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Maternity Bathing Suits

Trust us: nothing feels better when you’re pregnant than getting into the water and getting to feel light for once — and so buoyant!

Some mamas (and mamas-to-be) want to cover up their baby bump, whereas others prefer to rock the preggo look with a bikini that bares their bump.

Regardless of your preferred style, we’ve put together a host of fabulous maternity bathing suits (one-pieces and bikinis) so you can find a look you’ll love to wear this summer.

But first, a few things to consider when shopping for maternity bathing suits:

  • Ruffles help hide your incredibly large bosoms when it feels like they couldn’t possibly get any bigger.
  • When it feels like your hips have grown overnight (again), bottoms with side ties are your friend.
  • You can never go wrong with an all-black swimsuit.
  • Smaller prints and graphics can play all kinds of tricks on the eyes (and vertical stripes are your new best friend)!
  • With no “belly constraints” to worry about, a regular bikini might still work for you (assuming your boobs still fit into your top).

Look no further: here are our top picks for maternity bathing suits!

Best Maternity Bathing Suits for 2022

Enjoy this season which requires less clothing. Happy Summer!

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