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Phil & Teds Sport (+ Other Inlines!) Review

Price $489


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Phil & Ted’s Inline Double Strollers: Sporty, easy to maneuver and versatile.

[The Sport] [The Sport Verso] [The Dot] [The Dash] [The Voyager]

Founded by a father and son team in 1994, Phil & Teds is a fun-loving juvenile products company based in New Zealand (and who doesn’t love the Kay-ways!).

Phil & Teds makes high chairs, car seats and travel gear, but are most known for their inline (aka tandem) double strollers.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers
2019+ versions of the Dot, Sport, Dash and Voyager Inlines

To make a stroller into a double, you add the second seat attachment, which goes over the rear wheels, thereby creating a reverse stadium seating configuration (below).

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers
Phil and Teds Dash

Because the storage basically vanishes once you add a second seat (with child) in the rear, I highly recommend you get The Diddie Diaper Bag with any of these strollers. It hangs over the handlebars and gives you some much-needed storage space for your items.

Phil & Teds makes several popular inline convertibles. We’ll review their bread & butter, the Sport (which used to be called the Navigator), and then discuss their other models.


Quality-wise, Phil & Teds is right in the middle: better than the economy brands like Graco, but not quite as well made as the luxury brands.

*No compensation was given for this review. These opinions of the Phil & Ted’s inline double strollers are all my own, as always!

Phil & Teds Sport ~ $489 as a Single (~ $189 for double’s kit; ~ $659 as a double)

As mentioned previously, Phil & Teds came out with the Navigator a couple of years ago as an upgrade from their previous model, the Explorer, and is NOW called the Sport. Please stop changing the name, people! LOL. The 2019+ version of the Sport has some really fun, punchy seat liner colors, such as: Apple, Blush, Butterscotch, Chilli, Rust and Sky.

Stroller Weight: 27 lbs single; 31 lbs double
Weight Limits: 44 lbs front seat; 33 lbs rear seat

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers_Sport
The Sport with Chilli colored-lining

By adding the second child in the back, the advantage is that you aren’t increasing the overall footprint or length of the stroller, thus maintaining the maneuverability of a single (for the most part) AND the ability to pop it up onto curbs and whatnot (as opposed to the City Select, where the weight of the second child goes over the front wheels).

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

Inline (tandem) strollers are much more narrow than side-by-sides, so you can get them through any door frame (left). The Sport is 23” wide, which is quite narrow indeed.

The big downside to this configuration, as passersby will comment, is that “the poor second child sitting in the back is just staring at the back of the front child. He can’t see! The poor dear, will he be damaged for life??” Honestly, I don’t think the child sitting in the back really cares that much (especially if they are under 2), but IF THEY DO, this stroller definitely isn’t for you.

The Sport has TONS of seating positions (26 to be specific), including the somewhat rare ability to take two infant car seats at the same time (below). If you’re looking for a well-balanced all-terrain stroller to use for infant twins, check it out.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

That said, I don’t find stadium-seating configurations to be ideal when twins get older because of the seating inequality situation, which in reality can cause fighting over who gets to sit where (the ol’ top bunk vs. bottom bunk fight). Also, the front seat has a 44 lb weight limit (a 5 y/o), while the rear seat has a 33 lb limit (a 3 y/o), so it’s really better for kids of differing ages. [If you have twins — check out Best strollers for Twins]

The weight as a single is 27 lbs, which is very typical for convertibles (in singles mode), and 31 lbs as a double, which is actually a bit lighter than other convertibles in doubles mode. Yes, I’ve read a lot of reviews that say it’s too heavy, but remember that all convertibles are heavy; that particular criticism is out of context unless you are comparing it to other single (only) strollers.

The Sport is a 3-wheeled stroller (as opposed to the four-wheeled B-Ready, City Select, and Vista), which means it turns on a dime and maneuvers more like a BOB (i.e., a bit more maneuverable, but a bit more tippy as well). Think of the Sport as an inline BOB with inferior suspension—thus not really for jogging, but nice for a brisk walk.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers
via IG @PushChairExpert
Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers
Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers


The Sport has a quick, one-hand fold and folds down fairly compactly, especially for a double chassis. It fits into almost any trunk, which is a difficult claim for the larger doubles and convertibles. You do have to remove the second seat in order to fold it in doubles mode, but this is the case with most convertibles, except for the Mockingbird, UPPAbaby Vista and Phil & Teds Dash and Voyager (mentioned below).

nav - folded Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers


The Sport has an extendable canopy that isn’t super huge, but it does offer UPF50+ sun protection, and has a silent peek-a-boo window to check on your little one.

The canopy does not cover the second child, but often the second child is in the shadow of the bigger seat. Cleverly, the canopy includes pockets for extra storage, which you can use for small items like sunglasses, your phone and sippy cups. There’s also a large(ish) underseat basket, but it can be a little difficult to access with kid #2 in the back, which is a very typical problem with double strollers.

The 12” air-filled tires ride really well, but do run the risk of becoming flat and will need to be pumped up periodically, unlike the “forever-air” tires of their upscale models such as the Dash and Voyager (read more below). The front wheel can lock and swivel, and the all-wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride over all kinds of terrain.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers_wheel
Sport’s front tireL

Like the Mockingbird and UPPAbaby Vista, The handlebar rotates up or down to adjust for height.

Bottom line: The Sport is a nice little compact, all-terrain stroller that serves parents looking for a sportier, three-wheeled tandem stroller. The weight distribution makes it super maneuverable and easy to pop up onto curbs and such. People who own this stroller tend to love it.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers


Phil & Ted’s Sport Verso Buggy ~$549 single (~$189 for Double’s Kit; ~ $764 as a double)

  • Like the Sport, but with a modular design!

New on the sporty inline stroller scene is Phil & Ted’s Sport Verso Buggy. This has all the characteristics of their tried-and-true “OG” 3-wheeled inline model (the Sport), but with the added benefits and versatility of having 5-stage recline, modular (i.e. reversible) seats.  

In fact, the Sport Verso is the only three-wheeler modular stroller on the market that can hold up to three kids with the use of a second seat kit (~ $189) and the Freerider board (~ $109). 

And, like Phil & Ted’s other inlines, the Verso does this all with the footprint and maneuverability of a single stroller. 

In addition, the Verso comes complete with three 12” air-filled tires and all-wheel suspension, meaning it can handle any kind of terrain, and pop up onto curbs easily (even with two kiddos in tow). The Verso’s front wheel can swivel a full 360 degrees as well. 

As mentioned, to make it a double, simply add the Doubles Kit (~$189), which works with any 2019+ Sport or the Sport Verso. Alternatively, if you already know you’re going to use the Verso with more than one child, go ahead and purchase the Sport Verso + Doubles Kit bundle for ~ $764.

Phil & Ted’s recommends placing the second seat BEHIND the main seat (though it can go behind or in front) for optimal maneuverability and stability. 

Bonus: The Verso can fold WITH the second seat attached, and self-stands once folded. Yay! 

The Verso also comes with what they call a “wedgie cushion” (kind of an unfortunate name, no?!) which is an infant support that allows you to lay your newborn baby safely in the stroller from day one, without the use of a carseat or bassinet.  

Wedgie Cushion

That said, you may still use it with a carrycot or carseats if you wish.

Other features include an expansive UPF50+ sun shade with a peek-a-boo window, an adjustable handlebar height to accommodate both shorter and taller parents alike, an easy-to-engage red lever foot-brake and an underseat storage basket that can hold up to 22 lbs!  
To see the Sport Verso in action, check out this little video from Phil & Ted’s.

Phil & Teds Dot ~ $399 as single / $569 as double

  • Compact and affordable

Designed to be 15 percent smaller than the Sport, the Dot weighs a mere 26 pounds and has a 23-inch width, making it compact enough for busy malls, city streets, subway platforms, and narrow spaces.

2019 Model of Phil & Ted’s Dot

Dot is compatible with Graco SnugRide (Classic and Click Connect Models), Chicco Keyfit, Peg Perego Primo Viaggio, and Maxi-Cosi Mico (Including AP) infant car seats with use of a travel system (sold separately).

The main seat accommodates a child up to 44 pounds, while the double kits (sold separately) holds up to 33 pounds in the rear-load position.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

At $569, it comes standard with a second seat and has 10” puncture-free tires instead of 12” air-filled tires. Great for people who need a double, but are very space constrained, both in the car and at home. People who own the Dot love the Dot 🙂


Phil & Teds Dash ~ $399 Single /$668 Double

  • Modern and uber light

The Dash is their lightest inline (at 25 lbs single, 29 lbs double) stroller with 12″ puncture-free Aeromaxx tires. One of their luxury offerings, the Dash comes in gorgeous “marl” fabrics and can fold with both seats attached — yeeha!

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

The main seat can hold up to 55 lbs and second seat (sold separately) can hold up to 33 lbs (roughly, a 3-year-old).

dash-grey Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

I’ve been using this stroller (older model) for several months now and have enjoyed it greatly. It has nice little luxury touches, like a wonderful hand brake and canopy.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

Again, Phil & Teds pays lots of attention to practical matters, such as popping the weight of two kids up onto a curb; these strollers are designed to do that with relative ease.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

It’s car seat compatible with Phil & Teds Alpha, Mountain Buggy Protect, Maxi-Cosi Mico, Cybex Aton, Graco Classic & Click Connect, Chicco Keyfit, and Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30. Yes, it can even take two of your infant twins – or for a nannyshare.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

Just a general note: you can use the doubles version for one child and the second (empty) seat gives you TONS of storage space!! This comes in handy when picking up two kids from school (on foot) and loading it up with one child and ALL their backpacks, jackets, etc.

Bottom line: The Dash is a great-looking, lightweight stroller that folds without having to remove the second seat. Squeee!

Phil & Teds Voyager ~$549 as Single / $669 as Double

  • The Modular in-line

At the top of the Phil & Teds food chain is the Voyager, a newer and exciting 4-wheel stroller that is extremely versatile, sleek and well-engineered. It comes in a wide variety of liner colors, such as: Chilli, Blush, Rust, Apple, Sky, Butterscotch, Black and Charcoal.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

Note that the Voyager is their priciest offering (I would add that all modular strollers are quite pricey).

Voyager rear-facing

The Voyager has a lot of different seating modes for both one and two kiddos, which makes it quite a versatile stroller. The primary seat is “modular”, meaning your child can sit parent-facing (i.e., rear-facing) or forward-facing (much like the City Select or UPPAbaby Vista). If you have two kids, you can add the double’s kit seat accessory and your kids can ride inline, stadium seating-style, tandem or in “high-five mode” (i.e. kids facing each other).

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers
“High five” mode

If you have a newborn you can purchase the snug carrycot accessory, or use the Voyager as a travel system with the alpha infant car seat (the Voyager accepts other car seat brands too, which the use of an adapter — sold separately). If you have twins, the Voyager does accept two carrycots or carseats at the same time! Woohoo!

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers_bassinet

The bassinet can face either way. In doubles mode, make your bassinet rear-facing to give the bottom child more space.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers
If you have twin babies, try two bassinets!

The great thing about the Voyager is that it folds in ANY mode with BOTH seats attached – including parent-facing. This is truly unique! Yes, it does take some extra steps to fold down the second seat, but it’s very cool for situations like gate-checking it on an airplane, where you REALLY don’t want a bunch of untagged, separate pieces floating about. I promise you won’t ever get those back! Yes, keeping everything together is definitely beneficial.

Once it’s folded the Voyager has a self-standing feature to keep the interior fabrics off the ground and clean.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

The Voyager also has many of the luxury features of the Dash, including an amazing extendable UPF50+ canopy with a mesh peek-a-boo window, an adjustable handlebar, an easy-to-use footbrake, lockable front swivel wheels, a removable bumper bar that opens from either side and a one-touch release 5-point safety harness. The second seat even comes with a decent canopy – AND it reclines, which is really hard to find in the tandem stroller-sphere.

Phil & Ted's Inline Double Strollers

The Voyager has all-wheel suspension, plus two 8-inch wheels in the front and two 12″ Aeromaxx tires in the rear that will never need to be re-inflated and cannot go flat. These wheels are a cinch to pop up on curbs and maneuver through all kinds of terrain.

To see it in action, check out this cute little video from Phil & Ted’s that show’s the versatility of the Voyager.


Bottom Line: The Phil & Teds Voyager is an exciting, versatile double stroller that does everything you could want. The primary seat can face forward or rear and has an amazing canopy. The second seat also reclines and has a sun canopy, which is hard to find in the tandem stroller world. The stroller folds with both seats attached, which is SUPER convenient. The tires ride well and never need to be pumped (and cannot pop) and there is more room in the storage basket than most. Yes, I believe Phil & Teds thought of everything on this one!


Phil & Teds Verve/Vibe

The Verve and Vibe are luxury inline offerings from Phil & Teds – the only difference between them is that the Vibe has 3 wheels and the Verve has 4. These strollers have a sleek urban design, an aluminum frame, and luxury fabrics, while still offering the utilitarian features of a Phil & Teds inline and almost as many riding options (23) as the Sport (26).

Vibe & Verve

Both of these strollers fold down very compactly (even with the second seat on!) and stand on their own. Because of the tall primary seat, these are also good for special needs children who may need to be in a stroller at an older age (5 yrs or so).

If you’re looking for an inline stroller with a luxury look and feel, check these out.

That is all for the Phil & Ted’s inline double strollers, folks! Good luck on your double stroller hunt.

P.S. See the Complete Double Stroller Guide here!


  1. Avatar of Brittany Taylor


    I would love some feedback on the phil and teds vibe? Because it has a taller seat I am interested in it since I have a 2-1/2 year old who will be 3 when I have my next baby, as it is his head almost hits the top of our BOB now! I am really wanting something that he can comfortably fit in and had my heart set on the city select until I tried it out the other day and saw he was already too big! I live in seattle and we walk most places. I would prefer to have a narrow in line stroller like the city select with all the different configurations, like parent facing and a bassinet option, and because I also have two older boys (8 and 6) that are walking/riding along with us. Please any suggestions would be most helpful! Your stroller reviews are so great and helpful! So glad I found your website!

    1. Hi Brittany! I apologize for the delayed response, so I hope you have everything you need. But if you ended up with the Vibe, I think you made a good selection 🙂 The Vibe is just a couple inches wider than the Navigator, but still a wonderful sleek stroller.

      1. Avatar of Jamie Amburgey

        I would strongly caution against the Vibe. I am having an issue with my two year old unlocking the folding mechanism with his feet while he is seated in the double kit. The stroller has almost collapsed on him with my two month old on top in his car seat! The customer service is terrible as I have been explaining this issue to them and they refuse to refund or exchange it. The manager, Jayson, says it has passed all international safety standards and this issue is a behavioral one for my child! So please heed my advice and do not purchase the Phil and teds vibe.

  2. Avatar of Carolyn

    Your website is a lifesaver! I am expecting my first baby in September and feel like I have read everything on here multiple times. I am really struggling with finding a stroller. I live in the country and will have to push my stroller through grass, fields, and dirt/gravel driveways for daily walks. I really need something that can handle the terrain but it is hard to tell in the store how it will really work. We plan on having several kids so the double seat is a nice option. The navigator seems like the best option so far but it is expensive and I’m noticing all-terrain strollers tend to be much heavier. Do you think this would be able to handle life in the country or is there something that may be better?

    1. Hi Carolyn — For country life, you really do need an all-terrain stroller. BOB, BabyJogger CmMGT, Phil & Teds — if you want to save money, look at the BabyTrend all-terrains. Those that upgrade to a double are more expensive and heavy, so one idea is just to wait until you actually need a double, then sell your single for a double. Also, be sure to check Craigslist for nicer, used strollers. Always a bargain to be had!

  3. Avatar of pam

    I’m looking for a double jogging stroller. Hoping I don’t have to pay over $500. I’ve searched for used strollers but there just aren’t any in my area. I have a 3.5 y/o 35# boy and 7mo old 18# girl. Our town has a few hills. Is the P&T navigator or classic à good jogging stroller? What would you recommend? Thanks

    1. Hi Pam, if you are looking to actually jog, I would not go with a P&T stroller — they really aren’t meant for running. For serious jogging check out the Schwinn fixed wheel stroller: https://www.lucieslist.com/guides/best-double-stroller/best-double-jogging-strollers/ For a swivel wheel option, check out the Baby Trend Expedition: https://www.lucieslist.com/guides/best-double-stroller/best-all-terrain-double-strollers/#expedition but if you can find a used BOB or whatnot, you’re better off. Good luck! Keep checking those classifieds.

  4. Avatar of pam

    But I also wanted a narrower one to fit thru doors. But I guess that’s not a total deal-breaker because my 3.5 y/o likes to walk more when we go shopping or to the zoo or something. Thanks!

  5. Avatar of Tiffany

    Hello! I am looking for a lightweight frame to go with a Nuna Pippa infant car seat and I found a P&T stroller used on Craigslist- Would this be a good option? What is the lightest weight stroller option? We are getting the Uppa Baby convertible, but I would like something lighter if that’s possible!

    1. No, please get yourself a Maxi Taxi from Maxi Cosi. It should fit your Pippa very nicely 🙂 The P&T will be just as heavy/bulky as your UPPA.

  6. Avatar of Meghan Hillman

    Hi! I’m looking for a double jogging stroller and I’m just not sure what to do. I have a single BOB running stroller and I LOVE it! It’s light weight and perfect in every way! I guess I’m not sure if I absolutely need the BOB double jogger or if I can get away with using something else? I was really looking or something a little slimmer and easy to travel with. I also haven’t been running as much lately, which makes me think I don’t need the BOB…running or not though, I know you cant go wrong with a BOB! Is there anything else out there that is like the P&T style, but maybe a little more compatible for running? Thanks!!

  7. Avatar of Catherine

    Have heard great things about this stroller. Struggling to find the right one. Considered an UB vista/cruz and then a jogger, like Bob, but it would be great to have one that does it all. Not as concerned with a 2nd seat just yet as we don’t know our future plans. Need a stroller that works in our hilly neighborhood, as well as on trails and beach, and can also do well in the city- but has some nice luxury features. Could P&T Navigator be it? Love the break system and narrow frame, but is it well enough equipped for all-terrain/light jogging (NOT a runner! Just attempting to take advantage of whenever that mood strikes)? I enjoy watching your vids and reading your reviews – they are so helpful! TIA!

    1. Hi Meri! Thank you for being a loyal Lucie’s List reader 🙂 Based on what you’re telling me, I’m thinking you might need to get two strollers. The Navigator would be wonderful for everything you mention EXCEPT the jogging part. You might be able to get away with some light jogging here or there but nothing too rigorous. Also, steer clear of super rocky trails. Otherwise, this sounds like the perfect stroller for your family!

  8. Avatar of Kim

    Are the classic and navigator the same dimensions unfolded? I’m trying to better understand the difference between the two strollers besides that the navigator has the auto stop feature. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim! The classic is 24 inches wide and weighs 24 lbs as a double. The Navigator is 23 inches wide and weighs 31 lbs as a double.

  9. Avatar of Brenda

    First off all I want to just say that this is such a great website! Super informative and user friendly. That being said, any recos on a double stroller needed for a 2 month old and a 3 1/2 year old who live in a condo in downtown Chicago? We have the valco zee but the Joey seat doesn’t seem too comfortable when I see it on the YouTube video. We recently bought the cortina BC we have the Chicco car seat, but it is pretty long and bulky and takes up half the hallway. I just want something that can survive a Chicago Winter and is easy to fold and doesn’t take up half a city block. I’m also a whopping 5’1 so nothing insanely heavy to push. Help!

    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for your kind words. For a Chicago winter, I can’t see any way of getting around needing an all-terrain double stroller. You really do need those nice 16″ tires to plow through snow. In that case, I would refer you to the All-terrain double stroller page: https://www.lucieslist.com/guides/best-double-stroller/best-all-terrain-double-strollers/ and joggers: https://www.lucieslist.com/guides/best-double-stroller/best-double-jogging-strollers/
      If you decide these are all too heavy, a good middle ground would be the City Mini GT double. Definitely no on the Cortina, I agree 😉 Hope this helps!

  10. Avatar of Lori

    Hi! Thanks for the great article. My husband and I are expecting our first child in April 2016. We live in NYC. The auto stop feature is a must have for us. Your review is very helpful because this stroller seems to be an “online only” item in our area and we won’t able to test in store. I also anticipate store associates won’t know much about this product! Can you recommend a car seat that would be compatible with this stroller? We don’t own a car, so I believe we would need a “european:” style? Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you!!

  11. Avatar of Emma Zhang

    Thanks so much for your review! We got the navigator 2 and I like both the looks and the functionality a lot.

    You mentioned that the double seat could be used as a rear-facing seat in single mode and I really wish to know how to do that. As we already got the double seat and like to have the parent- facing mode. Would you pls explain a bit or point me to a online reference, thanks in advance!

  12. Avatar of kelly

    Hi, do you know any stroller boards that can connect to the phil and ted navigator double stroller?

  13. Avatar of Vicki Lybbert

    Have you tried the ZoeXL2. We have grandchildren 2 and 4.5. We will be traveling via plane and bus. Going to Disney. As a grandma with back issues I need something lightweight that the kids can get in and out themselves. Thanks! Love your detailed information. May also be traveling international next year with them. Love that it’s only 16 lbs.

    1. Hi Vicki! Thanks for being a Lucie’s List reader. There are soooo many strollers out there, we haven’t reviewed them all, but thank you for this reco, we’ll be sure to check it out. At first glance, the XL1 has great reviews on Amazon (which always helps). It looks like the XL2 is out of stock. Only thing to watch for is the carrying capacity is 50 lbs per seat… not sure how big your 4.5 y/o is.

  14. Avatar of Angel

    I own the Dash, but it is not convenient for a ride on the public transportation. It’s super heavy. A lot heavier than they make it sound. I have a cheap Kolcraft for bus riding because it folds up in seconds and it’s super compact, flat and light when carrying it on the bus. I need a double that I can use as a single as well and is compact enough to carry on and off the bus. I’ve never seen the Dot in person but how well does it hold up for carrying on and off the bus. The Dash is super huge and heavy. Fits well into trunks of smaller cars but still big and bulky and heavy. I need my spare for the city bus.

    1. Hi Angel — any double is going to be super tricky to get on and off a bus. I wouldn’t recommend any P&Ts for that. Instead, check out double umbrella strollers, like the Zoe XL2 — a much better bet for public transit.

  15. Avatar of Lindzey O'Brien

    Hi! We’re wanting a Phil & Ted’s double jogging stroller. We will have a newborn with an almost 2 1/2 year old. Which Phil & Ted’s stroller do you think would be best? Do we need extra attachments for a newborn? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindzey! Inlines are not meant for jogging, you’ll want a side-by-side stroller for that and unfortunately Phil & Ted’s does not make a SBS. Their Sport is an all-terrain stroller, but not meant for jogging. For true SBS jogging strollers, make sure to read this article.

  16. Avatar of Bethany Scaggs

    I have been going through all your reviews and just don’t know what to settle on. I have a single jogger I love, but I don’t see much jogging in my future, more just long distance, good pace walking. I have 2 Labradors that walk with me so I am looking for a tandem sturdy stroller or jogger. My children will be 3 years apart so I am realizing my oldest will not want to be in a stoller for too much longer but there will be times that I have both children and the dogs and need to be able to maintain control and feel secure in the durability of my strollers wheels. Can you help point me in the right direction?

  17. Avatar of Agnès Vives

    Hi! I’m expecting my second child in August and my boy will be 14 months older, so we need a double stroller. We live in downtown Toulouse, a very pretty French old city with lots of very narrow pavements. Our appartement is quote small too, we don’t have space enough to storage carrycots, second seats etc, so we have to find a stroller as compact as possible, and “all-in-one”. Difficult to find a double version of our Babyzen Yoyo! In the shops here they hardly know Phil and Teds, so I can’t try them before choosing and buying one… I love the convertible and modular characteristics. I dream of the P&T voyager, but it is far too expansive for us. What would you suggest?

    1. Bonjour! J’aime beaucoup le Babyzen aussi. Ok, enough bad french…. Can you get the Britax B-Ready in France? Might be more available because it’s an English company. How about a used UPPABaby Vista? I agree it’s too bad Babyzen doesn’t make a double 🙁

  18. Avatar of Renee

    Love your in depth reviews!! We have an olllld vibe that’s served us well but I’m considering upgrading to one that’s lighter and where the handle sticks out further. My friend has the sports and it’s a little easier to maneuver. That being said, we are trying for our 4th babe, and the other 3 kiddos are all under 5! Ha so we need something to hold as many kiddos as possible and something that will still maneuver well did the types Of activities we do w the stroller. I’m wondering about a double sport or dash+ the freerider attached?! Do you know if you can get 3 kids on somehow by using both seats plus the freerider? Thanks!!

  19. Avatar of Kate

    Hey there! Your reviews are the best, thanks for all your insight! Is there an adaptor that would work with a Nuna Pipa for any of the P&Ts? Soon, I’ll have a newborn and a 1.5 year old and I’m torn between the P&Ts, the Britax, and the City Select. I’d love to use my Nuna with it. I live in a city with curbs, in a walk up apartment, and I’d love to be able to cart the infant around during the day and then bring her to daycare to pick up the toddler in the afternoon. I have a City Mini now, and I love it because of it’s easy fold and general small-ness. Any ideas? Help me, baby gear guru. TIA!!

    1. Hi there Kate — it depends on which model you’re after. Looks like they have one for the Promenade that fits the Euro seats: https://philandteds.com/us/Buy/drive/car-seat-adapters/promenade-car-seat-adapters/TS21-phil-teds,-Mountain-Buggy,-Maxi-Cosi*-Cybex — but when it comes to car seat adapters, I always recommend you pick up the phone and call the stroller maker to get specifics, as they change frequently. (800) 916-8442 Customer Service Phone Number … good luck!

  20. Avatar of Tasha James

    Hi Thanks for your blog, I’m expecting my second child and have a 3yr old. My toddler is pretty tall, nearly 40 inches right now , we are looking for a tandem stroller with adequate space for him and new born. Please let me know which Phil & Ted stroller you recommend?

  21. Avatar of LauraFH

    Hi Meg, How would you rate the maneuverability of the Phil&Teds Voyager vs the Sport? Does the 3-wheel design give the Sport a big edge in this department, or is the Voyager still pretty good at getting up big curbs and over super uneven pavement/ big cobblestones, etc? Thanks so much for your detailed reviews, they are a lifesaver!

  22. Avatar of Jenny

    Hello, I’m interested in the Phil and Ted’s dash buggy or sport, but also considering the Navigator. These look like great options, but my main consideration is storage capability. I know it’s not recommended, but wonder if anyone has experience hanging a diaper bag from the handlebar? With a 3 year old in the back seat and a Chicco carseat in place of the main seat will there be any room for storage in the bottom basket?
    Thanks so much! Jenny

  23. Avatar of M. Mehedi

    I am searching for some informative article on sit and stand strollers on the internet for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, I have found this one and this is very much useful and informative. Sometimes some articles make us confused and unable to decide which one is perfect for me. but you describe everything in a proper way with a nice explanation in this article. Thank you so much. Keep up your good works.

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