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Maternity Clothes

At first glance, buying a new wardrobe to wear for just nine months may seem annoying and wasteful, but the best maternity clothes are the ones that are comfortable while also flattering your changing body and your bump in a way that makes you feel cute rather than elephantine — those that still feel like you.

And can we let you in on a secret? You’ll put your maternity clothes to good use long after you give birth (The average person will be wearing maternity clothes roughly 3  4 months after birth). The body doesn’t just magically get back to its pre-pregnancy shape overnight; in fact, it may never really be the same. Remember, you’re growing a human inside of you — so give your body time to be in flux for a while. Not to mention, if you’re planning on nursing, many pregnancy clothes are also nursing friendly.

Even so, it can be difficult (and downright overwhelming) to try to pull together a maternity wardrobe out of the blue. If this is how you’re feeling, take a deep breath; you’re in the right place! Just start with a few key pieces.

We’ve divided this series into 7 parts:

We hope you find just what you’re looking for. Happy shopping and bump-accessorizing!


  1. Could you do one for plus sized moms to be as well? A lot of maternity shops don’t offer anything for plus size women, and believe it or not, we do actually have babies too! ;P

    1. Hi Veronica! Thank you for being a Lucie’s List reader! We usually include a few pieces in each guide, so this is a good reminder. I will let the team know.

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