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Joovy Scooter X2 Side-by-Side Review

Price $329


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Joovy set out to make a lightweight(ish) (32 lbs), side-by-side stroller that fits through a regular doorway (width = 30″) and gives parents the features they really want: a huge canopy with a peek-a-boo window, individually reclining seats, and TONS of storage.

Good news: the latest version of the Joovy X2 Double features a tray and cupholder for each child, making it even better for when you’re out and about for longer periods of time.

Function-wise, this stroller is somewhere between a double umbrella stroller (like the UPPAbaby G-Link2) and an all-terrain side-by-side (like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Double). Price comparison-wise, the G-Link2 is ~ $350 and the City Mini GT2 Double is ~ $699. At ~ $329, the Joovy ScooterX2 stroller is a bargain. This is also a great stroller for a nanny-share, due to its ample storage, comfortable seating, and low price.

Size & Weight

The ScooterX2 now weighs 32 lbs and is 30″ wide. Again, standard door frames in America are 36″ wide, so 30″ will fit, but not with much room to spare. The weight limit is 45 lbs in each seat, and 90 lbs total.


The sealed bearing wheels are 7″ in the front and 9.5″ in the back, and ensure a smooth ride with superb maneuverability. The double front wheels create a strong foundation and offer extra stability while strolling with two.

Again, NOT an all-terrain stroller, but it rolls pretty nicely on smooth surfaces. You will need two hands to steer and maneuver this stroller and it doesn’t exactly float on air, like a double BOB. If you’re looking for an all-terrain side-by-side, you need to spend a little more money and go with the City Mini Double/GT, BOB, or the like.

Storage, Accessories

The Joovy X2 now comes with two snack trays and cupholders for each of your littles. Snack trays swing open and shut so kids can easily get in and out their stroller seats. Each seat also has a mesh cupholder, too — because there’s never enough slots to put toys and sippy cups in! Bonus: the stroller folds down with the snack trays attached — this is a HUGE plus when you’re toting around two kiddos and all their (and your) belongings!

In addition, this stroller has two zippered pockets and two cup holders for your smaller items — and a GIANT storage basket underneath! In fact, the storage basket is one of the largest on the market. Major bonus!

One of my biggest complaints with most double strollers is the lack of storage — not with this one!

I take this stroller with me to picnics, shopping trips, outdoor concerts, etc. because I can fit EVERYTHING back there (have you ever met a mom who doesn’t want storage? No).

The Joovy x2 also has an amazing sun canopy — full coverage, baby! — with a peek-a-boo window built in to check on your kiddos as you stroll.

*Have three kids? Although Joovy doesn’t make a riding board specific for this stroller, they have hinted that you can use the Englacha Riding Board. You will need to attach it to the metal bar that supports the rear end of the storage basket.

Seat/Car Seat

Both seats recline independently — not totally flat, but pretty darn close. Because this stroller does not take an infant car seat, it’s recommended that you wait until 3+ months to use it with your infant, which should be done in the reclined position.

Folding & Carrying

This stroller is easy to fold with one hand: simply recline both seats, engage the parking brake, then twist the handle and fold it down. It locks on the side with a metal clip — not my favorite, but whatevs. Footprint-wise, this stroller’s square footprint is less like an umbrella stroller and more like a City Mini GT2 Double. I’ve heard that it WILL fit into smaller trunks, like a Camry or Nissan Sentra. Foldled dimensions are:  35.5” L x 30” W x 13” H.

Note that the Joovy X2 is Disney-size approved. Yay!

Bottom line: All in all, this is a great economy double stroller with immense storage. It comes in black, blueberry, red and charcoal, and sports a great-looking graphite grey frame. (Note that the black will hide dirt better than the other colors.) Joovy has a “call us if anything goes wrong” guarantee and all their products are JPMA certified. 


  1. Hi,
    I’ve had my double Joovy for 3 years now. We have a 6, 3, and 9 month old with another on the way. We have loved our Joovy and it shows. I have the black and would not recommend purchasing the orange however sunshiney it may be. I have girlfriends that have it and wow does it look yucky!! Get the black!!
    Okay so here are my loves and dislikes when it comes to the Scooter X2.
    -High quality material on the seats
    -Tons of bottom storage. I even stow away my daughter’s scooter along with all our must haves for an outing down there. My three year HAS ridden in he storage for a short period because he’s like that.
    -Giganto canopy
    -I can lift it into my van with out a problem but I do need both arms to do this. I can fit my Graco single stroller and the this Joovy in the back of my van–it folds down like a boss.
    -No cup holders for the kids. Yes! I find this a positive! We just use the small mesh side pockets on the inside of their seats. It’s a no bulk solution and it’s holey so nothing is left to mold or disintegrate over time.
    -The price! A lot of stroller for your money

    Let downs:
    The wheels are a forever pumped foam which is wonderful but after three years of use our back wheels completely BROKE OFF. My kids are big but they’re not super heavy or over the limit. We are able to purchase more wheels from Joovy for about $25 for the rear set. Another complaint related to the tires is that even when crossing tiny bumps on the sidewalk the entire stroller balks meaning you better have that five point harness on your babes or they are going to shoot straight out of the seat! I think this might be related to the overall balancing of the stroller.

    So now that we’re expecting another Wolfe pup here in our house we’re thinking of repairing our stroller and selling it. I plan to put that money in on a new City Mini GT double simply because it’s easier to push and seems more balanced. I hate to spend the money but I need a stroller that won’t shutter at bumps in the road. I will, however, miss that large storage compartment on the bottom. Thanks for you review. I always like to know what others think of the stroller.

  2. The city mini GT does push like a dream BUT the lack of storage matters a lot more than you think. I have the single and refused to purchase the double because I cannot shove my diaper bag in the bottom at all, and it will tip if you hang anything on the handlebar. On the joovy double the push cannot compare to the GT but the rest of it is really great, so unless you have a lot of rougher terrain instead of smooth surfaces, or plan to walk miles without a lot of stuff or with a backpack, the Joovy might still be better for you. I plan to purchase a separate all terrain stroller if I really need one.

    1. Hi Susan! The recline is done by loosening and tightening a strap, so it has multiple reclining positions – you adjust to where you want it. When laying down, it is near flat (not all the way flat). The leg rest is also adjustable for younger children.

  3. Does anyone know if you can attach a Joovy Riding Board on the back of the Joovy Scooter X2? We have a 5 year old, 2 year old, and one on the way…I know my 5 year old should be able to walk everywhere – but the truth is sometimes he wants to ride, and sometimes, I want him to ride so I can keep track of all the kids together (especially if I am by myself)…thoughts? suggestions? recommendations?

    1. Hi Binet! Great question 🙂 I reached out to Joovy directly about this one. Here’s what they recommend:

      I have seen one on Amazon that I think does work. It is important to use a ride on board with several adjustment points. Here is a link to the one I think would fit best: Ride On Board
      This will need to attach to the metal bar that supports the rear end of the storage basket.

  4. Hi I am expecting another baby in 5 months or so and will have a 2 year old my issue is the company says that it is not reccommended for newborn is that the company just covering it’s arse as it doesn’t lie flat or if I was to get a newborn insert do you think it would be fine for newborn? Don’t want to wait 3 months to use pram and also other items such as bouncers and swings don’t lie flat yet we put newborns in them i don’t see the problem with it not lying flat ?

    1. Hi Sophie! You are correct, the Joovy Scooter X2 is not recommended for babies 0-3 months because of the incline (doesn’t lie flat). And, unfortunately, Joovy doesn’t make an infant insert, pram or car seat adapter for this stroller.

  5. What about snack trays? I have not see anything about the missing snack trays. Do they even make one that fits the double? I can only seem to find one for the single. I really want the City Mini double GT but once you add those, $$$$. So now I’m between this one and the Zoe XL2.

  6. We bought the stroller board you suggested and although we have only used it today, so far it is great! Both my 4 and 5.5 year old have tried it out. They love having the seat option and it connects to one side so I can actually push the whole thing. The only issue is pretty minor but my 4 year old is able to push down on the brake from the board when using the seat (the older one is a better listener so not an issue). Pushing up hill is definitely a workout but that would be true anytime you have 3 kids in a stroller! Overall this is a great way to get our Joovy to fit all 3 kids. Thank you so much for the suggestion!

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