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Best Nursing Pillows for Twins

Breastfeeding twins seems daunting, but it can be done!

It was hard at first (it’s hard even for a singleton), but after the initial learning curve, it became much easier.

We highly recommend a nursing pillow for new nursing moms—especially for MoMs. Getting two tiny, wiggly babies in the correct position and holding them in place is no small feat. Newborns can conceivably spend four hours a day on the boob (a piece), so it’s important to get comfy. Here are our recommendations for the best nursing pillows for twins.

Best Nursing Pillows for Twins

Twin Z Pillow~ $119

I love my Twin Z Pillow!

If I had one item to bring to a desert island, it would be the Twin Z pillow. It’s truly amazing. During the first few weeks I literally just lounged in this pillow with the girls while they ate and slept. The middle section comes up and becomes a backrest, while the two sides wrap around you and clip in front. With all the different uses (nursing, bottle feeding, tummy time, sitting up and lounging), this pillow is my top pick. It’s also on my list of Top 5 Most Useful Items for Twins.

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe~ $74

My Brest Friend has a twin breastfeeding pillow that gets rave reviews. It’s a little different than others in that it clips around your back, providing back support and a stable base for tandem (or single) nursing. The best part is the pocket on the side, so you never lose your ever-important iPhone and water during those first few frenetic days of nursing. I used this, and it was one of the best and easiest ways for me to tandem-nurse – definitely a twin baby registry guide must-have!

TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow ~ $179

Yes this pillow from TwinGo is a bit (okay, a lot) spendy, but here’s why we think it’s worth it: not only is it an amazing nursing and bottle feeding pillow for twins (and, because it comes with two pillows, it’s stackable too — so you can adjust the height! No more hunching over babies to feed them!), but it has sooooo many other uses as well. Use the pillows for tummy time, lounge-time as babies get older but can’t yet sit up unassisted, it can be a lap pillow for adults, and — get this — you can use it as a massage table for adults, too! <– YES! For real! (I want one…).

TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow doubles as a massage table!

We also love that the TwinGo Nurse & Lounge Pillow has a super firm back pillow for lumbar support, and that its unique buckle system ensures a good and comfortable fit for parents of all sizes.

Luna Lullaby ~ $58

This pillow is highly recommended for nursing twins because of the ‘L’ shape. It’s not tight around a sore postpartum or C-section belly and it’s longer than most. It’s also a comfy pillow to use during pregnancy or for reading at night. Yes, very versatile indeed.

Boppy ~ $45

I was able to use the Boppy to tandem feed, but it works only if you can fit the darn thing around your waist (the postpartum twin belly is something to behold…). This isn’t as hands-free as a tandem feeding pillow, but I would prop the baby’s heads up on the side and hold my arms around them. Again, not our favorite, but if you can borrow a Boppy from your friend (because everyone has one), it could be a nice extra for a second floor.

Brest Friend Travel Pillow~ $30

If you plan on going places with these babies, and you know you’ll be gone for more than three hours (livin’ on the wild side), you’ll need a way to nurse them. I did my fair share of feeding in the car when the girls were little.

Yes, I could feed them one at a time just about anywhere, but that stressed me out because they both always wanted to be eat nowwww (!!!). Inevitably, one baby will be crying and you will wonder how much longer the other baby will be eating – ACK! Trust me… it’s too much.

Instead, do ’em both at once with this handy dandy inflatable nursing pillow. Since it’s made for one baby, you can actually fit it in the front seat (while the car is off and in “park”, people) and (semi-) discreetly feed both babies at once.

Recap: Again, if you have a big house, or plan on feeding in different areas, it’s important to get one pillow for each area. Trust me, “running upstairs to get something” after a c-section is NOT advised.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up; I had the Luna for the family room, the Boppy for the nursery, and Twin Z for the main playroom. Get a little crazy! 😉

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