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Peg Perego Book for Two Stroller Review

Price $799



The Peg Perego Book for Two is a luxury side-by-side double stroller that can be used from birth as a double travel system (using two Peg Perego Primo Viaggo 4/35 infant car seats only, FYI). Yes, it’s one of the few side-by-side strollers that is DOUBLE car seat compatible for infant twins!

Peg Perego Book for Two - travel system

If you already own Peg Perego car seats, or are planning out your car seat and stroller for your twins, definitely check out the Book for Two. 

Peg Perego Book for Two -main

There are several things that make this stroller a solid pick for twins. Reader and twin mama Mary Alice Lee says, “I’ve used the Peg Perego Book for Two stroller for a year so far, and still love it. I use it everyday! I bought it because I live in a hilly neighborhood, and it felt the most lightweight to push for me (editor’s note: tandem strollers don’t work well in hills, so side-by-side is your best bet!). I find it very easy to steer and use on bumpy sidewalks. It provides a smooth ride, especially compared to my umbrella stroller. It’s easy to pop up onto curbs when crossing the street.”

Mary Yeats, another one of our twin mom readers, says, “We live in NYC, and it’s a life saver for us here in the City — sort of like having a really good car!”

Peg Perego Book for Two with twins
Mary Yeats’s Book for Two — her “car” in NYC!

And finally, twin mom Kelly Fegley, says, “We have the Book for Two, and I really like it. I tested out many strollers for my twins before purchasing and thought this one was the lightest and easiest to open and close.”


For starters, the Book for Two has a very narrow footprint. At only 29 inches wide, this stroller fits easily through standard doorways. “It’s surprisingly narrow,” says Mary Alice, “and my twins have plenty of room in their seats (they are now 25 lbs each), but it can easily fit on narrow sidewalks and through narrow doors.”

This is a huge bonus, especially for a side-by-side double stroller, which is a category notorious for being too wide. That said, since this stroller’s seats are on the narrow side, it may not comfortably fit bigger kiddos, especially heavier kids with bigger bottoms. Something to consider. 

The Book for Two also offers independent seat recline, so each kiddo can sit as far back (or upright) as they prefer. This means that if one kiddo wants to nap and one is awake, this is no problemo (read: no fighting over seat position!! Woohoo!).

Mary Alice adds, “it has a good range of motion and is easy to use — you can recline with one hand. The twins have fallen asleep in the stroller many times, and when they sit up, they can easily see their surroundings.”

If you have infants, note that you can lay infants in the Book for Two without car seats, but Peg Perego doesn’t recommend doing so until they have the upper body strength to hold themselves up.

Reviewers also like how easy the stroller is to push — even one-handed — as well as the adjustable handlebar, something that’s perfect for short and tall parents alike and that many side-by-side strollers don’t offer.

Kelly agrees, “There’s a solid plastic part in the middle of the cushioned handlebar that makes it really easy to push with just one hand. Also, the bar adjusts to different heights, so my 6’2″ husband is comfortable pushing it too.”

On the back of each seat, there are storage pockets to fit your smaller belongings, like keys and wipes, and mesh windows to allow for air to flow through — super helpful in warmer climates and on hot summer days. There are also peek-a-boo windows with magnetic closures on the tops of the canopies as well, which is much quieter than Velcro. 

Peg Perego Book for Two recline

Oh, and speaking of the canopies…they are also independently operated, so if one of your twins likes the sun and the other prefers shade, no problem.

Peg Perego Book for Two La Baby show

The Book for Two has a fairly large storage basket. Mary Alice says that it suits her needs: “I can fit blankets, diapers, water bottles, etc.” But Kelly notes, “Originally, I liked that there wasn’t a bar splitting the basket underneath in two sections…. but without the bar, the basket sags with heavy items, so I can’t put my diaper bag in it. Not ideal. Coats and a purse are fine, though.”

The Book for Two’s fold is pretty sleek. It’s one handed and folds inward, like a book (hence the name!). Once folded, the stroller self-stands. That said, you can’t fold the stroller with the car seat adapter on. This is a hassle when you’re out and about with this stroller and want to easily be able to fold it up and throw it in your trunk — but perhaps not a deal breaker.

Peg Perego Book for Two - self stand

The wheels, which are filled with polyurethane, are “Soft Ride” and come with ball bearings and suspension. This system makes for an extra smooth ride (even on rougher, uneven terrain) and gives 360-degree agility. What’s more, Kelly says she likes that it has the type of wheels that don’t need to be inflated, so she doesn’t worry about getting a flat.

Just to level your expectations…. Your opinion of the ride depends on what you’re used to. Users who have previously used a BOB or City Mini GT2 Double are disappointed with the ride because they’re used to a truly rugged, air-filled tire (which simply can’t be beat), whereas users who’ve used the regular City Mini Double or a regular umbrella stroller are pleasantly surprised. I would say the ride is somewhere between an all-terrain stroller and a standard stroller.

That said, if you have really rugged terrain to contend with in your day to day life — bricks, gravel, grass — I would look elsewhere.

Another nice feature is that the front bumper swings open so kids can easily get in and out.


Reviewers say that once you attach the double car seat adapter to the Book for Two, it no longer fits through doorways unless it is extra-wide/ADA (36” vs. 32”). This is a BIG bummer since the biggest appeal of this stroller is how narrow it is. The only side-by-sides that get around this problem are those that stagger the placement of the infant seats, such as the Bumbleride Indie Twin and the Mountain Buggy Duet. 

On that note, if you’re planning to purchase this stroller (or any stroller for that matter), make sure it fits in your trunk. Like all side-by-sides, the Book for Two is large, even when folded, and takes up a fair bit of space. 

Mary Alice also notes that it doesn’t come with any cup holders, which is surprising for the price! You can purchase a Peg Perego Cup Holder (compatible with all Peg Perego strollers) for around $25. According to Peg Perego, it fits cups, bottles and cans in many sizes. While some feel stiffed they don’t get the cup holder attachment with the stroller, it is common for luxury strollers to sell these accessories separately. It’s like paying extra for internet at the Ritz, but getting it for free at the Holiday Inn. Go figure.

Bottom line: If your twins are little and you have or are planning to purchase Peg Perego car seats, the Book for Two is a nice side-by-side that can be used as a travel system and as a regular full-sized double stroller later.

It’s narrow and easy to push, maneuver and fold. It rides well over various types of terrain and has a lot of luxury features that make it a solid pick for your twins.

Mary Alice says “I thought about getting the City Mini, but when I tried them both, the Peg Perego’s ease of steering and lighter weight won out. I don’t regret that choice.”

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