absolute best thing about this stroller — and its biggest downfall IMO — but more on that later.

Not only does it make it easier to maneuver and turn, but it also means you can actually see where you’re going. For moms who are particularly short, some of these tandem convertibles are so long, they are difficult to see over.

2021 Nuna Demi Grow in doubles mode

The Handlebar

nuna demi grow stroller review: handlebar

The attractive cognac brown leatherette handlebar telescopes up and down so parents of any height feel comfortable.


I’ve read complaints that the Demi Grow is not “flip-flop friendly”, but I’ve used this stroller many times wearing slides and had no problem disengaging the brake. You simply step on the brake to engage and step on it again to disengage it. Boom.

The Fold

The stroller folds quickly and easily, which is pretty rare for a double. Pressing a button on each side collapses the stroller, and it automatically locks into place to prevent rolling or falling open while you’re loading it into your car.

nuna demi grow stroller review: fold
without any seats
with seats

Though you don’t have to remove the second seat to fold the stroller, I (along with many reviewers) think it’s much easier to fold and hoist into your car if you do remove the seat. We have a Subaru Forester and a Lexus GX, and have found this to be true for both cars. 

This isn’t unusual for tandem strollers, but it’s still worth mentioning. Also worth mentioning is the ease in which the seats are removed. They glide right off, which means you won’t be caught struggling in the parking lot.

The brand claims that, once folded, the stroller can stand by itself… but I’ve had a hard time making it work. I’ve resorted to leaning it against the wall, which is not ideal. 


Previous model in singles mode…

The reason the “stacked” seats are a downfall is that, by placing the second seat under the first, you lose access to your basket.

Bye bye storage.

nuna demi grow stroller review: basket
goodbye storage

When the second seat is attached, there’s essentially nowhere to put your diaper bag; you can’t even clip it onto the handlebar because then it hangs right over the second child’s head. This is basically the same problem with all “stacked” convertibles, such as Phil & Teds and the Britax B-Ready. There is a workaround to this: investing in a stroller handlebar organizer like this one. It’s not quite the same, but… it’s a good option.

Itzy Ritzy Stroller Caddy

Something else to note: the Demi Grow’s storage basket has a 10 lb weight limit, whereas the Vista can hold up to 30 lbs in its basket.

Bottom line: if an easily accessible storage basket while in doubles mode is a must for you, the Vista is a better bet.


No question about it, this stroller is heavy. When used as a single, it’s 27.4 pounds, but remember this heavy weight is normal for convertible strollers. You really can’t compare the weight of the Demi Grow to other “true” single strollers, because it’s apples to oranges. For reference, some single strollers are as light as 13 pounds (like the GB Pockit+).

In doubles mode, the Nuna Demi Grow weighs 35.6 lbs, which is on par with other doubles/convertibles of its size. For comparison’s sake, the UPPAbaby Vista is 32.8 lbs, the Thule Sleek is 35, and a double Bob is 33 lbs. Yes, it’s definitely on the heavier side of that range.


The Nuna Demi Grow comes with a two year warranty. It’s nice to have that added peace of mind.

Nuna Demi Grow Stroller Review: Bottom Line

There are several strollers out there with this stacked “in-line” design, but this is the only one in the “luxury” realm. The fit and finish of this stroller, like with most Nuna products, is top notch.

The stacked design gives you the steerage and maneuverability of a single stroller, at the cost of under-basket storage (when in doubles mode). Also, the lower (2nd) child can’t rear-face and may feel a bit more crammed in, though we’ve noticed that younger/smaller children (under 3) don’t have this issue.

All in all, we believe the good qualities outweigh the bad, especially for moms or caregivers on the shorter side, for those whose kids are further apart in age, and for those who maneuverability is of utmost importance (for example, people who lives in the hills and/or need to pop the stroller up onto curbs with some frequency).

We hope this review helped you make a decision. Cheers!

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