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UPPAbaby G-Link V2 Review

Price $349


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After losing a couple of pounds and a couple of inches, the newest version of the G-Link double umbrella, the G-Link 2, is out. We like the lighter weight, design, and ease of use, but there are still some flaws to discuss. That’s why we wanted to get this UPPAbaby G-Link 2 review out to you. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Compared to the previous model, the G-Link 2 is lighter by about 2.5 lbs (now weighing 22 lbs) and narrower by 2 inches. It may not sound like a lot, but every pound matters when it comes to lugging these things around — and this stroller wins in the weight department. And yes, it’s Disney approved for their parks.

The G-Link 2 also has an updated look, a larger three-panel canopy to better shield kids from the sun, and a bigger, more accessible under-seat basket that can hold up to 10 lbs.

The G-Link 2, which is modeled after the G-Luxe,  is available in two colorways — Jake (black with a carbon frame) and Greyson (charcoal mélange with a carbon frame) — and is suitable for infants 3+ months.

G-Link 2 in Jake
G-Link 2 in Greyson

With its lightweight aluminum frame, the G-Link 2 is one of the easiest double strollers to schlep up and down the stairs [like. we. do.].

The width is also something to note: at 28.5″ (much narrower than most), it’s sure to fit through any doorway. And despite becoming lighter, each seat can still hold up to 55 lbs of baby meat (for a total of 110 lbs), which is very generous. 

We also love that each seat operates and reclines independently. You know, for when one kiddo wants to sit up and see the world while the other one wants to snooze the day away. 

The biggest downside with the UPPAbaby G-Link 2 is that the heavier your kids get, the harder the stroller will be to push. This is generally true for all double strollers (especially the lighter-weight ones), but it’s especially so with the G-Link because it only has 2 sets wheels (4 wheels total). This saves in weight, but it hurts in maneuverability. In fact, lack of maneuverability is the biggest complaint of this stroller.

We used to compare this stroller (a lot!) to the Maclaren Twin Triumph, which was better with older, heavier kids. However, Maclaren has discontinued all their double umbrellas (save for the Twin Techno, which is a beast of a stroller). Therefore, we no longer have a good stroller to compete with the G-Link.

By comparison, most double umbrellas have 6 wheels (one set of wheels in the middle, between the two seats), which makes them a little heavier, but easier to push and turn.

The canopies on UPPAbaby strollers are awesome, as you might know, and these are no exception. The G-Link 2 has extra-large, multi-paneled canopies and pop-out UPF 50+ sunshades. But it’s not the only double umbrella stroller with great canopies.

There’s a pocket behind each seat for your essentials. The G-Link 2 also comes with one cup holder (if you want two, the second must be purchased separately).

The stroller has a simple, quick fold with no foot action required. You’ll be happy to hear this if you wear flip flops! Yes, the folding on this stroller is pretty awesome.

However, a downgrade from the previous model: the stroller no longer self-stands when folded. That’s because they removed the metal standing mechanism to bring the stroller’s weight down —  an instance where you take the good with the bad…

The brakes are flip-flop friendly, though many people complained about them brake jamming up and freezing on the previous model. According to many an UPPAbaby G-Link 2 review, it seems that this problem persists, which is very disappointing. 

Check out the video that we shot at a previous ABC Baby Show (note – this is an older model of the G-Link, but the main points still apply):

Bottom line: We love the light weight and narrow width — and the features are there, but all in all, I don’t think the quality is on par with other UPPAbaby strollers. The two sets of wheels (instead of three) make it lightweight, yes, but you sacrifice ease of push and maneuverability. This is good for parents with two small children (infants and young toddlers), but those with older, heavier kids should look elsewhere. Thus, this stroller is ideal for taller parents whose top concern is weight/portability and perhaps whose babies are lighter/younger. 


  1. Just received the G-Link 2. This article notes there is a peak-a-boo window and a linked parking brake which are both incorrect facts. There is no peak-a-boo window on the G-Link 2 and the parking brakes must be operated independently of each other to lock each side of the stroller.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thank you so much for letting us know. We will fix these errors.
      How do you like the stroller? Anxious to hear!
      Thanks again,

      1. We purchased to use as a travel stroller for a Disney World trip in November, so haven’t had much of a chance to test it out yet. We had been using a Minu as our travel stroller and LOVE it, but with our family expanding we needed something light to travel with that can hold two kiddos as American Airlines isn’t friendly to gate checking our Vista. (technically the g-link 2 is also 2 lbs over the AA gate check weight limit, so this may still prove to be an issue) That being said, from the little bit we have used it so far I am a fan and our older son wanted to go for a walk in it immediately. It’s solid, the quality is always high on UPPAbaby strollers, and it seems like it will meet our needs for a double umbrella stroller. I have not noticed any difficulty in handling it with our 30 pound 2 year old in it solo, but haven’t had a chance to test with both kids and diaper bags as the little one is too young still. Fold and open seem to be very easy and I like the way it locks when closing.

        That being said, drawbacks to me include no peak-a-boo windows, leg rests are not adjustable, removal of the self stand mechanism, and the breaks as noted previously are not as functional as on our Minu and Vista.

  2. We bought the G-link 2 after reading reviews of the original model, since there are hardly any reviews of the new version available online. We knew that Uppababy had made some changes for the G-link 2, but their marketing is deliberately vague about the features they’ve taken away. (Kind of like how they neglect to tell you that most of the configurations on the Vista double stroller don’t allow both seats to recline and are therefore unusable for babies who want to nap!) So we only found out after it had arrived that there are no longer any peekaboo windows or adjustable footrests, or that the seats don’t lay flat anymore, or that there are now 2 footbrakes (one on each side) instead of 1. (Uppababy also fail to mention that there are no longer any head supports or netting either, but I expected as much because I couldn’t see them in the photos).

    I feel like Uppababy are deliberately misleading customers by not providing this information. I don’t think I would have bought the stroller if I had known how many of the original features are now lacking.

    So I would have returned it but… I actually quite like it. Contrary to the reviews I’ve seen on Amazon and elsewhere, I don’t find it any harder to push or steer than the Vista, and so far I’ve tried it on wood and carpeted floors, the sidewalk, gravel and cobblestones. I also don’t have any issues with the cupholder falling off as others have mentioned. My babies are 2 years and 6 months and they both fit into it comfortably. The older one does look a bit squashed in the narrow seat but he doesn’t seem to mind.

    My only complaint really is that Uppababy don’t make a bug shield for the stroller. I would imagine that most customers buy umbrella strollers for summer use (since they would be useless in the snow in winter!) so it seems like a bit of an oversight.

    Also, I didn’t notice before I bought it that the “Jordan” fashion had white fabric sides. Who wants a white stroller?! I can see that getting dirty pretty quickly in the back of my car.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH for your sharing your experience with the G-Link 2!! Yes — that really is quite frustrating about the lacking features, and not having anywhere to find that information ahead of purchasing the stroller. I’m glad that even despite it’s flaws, you’re still enjoying it. We truly appreciate your feedback!
      ~ M

  3. I have a bee and new UPPAbaby Double Stroller, the Green/Gray. It was a 2 yr bday gift (mom knows my struggles) and quiet expensive I know!!

    I’m totally heart broken and very upset as it’s not usable. It will not stay open! It collapses! It will not stay in the locked position when unfolded!

    Do you know if there is a recall on these or there is an apparatus to fix it?

    Help, please :’-(

    1. Hi Dawn,
      Oh no — I am SO sorry to hear about your experience with the new UPPAbaby — I’ll check into this and let you know.

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