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Hello Bello Diaper Review

Price $29


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I don’t usually oggle celebrities, but for some reason, I consider Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell my personal friends (no, they do not know me from Adam… but a girl can dream). It all started with Gossip Girl, Bad Moms, Parenthood (Dax), Frozen. The list goes on. Because of this love, you can imagine how excited I was to write this Hello Bello diaper review.

But who cares about celebrity, right? The point is that these two supercool humans procreated and started their own consumer line of baby care products, which has become Walmart’s answer to Target’s Honest Co. line. Note that both were co-founded by celeb moms. If the shoe fits….

I’ll admit, Walmart is a pretty unexpected place to find an exclusive, “premium” brand, but hey – what do I know about merchandising.

So let’s cut to the chase… are their adorable diapers and wipes worth a darn?

Short answer: not really.

Long answer: it depends on what you’re comparing them to.

Here goes:

The Test

I tested them a few months ago with my adorable almost 2-year-old niece to bring you this Hello Bello Diaper review. I cannot speak to the rest of their line of skin/bath care products, yada yada, but I’ve heard only good things.

We ordered them online at Walmart, since there wasn’t one within 50 miles, and they arrived promptly.

First, can we talk cuteness? Look how many cute prints there are! I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for taking something utilitarian and making it cute.

Hello Bello print options

Personally, we chose the Cactus and the Watermelon prints because: summer.

Hello Bello diapers
oh stop it!

Right out of the box, we noticed the Hello Bello diapers are SO soft. There is a certain silkiness about them; it made the usual Pampers diapers feel rough in comparison.

My niece wearing a Hello Bello diaper

One perk we didn’t expect is that my niece actually got excited about putting them on (watermelons!!). You see, when toddlers hit a certain age, diaper changing sometimes becomes a battle. By letting her pick the print, it made the exercise a little easier.

Hello Bello diaper backside

Sadly, cute and soft are the only good things I can say about these diapers (compared to the competition).

Hello Bello Diapers vs. Other Brands

The thing is: the Hello Bello diapers performed okay, but not as well as others. The fact is they’re just not as absorbent. Online reviewers agree: when it comes to leaks and blowouts, they’re missing the mark. Compared to Pampers Pure (or any Pampers, for that matter), they lack the stretchiness that gives them such a good fit (no, this isn’t an ad for Pampers, but I’ll admit I’ve always been a Pampers mom).

Though most people compare Hello Bello to Honest Co. diapers, I’m not even going to bother to do that because, as you might know, I don’t think much of the Honest Co. brand to begin with – mainly because of deceptive marketing and review practices, greenwashing — oh and their products just aren’t that good. Hello Bello also seeded several hundred positive reviews (before the product even launched!) without disclosing that the reviews were done in exchange for free product (a HUGE no-no in the review world).

And to be honest (no pun intended), I’m also not sure about the eco angle for Hello Bello diapers. Like other diapers, they’re made with petroleum-based ingredients with one exception – the absorbent core liner contains plant-derived plastic (origin not specified). The core consists of sustainably harvested fluff pulp (no certification) and traditional sodium polyacrylate (SAP).

The truth is, they are not as eco-friendly as most “eco” diapers, though they are free of chlorine, phalates, fragrances and lotions.

Cost Comparison

But is there a cost savings?

Let’s compare some others (using size 3 as a reference):

  • Luvs: $0.16 each
  • Hello Bello: $0.26 each
  • Pampers: $0.28 each
  • Huggies: $0.33 each
  • Pampers Pure: $0.39
  • Honest Company: $0.37 each

Again, their biggest competition is Honest Co., and comparatively, they are a full 9 cents less (each diaper).

Among the people that don’t even consider Honest Co. diapers, most people compare them to Pampers Pure, which are also chlorine-, fragrance-, paraben- and latex-free. Yes, compared to Pampers Pure, they are 5 cents less. Compared to regular Pampers, they cost about the same. They are also a couple of cents less than the mainstream premium brand Huggies.

The Wipes

The wipes too felt a little thin compared to other wipes we’ve used, though compared to premium “water-only” wipes, like, well, Water Wipes, they are nearly half the price. They also have a nice little plastic “window” opening, unlike Water Wipes – and they aren’t quite as “wet.” All things considered, Hello Bello wipes seem like an affordable, sensitive-skin friendly, water-based wipe.

Hello Bello wipes

Hello Bello wipes also have a nice “texture” to them to help clean up those dirties.

Bottom Line:

Upside: Hello Bello diapers are cute, soft and (somewhat) eco-friendly, and they cost about the same as regular Pampers.

Downside: They don’t perform as well as other premium diapers – both for leaks and blowouts.

All of this said, many people are very happy with them, so if you’re looking for a cute, soft, chlorine-free diaper, give them a try! You can also find them on Amazon for that free Prime shipping. Check out our guide for all things diapers. And please leave a comment below to let us know what you think.



  1. Avatar of Jessie

    I tried as well because of the Dax/Kristen angle- and also had leaks. Have had the hardest time finding something for over 12 hours(yes my 22 month old) sleeps for that long. He’s a size 6 now, and 35 Lbs. so am in big trouble if he gets much bigger.

    1. Avatar of Amy Voss

      Hi Jessie, any suggestions you found in diapers? We have always been a Pampers family, that was 10 years ago with our daughter, now we have a 17 mnth old and he leaks through them. We switched to Costco and they were great up until the last box we purchased. He leaks daily. Ughh would love to hear what brand you’ve gone with.

  2. Avatar of Kate Clodfelter

    I’ve been using Hello Bello diapers and wipes for several months now on my daughter (she’s almost 9 months) and have never experienced a leak or blowout. I find the fit to be just fine on my chunky babe and they’re actually very low profile compared to other brands I’ve used. I also prefer the wipes over the Pampers Pure that I was using.

  3. Avatar of Erika

    Hello Bello Diapers – I completely agree with your comments. And maybe it’s just me, but I also couldn’t find the sizes on each diaper…so if they are taken out of the box (say friends are trying to help you fix up your nursery) and you didn’t keep the box you’re at a loss (at least I couldn’t find it on the diapers. They are super cute but I will stick to my Pampers

  4. Avatar of Marissa

    Thank you for this! I was curious bc I also love Kristen Bell (And I’m a little suspicious of people who don’t, lol!). I also love your honesty about Honest (not a big fan either, their diapers are stiff and we’d leak all the time). Have you seen/reviewed Parasol? These were our favorites with baby #1 but they’ve recently changed something- new (terrible) designs + they used to be made in the Czech Republic and I’m not sure where they’re made anymore (my questions on their social channels have gone unanswered). Anyway, having baby #2 and would love a review!

    1. Hi Marissa – Parasol is on our radar, but yes we agree it’s hard to get info on them. Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Avatar of sue halverson

      My daughter tried Bello diapers. They are terrible. They leak and doesnt hold the poop, it leaks out. She will never use them again.

  5. Avatar of Jami

    We were a pampers pure family and switched to hello bello about a year ago, when my babe was in size 3. I have been happy with them and have only ever had 3 leaks, but I size up earlier than the weight recommendations! We looove their bubble bath and wash! They sent stainless steel water bottles in our Christmas box and the box itself became a gingerbread house for kids to color/play with. Their customer service is great too! I haven’t been given anything for free, just an honest moms opinion!

  6. Avatar of Jamie Jones

    We had such an issue with Pampers and blowouts for our kids. So I had to look for something else…Tried Honest products and thought they were terrible. Used to use their household products but it wasn’t worth keeping. What I found that worked best for us is a monthly subscribe and save from Amazon with their Mama Bear Gentle diapers. I would be curious to know your opinion on them? Compared to the price of Pampers we have saved more money doing subscribe and save with Mama Bear. I have been so pleasantly surprised by the absorbency and softness of these diapers. They may not be super eco-friendly but they work! We will use Hello Bello diapers when we need to supplement because our subscription isn’t due for another week. And we can quickly run to Walmart and pick them up. I think they are surprisedly so absorbent for how thin they are. My son would pee sooooo much at night. He was waking up soaked. We tried Pampers overnight diapers, but found Hello Bello actually did the trick! I think because they hugged his body better, and came up further in the front. Dax and Kristen are 100% my favorite celebrity couple but more than that I’ve appreciate the price of not just the diapers but some of the other products on the Walmart shelves. I really appreciate your honest opinion and review!

    1. Hi Jamie – thanks for your insight! We have not reviewed Mama Bear, but thanks for the suggestion. Glad Hello Bello have worked for you. Every baby body is indeed different. Thanks again!

  7. Avatar of Madeline

    I was surpised at how much I really like the diapers.
    My 20 month old RARELY leaks at night any more.
    I don’t use the wipes, we prefer the Huggies brand.

  8. Avatar of Andrea C

    Hi Meg! I recently switched FROM Hello Bello to Dyper, for our 20 month old. That would be a great one to look into and review. Yea, slightly more costly. However, way more eco-friendly and leak proof! I’m happy! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Avatar of Whitney

      I love hello Bello, especially on my now 1 month old son. He had his circumcision and these were heaven for him! They are supper soft which is what’s needed and wanted for a freshly circumcised baby. They do tend to get wet quicker, but they hold. I was using pampers Swaddlers and I just think these are best. We like nice comfy underwear on us so softness is most important for me. Especially when it hold and can last all night!

      1. Avatar of Nicole

        Super late to post, but I love everything about Hello Bello except the pee sits on the top layer of the diaper, which is obviously not great for my 8 month old daughter’s skin. Otherwise, Intrulu love these and wanted them to check off every box! Probably won’t buy again but will miss the cute hedgehog designs!

  9. Avatar of Chris

    Thanks for the review. I’ve got to get NB diapers and normally use cloth, but my husband has issues getting them to work so we do keep the other type around. Pampers Swaddlers had been my preference because they have the wet indication strip AND didn’t leak. I couldn’t care less about celebrity, since I know its all money to them. I lucked into the Hello Bello brand, and didn’t know it was endorsed like Honest, which I don’t like. I like less that its associated with Wal-Mart. Based on the review I’m better off sticking with the tried and true Pampers. My point being is that the review was very informative, and helped me decide to stick with what I know.

  10. Avatar of Jessica

    I was given a gift card to hello bello and have gotten two bundles. I have found these diapers to be a great fit for our four month old (better than pampers pure, Huggies (gifted), up and up, and any other sample diapers- honest, pampers)… no leaks, no blowouts. I know some of her messes would have leaked with other brands. We used pampers pure for thr first couple of months but started getting leaks as she grew. Thus far hello bello seems to be doing the trick for our babe! Plus they are so soft and cute!

  11. Avatar of Liz

    My son is now 11 weeks, and about 10 1/2 lbs. He started outgrowing some of the newborn size diapers so I have been trying all the brands I can find. Most brands are too big. Hello Bello fit pretty well. We have tried 1 package. They don’t hold much, so didn’t always make through the night without a leak, and at least for size 1, the weight range is smaller, and my son has basically outgrown them already. They are cute! But they feel like a cheap diaper.. I was glad to be on to the next brand to try. This week we’re trying Cloud Island. Super cute also! They fit pretty well also. They hold more than Hello Bello, but not by much. We are also trying the All Good brand from Walmart. They work pretty well, and are a good alternate. The Pampers; Swaddlers and Pure Protection, Huggies; Little Smugglers and Snug & Dry, Luvs and Honest Company are all a bit too big still, but I think the Honest will be the next ones we use.

  12. Avatar of Francine Wiig

    Ordered for my new grandson newborn thru 9months diapers. The designs were adorable, but was very disappointed when my daughter told me they leaked every time she put them on him. Sorry but I would never purchase them again.

  13. Avatar of Keli

    We use Hello Bello for our twins and have really liked them. With the military discount and the bundle order, the price is great for us! We also recently switched to the pullups, since we’re potty training, and haven’t had any issues with leaks. We also do size up early, like someone else mentioned. Also, one of my kids has an allergy/sensitivity to most diapers. We had to switch to honest for him, and then Hello Bello for the price, and he never had an issue with Hello Bello. I actually really dislike their wipes, since they tend to stick to each other, especially if you transfer them into a different container. Our favorite for wipes is still the Up&Up brand at Target.

  14. Avatar of Ashlee

    Absolutely LOVE these! My son has sensitive skin bad, and originally I set out to use pampers or honest. Even had a small stockpile of all three brands. My SIL swore by honest as my niece had sensitive skin however target is not close, and here I found hello Bello… we started using these in the NICU when the pampers broke him out. Continued to use them and haven’t had ANY issues at all. Honest and hello Bello are the only things that don’t break my kiddo out. So the convince of bundling makes it awesome and peace of mind with autoship!

  15. Avatar of Bean

    They are cute but they don’t send the designs that you pick. It appears that they have no inventory system in place. They post prints, oversell them and send whatever. What is the point of letting people pick?

  16. Avatar of Karli Strand

    I’ve been using hello bello for about 7 months and we haven’t had a single leak. Maybe one blow out. They’re low profile and thin but super absorbent. With my first kid, (now 6) we went through tubs if diaper rash cream From all the Pampers (we couldn’t afford honest back then). These hello bello diapers keep our youngest rash free!!
    I love them and recommend highly!

  17. Avatar of Natasha

    The Hello Bello diapers are cute but we experienced leaks and blowouts with each diaper change. The cents per diaper that you save with HB is negated given that you’re going through twice as many diapers due to leakage (which also means more garbage generated). Glad that it works for other people, but this product was a big fail for our family.

  18. Avatar of Bal

    The Hello Bello diapers are cute but we experienced leaks and blowouts with each diaper change. The cents per diaper that you save with HB is negated given that you’re going through twice as many diapers due to leakage (which also means more garbage generated). Glad that it works for other people, but this product was a big fail for our family.

  19. Avatar of Reinaldo Torres

    My wife and I recently bought a bundle packages and started trying them out recently after our pampers ran out. We are not impressed. We went through a package of newborn diapers extremely fast. Hello bello does not hold well when it comes to absorption, and that’s what really matters. The designs are different, nice, and partly why we decided to try them. However, it’s not something that I would recommend unless you like going through a bunch of diapers.

  20. Avatar of Charli Dobson

    Hello bello is the only diaper I can use on my son. He breaks out with every other diaper. We haven’t even touched diaper rash cream since we started using them!! Every other diaper he always leaked out of and had blowouts all the time. Maybe one since we’ve been using them. And it’s been 2 months. HIGHLY RECOMMEND HELLO BELLO!!!!! (Ps, my son is a chunky boy!!) they fit perfectly on him too.

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