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Love List – October: Concealer, Lunchboxes, Face Rollers and other Fab Finds

Hi all! Kristen, here.

Exciting news: each month, we’re putting together a hit list of “stuff we love” to share with you all. It’ll include everything from clothes to makeup to dish towels… essentially all the things that make “mom life” easier (and more fun!). We’re calling these gems our “love list”. Hope you enjoy!

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Shape Tape Contour Concealer ~ $27

Pregnant mamas, listen up: you might as well just go ahead and add this item to your baby registry right now (ha!). This formula brightens my tired, mama eyes so well – it’s like a little miracle in a tube! Thousands of others agree…

Yumbox Leakproof Bento Lunchbox Container ~ $30

My kids are snackers. Small amounts of different food items are their jam. I love this container, which alleviates wasteful baggies, and is also leak-proof. Yumbox offers a few other styles as well, but this particular one is truly awesome for a “little bits of this and that” style lunch.

Esarora Ice Roller for Face & Eye ~ $12

This face roller is giving me life! Not only is it only $12, but it really works to reduce pore size and decrease facial inflammation and puffiness. I grab it out of the freezer each morning and roll it over my face as I’m making the day’s school lunches. My skin loves it, and it helps hide the fact that I stayed up till midnight watching Ozark…

Skip Hop Women’s Duo Signature Weekender Bag ~ $100

Because my boys are 2 and 5 we don’t need a diaper bag as much anymore. But we took this bag on all of our travels this past summer and it was awesome. It has a luggage sleeve to ride on your rolling bag, packing cubes and opens soooo wide. It’s the perfect carry-on for mom!

Yeti Rambler 14oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug with Lid ~ $25

Parents everywhere will understand the struggle of finishing a cup of coffee before it goes totally cold (seriously…has any parent of young kids ever accomplished this feat??!) Enter the Yeti Rambler coffee mug – it’s perfect for your morning cup o’ joe because it will actually keep your coffee warm (woohoo!), and, unlike many tumblers, it has a mug handle. Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe because ain’t nobody got time for hand washing.

Those Darn Squirrels! By Adam Rubin ~ $8

We’ve been reading this book with our 5-year-old over and over lately. It’s super quirky and I love the message. Enjoy!

Invisibobble Rubber Hair Bands ~ 3 for $8

I typically only wash my hair once a week, so these Invisibobble bands have become my saving grace. I can easily throw my hair up, and, unlike other types of binders, they never leave indents or creases in my hair. Plus they’re super cute.

Splendid Thermal Henley Long Sleeve Top ~ $78

The truth is nobody makes thermal fabrics like Splendid. And I can say that because I continually try and trick myself into buying Old Navy and Target’s versions and, in the end, my attempts always bring me back to Splendid. This fabric washes so well and it isn’t scratchy like many of the budget thermals. It was my go-to for nursing both my boys (and my fave Fall nursing top) and can be dressed up or down.

What’s Gaby Cooking, Everything Bagel Seasoning ~ $11

I got this for my birthday and have been putting it on everything! Mmmmm…soooo good. I also love the TJ’s one, but if you prefer more finely ground (read: less chunky) seasoning, the Williams Sonoma brand is for you.

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  1. I couldn’t help but notice you said you only wash your hair once a week. How do you make our hair last that long without getting greasy? Would you write a post on that? My hair used to last 3-4 days, but now that I’m expecting, day two is almost embarrassingly bad! HELP!

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks for being a reader 🙂 I have a feeling it’s the hormones that are causing an imbalance. Same thing happened to me with my second. Hopefully it gets better once baby is here!

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