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Newborn Essentials

Getting ready to deliver – or just checking your list?

If you’re feeling unprepared – or maybe you can’t buy the things you need – not to worry, there is a lot of gear that you can WAIT on: strollers, high chairs, a crib, blah blah blah. You can get this stuff later, I promise.

But there ARE a few things you probably do want from Day 1, if possible.

Newborn Essentials

  • A diaper pail (or some receptacle to put dirty diapers)

Those are the bare essentials; everything else can wait if need be! Almost there, mama!!!

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  1. The Day 1 essentials should really include, for breast feeding mama’s, a breast pump. If your new baby is having latching (or other feeding) trouble and you don’t have a pump in those first days to stimulate milk production, then breast feeding will never happen. It’s even more important than a swing or bouncy in the first week or two: have a pump.

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