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Best Maternity Coats

I’ve always been jealous of those people who boast about never having to buy maternity coats. “No, I just buy one a size bigger than normal, hehehe.”


There’s NO WAY I could have worn a “slightly larger coat” with the torpedo that was jutting out of my belly. Hence, if your due date falls between November and April, you may need to find yourself a proper coat [ahem].

Buy Used

My first piece of advice, if you have the time to search around, is to buy used. This could be anything from Salvation Army to eBay to ThredUP to local consignment stores. I had very little luck finding anything used with my first pregnancy (due in February, brrrr) but found a nice used coat for my second. Persistence pays off.

You could also check into renting such things from sites like Mine For Nine. If you are doing Stitch Fix Maternity, rumor is you can also request a coat.

Buy New

If you’re in the market for new maternity coats, we have compiled a list of our favorites — we covered everything from cheap to chic.

Here goes!

Favorite Maternity Coats

That’s all, ladies. Stay warm out there!!


  1. I bought the Old Navy puffer coat. Got it on sale for under $40. Works over my Tula carrier. I live in VT and this totally works. Not the most attractive thing but super functional; definitely recommend.

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