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Stop Doing Everything for Your Kids

A Call to Reincorporate Children into the Work of the Household

During the pandemic, many of us got more family time than we ever dreamed we would.

For me, and especially during those stretches when everyone was home all day every day, the effect was pronounced. I felt like ALL I was doing — all the time — was cleaning up after everyone. It was like shoveling in a snowstorm: the second I clean up one thing, another thing is a mess.

Even while life has returned to a closer resemblance of “normal” (snort), the feeling persists — on the weekends, all summer long, during the holidays, when my kids are home sick… When everyone’s home, I’m doing more dishes, more laundry, more clean-up, more cooking. More of everything.

This^ is frustrating enough on its own… before you hear things like this from your 2-year old: “mama, I want you to cook me dinner RIGHT. NOW.”

Are you kidding me?

Although the internet is replete with suggestions for ways Americans can spend all their “extra time” (massive eye roll), the reality is, for parents at home with kids, “extra time” is a joke. 

If I did have any extra time (I don’t), it’s buried in managing The Upkeep — that is, everything it takes to keep the family, and the house, in some semblance of order and on track (or close enough).

Recently, though, my frustrations — WHY am I cleaning up after everyone? Can I please get some help? — have led me to some bigger philosophical questions…

Namely, what can I/we do to get everyone on the same page? And what page is it?  

Because “parents doing everything” is not working for me anymore.

A New Approach to the Household

We’ve worked on this series specifically to bring you some fascinating research into how we got here and what to do to remedy the situation. Turns out… this is a uniquely American (western) cultural problem we (somehow) created for ourselves.

Kids can (and should!) help – even from a very young age. Denying/thwarting their help does everyone a disservice.

So here’s a new idea: together, let’s hit the reset button on the way we think about our roles, our families, our households, as well as how our children can (and should!) contribute to everything that goes into maintaining said families and household.

Because — I mean, really, how ridiculous is it that the parents (and many times, just MOM) execute — and orchestrate — ALL of the necessary work of the family? The Upkeep, that is. 

Keep reading to learn how to engage your children in the work of the household in a harmonious way that teaches them skills for a lifetime and saves countless hours of work for overburdened parents.

You can read it all in sequence – or skip to the last article, the tactical “how to get your kids to help.”

Let’s do this!

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