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Bottle Feeding Twins

Bottle feeding multiple babies at the same time (or at different times, for that matter!) is no joke. Thankfully, there are some really inventive products to make feeding twins at the same time much easier.

I did a combo of nursing, pumping and supplementing with formula, and so it was really helpful to have safe and convenient venues (or “baby holders”, if you will) to simultaneously feed my babies’ their bottles (for me and any other caregivers), as well as a simple and quick way to mix and pour formula.

Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher ~ $10

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This pitcher is super easy to use (important, because believe me, the last thing you’ll want to deal with when you have newborn twins is reading instruction manuals!), and mixes up to four bottles at one time.

We actually purchased two of these bad boys and pre-made our pitchers (and eventually our bottles) every night. This was so convenient, because when it came time for a feeding, all I had to do was either reach into the fridge to grab my pre-made bottles, or grab a pitcher and pour my bottles right before the feed.

The other thing I loved about this pitcher is that it mixes really well with minimal clumps, and all parts can be thrown into the dishwasher. One thing to note, however, is that you can really only mix up to 32 oz of formula at a time; if you try to mix more than that, it will spill out the sides.

Baby Brezza ~ $199

For ~ $199, you may prefer the convenience of the Baby Brezza, an automatic formula-maker, which is essentially like a Keurig for babies. Before we had our twins, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one of these; the thought of simply being able to press a button to make formula at 2 a.m. was too good to pass up.

However, while some people swear by the Baby Brezza, I did not think it adequately proportioned or mixed the formula well. We stopped using it after a few weeks. That said, other users say as long as you clean it often and maintain it properly, it works beautifully.

Baby Brezza Formula Pro

bökee ~$11

This minimalist accessory allows you to prep bottles one-handed (!!) — it’s really quite handy to have around… especially for twin parents who are already short on hands. You simply set the bökee up on your counter (it suctions), then you can place your bottle inside, pour, cap, twist, and what have you — all with only one hand. (You can watch this video to see it in action.)

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Although it was designed for bottle-prep, you can keep using the bökee for sippy cups down the road, and even for helping toddlers learn to pour their own drinks without knocking over the cup and spilling everywhere (because, #independence). Winner of the 2020 JPMA Innovation Award for best product under $25; use the code LUCIESLIST10 for 10% off your total purchase.

Table for Two ~ $339

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This one’s a bit pricey, but it would make an amazing gift for someone (or a group of people) to purchase for you. This was my lifesaver during the entire first year of my twins’ lives.

Though it can’t really be used right away – although I did, and I just made my girls super snug in it by rolling up receiving blankets around their bodies and heads so they couldn’t move or slide down – it is super helpful in tandem-bottle feeding your babes.

Simply place the babies in their individual seats, buckle them in, and feed! There are nifty bottle holders (one on each side) to place bottles in when you are done or taking a “burp break”. This also comes in tons of cute patterns and colors, and you can purchase extra seat inserts, a snack tray, a travel carrier, and more (for extra moolah, of course).

Once they were done with bottles, my girls loved to hang out in their seats and play! So beyond feeding, it just made for a good (and compact) place to set the babies down (you know – for your own bathroom runs, snack breaks…sanity…).

Twin Z Pillow ~ $119

You could also use the Twin Z pillow to bottle feed two babies simultaneously. In fact, many people swear by this pillow for tandem feeding purposes (both bottle and breastfeeding). However, I didn’t love it for double-duty bottle feeding, because I didn’t feel like it gave my babies enough support in the earlier days. Plus, both were big time spit-uppers, and so I preferred the more upright position of the Table for Two. But that’s just my personal opinion… others PoMs (Parents of Multiples) love the Twin Z!

Happy baby feeding, everyone!

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