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Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend Review

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If you’re looking for a side-by-side double stroller that’s both lightweight and loaded with unexpected luxe features, check out the Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend.

People absolutely love this stroller — with it’s simple fold, great maneuverability, storage and lightweightedness, the Snap Duo makes for an awesome day-to-day and travel double stroller. Also… it’s pretty. (Note that this stroller comes in Charcoal, Denim, Grey Marle and Black.)

To clarify, this is not an “all-terrain” stroller (for that, look to the Valco Baby Neo Twin or Tri-Mode), but it rides and maneuvers pretty well; it’s a comparable to the Baby Jogger City Mini double.

Size & Weight

At just 24 lbs, the Snap Duo is truly one of the lightest double strollers on the market. For comparison’s sake, the City Mini Double weighs 28.6 lbs — 4.6 lbs heavier than the Snap Duo! It’s lightness and shoulder carry-strap make it amazing for travel, as well as just everyday use. The overall width of this stroller is 29.5 inches which means that yes, it will fit through standard-size doorways. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Valco Baby pays attention to weight more than any other stroller maker out there.

Note that the Snap Duo Trend IS Disney-size approved. Woohoo!

Car Seat Compatibility 

The Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend accepts two bassinets (sold separately), and can also accommodate two car seats with the use of one universal car seat adapter and one Maxi Cosi/Nuna/Cybex Adapter!

Snap Duo Trend with Bassinet

If you don’t want to use a car seat or bassinet, no problem. Like the Valco Baby Neo Twin, the seats recline fully flat so you can place newborns directly in them. If you go this route, Valco suggests using their Universal Stroller Seat Pad to keep infants’ safe and snug in the stroller seats.

Universal Stroller Seat Pad

If you have a third older child (2+ years of age) who wants to snag a ride, you can also purchase the Hitchhiker Ride-On Board (sold separately) to attach to the back of the stroller.


The seats are each about 11.5 inches wide and can hold up to 45 lbs each (so 90 lbs total) — this is the same as the Neo Twin. Both the City Mini “2” Double and GT2 Double can both hold 50 lbs per seat, FYI.

The seats recline independently, which is nice when you have one kiddo who wants to rest while the other wants to sit up and see the world.  As mentioned before, the seats recline flat, but not just. They’re also equipped with adjustable footrests, so littles who want to lay back and snooze can comfortably to do so while you’re out and about.

The tailor-made seat fabric comes in a choice of Denim, Charcoal Grey Marle and Black and is really, really nice. It wicks away moisture, which is great for hot days, inevitable pee accidents, and sippy-cup spills.

Each seat has a 5-point-harness complete with the signature Valco “puzzle piece” buckle. Read toddler proof and… well, adult proof, too. It took a bit of practice to figure the buckle out, but don’t worry parents — you’ll get the hang of it quickly!

Each seat also has its own leatherette swingaway belly bar — another safety feature to keep kiddos secure in their seats, but swings open (like a ride at the fair!) to allow kids to get in and out.

For those super hot summer days when your kids are sweltering in the stroller, there’s a Velcro flap on each seatback that gives way to a mesh paneling for added ventilation and airflow. 

Canopies, Braking, Storage & Accessories 

The canopies on the Snap Duo are amaaaaazing! I’m talking serious FULL coverage, people! Each canopy operates independently — awesome when one child wants sun and the other prefers shade — and are double paneled with UV mesh fabric for added protection. 

Look how far those canopies come down — no evil sun will get your kids now! HA! 

On the back of each canopy are small peekaboo windows with magnetic (read: quiet) closures — these are great for taking a peek at your kiddos without waking or disturbing them. 

Oh, hey there cutie pie

The flip-flop friendly red brake lever is located between the back wheels. With one step it locks both back wheels. Step on it again to unlock them. Easy peasy.

There’s a lot of room to store everyone’s belongings in the Snap Duo Trend. It has a large and easily accessible underseat storage basket that can fit a small diaper bag, coats, baby toys, etc. Some reviewers say the basket on the Snap Duo Trend seems a little bigger and easier to access than the basket on City Mini Double. I own the City Mini Double and can attest that the basket is rather hard to access and doesn’t fit my diaper bag or any of our larger belongings.

In addition to the basket, each seat back has a zippered pocket (see picture below) to stash smaller belongings, such as a phone, keys, baby wipes, smaller baby toys, etc. This is really nice because, since there’s no parent console, it offers a place to put all those items you would normally set in the organizer. The zippers are handy because they ensure nothing will fall out. 

A nice luxury feature on the Snap Duo Trend is the adjustable leatherette handlebar. There’s foam underneath the leather so, in addition to being attractive, it’s also easy to grip and comfortable to hold and push. Taller parents take note: the handlebar has three adjustable heights, and extends up to 42”.

The downside is that this stroller doesn’t have any cup holders (for you or your babies), but you can purchase one separately. In addition to the cup holder and previously mentioned bassinet and car seat adapter, you can also purchase a Valco Baby rain cover to keep your kiddos dry on wet days. 


The wheels are tubeless, lightweight EVA-foam filled (aptly named 4EVA wheels, as they never go flat). If you prefer air-filled tires, however, you can purchase a pack of air tires, which definitely increases the maneuverability of the stroller and makes it easier to push heavier kiddos on all kinds of terrain.

Note that the front wheels are 8” and the back wheels are 10”. The front wheels can swivel and lock in place.  

Folding & Carrying

The fold on the Snap Duo Trend is super easy — and you can do it with one hand. 

Just squeeze the button on the handlebar (see picture above), and the stroller folds inward. This is called a “clean fold”, because the interior of the stroller never touches the ground, floor of your trunk, etc. (this won’t keep it clean from your kids, however.  You will find Cheerios, dried out Playdoh and bits of bagel in the stroller seats for years to come… just ‘sayin).

Self-Standing Clean Fold

Once folded, it can self-stand and also has a nifty carry strap that allows you to sling it over your shoulder and carry it like you would a bag (albeit a 24 lb one!). Reviewers love this carry strap and say it makes it SO easy to travel with, take in and out of your car, and even carry up and down flights of stairs if need be (#apartmentliving). Note, this stroller should fit in most trunks.

Bottom Line

At 24 lbs, the Valco Baby Snap Duo Trend is the lightest full-featured double stroller on the market. Unlike an umbrella stroller, you can push it with one hand and it has great storage. We love the features: giant canopies, adjustable leatherette handlebar, a simple one-handed “clean fold” and a shoulder strap for easy carrying. If lightweight and upscale is what you’re after, look no further. 


  1. We just bought this stroller for our 2.9 year old and 5 month old. We previously used the Uppababy Vista (which we loved) but my 2.9 year old is now too big for it. Anyway, we now love the Snap Dup Trend. One footnote to your review though. There is also a universal adapter for other car seats. We have the Chicco keyfit and use the universal adapter. It’s a separate piece that you have to remove to fold the stroller, but is an option worth noting.

    1. Hi Anne!
      Thank you so much for your comment, and for letting us know about the universal adapter! Great to know, and I will add to our review.
      Thank you!
      ~ Marissa

  2. Question- I am looking at the Snap Duo and the Neo Twin for my will be 19 month-er and baby coming in March. I’m not planning on running and like the look of the Snap Duo more than the Neo Twin all terrain. We do go on very long walks and our sidewalks are a bit rough. I was hoping to get your opinion on if the Snap Duo would handle them well or if I need to go with the all terrain Neo Twin?

    Also- my babe is LONG. He is currently 10 months, 32″ and 26lbs. So I’ll need a stroller to accommodate a very long eventually 4-5 year old. Any insight would be great since you can’t go look at these in a store! I’m steering away from the CMGT2 Double bc of the complaints about it not accommodating tall children.

    1. Hi there, Lynsay! Thanks for reaching out. I asked Meg to weigh in on your question, and here’s what she said:
      “Definitely go with the Neo twin if you have any kind of rough terrain – you won’t regret it.”
      Hope this helps!
      ~ M

  3. I love the reviews of this stroller! Thinking about purchasing it. If only it had an option for a side tote carrier like the Duet and Donkey it would be PERFECT!

    Other than the ones I mentioned above, are there any other doubles with the side tote option that you know of? Thank you!

  4. Hi, I like the reviews i am seeing for the snap duo trend, but I was wondering what the difference/ opinion between this stroller and the city mini GT2 double. I see that the city mini was the top pick but based on the reviews I’m not sure why? Also which would be best the NYC streets?

    1. Hi there, Lia!
      Yes — people LOVE the Snap Duo Trend. It is truly an awesome stroller that is super lightweight — something I think would be great for NYC if you have to lug it up stairs to an apartment or get it in the elevator, etc. It doesn’t maneuver quite as well over uneven terrain as the City Mini GT2 Double (

  5. Great and informative review!! My first will be 2.5 when our next little chicken comes, and hes very tall for his age. Does the snap duo accommodate for tall children? And does changing to the air tires make it easier for rougher uneven roads?

    1. Hi there! Thanks for the comment. Yes — this stroller is awesome for taller children. Many users with tall kids say it’s quite spacious for their little ones. And yes, changing to air tires makes it better for rougher terrain. Good luck!

  6. Is there enough room for a toddler to bend her knees and sit her feet on the foot rest area or would her legs just dangle? It’s hard to tell if the foot rest moves in towards the basket at all when fully down.

    1. Hi Melissa,
      It depends on how tall your toddler is… do you have a shop nearby where you can test it out by chance?
      The footrests are adjustable, but it’s hard to know for sure how your little one’s legs would fit with the footrests in the fully down position.
      I do think with the adjustability that you could find a comfortable position for her legs.
      Good luck!
      ~ M

    2. We tried it in the shop today and our tall 3 year old’s legs dangled. There isn’t really anywhere for him to prop his feet up on. It was a bit off-putting to me but he didn’t seem to mind. My only concern is knocking his legs when going through doorways. We are thinking about attaching a universal footrest extender.

      I do wish the legrests were more square or rectangular rather than tapered though.

  7. This was the worst experience ever! I made online order. Waited 7 days to get any information about order. When we called first time, they were closed for sam Jewish holiday, almost whole week. Once when they opened, we called again. They told us they have an issue with payment processing. They put it on us to call someone else on their side to find out where is the problem?!
    I need to call and chase? My bank didn’t send any info regarding potential fraud. And they as company has no interest to inform me that purchase worth of $1000 can be processed, also has no interest to help me resolve it.

    The worst experience ever! That is not way to treat customers. Can’t imagine how it would go if stroller came and there is some damage on it.

    Very disappointed,

  8. Like one of the previous posters, we bought this stroller (Valco Baby told me they have changed the name from the Snap Duo Trend to just the Trend Duo to avoid confusion with the Snap Duo) to replace our Uppababy Vista when our toddler became too big and heavy. I was sorry to let my Vista go, mostly because the Trend Duo just doesn’t look as nice. The fabric looks cheaper and thinner (I don’t know how long it will last – the one we saw in the shop was torn in places) and the brown leatherette is a bit tacky. Also, the logo is kind of ugly. (This is a minor issue, I know!)

    However, the lighter weight, the compact fold and the ease of pushing and steering – as well as the ridiculously huge canopies and the fully reclining seats – trump everything else. In general, I am really happy with it. We bought an all-black “sports” version with air-filled tyres to make it even easier to push. (There is a known issue with the wheel housing on this model, which unfortunately we have experienced, but Valco Baby are in the process of resolving it).

    Some things to be aware of:

    (1) There are a few steps to go through before you can fold the stroller. You have to put both leg rests down (they tend to pop up on their own), fold up the canopies, recline the seats to stick the velcro back on to stop the storage pockets hanging loose on the ground or in the back of your car, then put the seats back up again, and adjust the handlebar to the correct position. It’s not quite as simple as they make out.

    (2) Unlike the Vista, the handlebar will touch the ground when you fold it up. Also, mine doesn’t self-lock as it is supposed to. It is actually very difficult to lock and unlock it so most of the time I don’t bother. Maybe it will improve once we break it in a bit.

    (3) The seats are really shallow – I think about 8 inches.

    (4) The leg rests are tapered rather than square/rectangular so the kids tend to dangle their legs off the sides. I have to keep reminding them to move their legs in when we go through doorways. Also, there is nothing for them to put their feet on.

    (5) The peekaboo windows are very small and there is no way to keep them from closing. If you roll up the storage pockets, there are large mesh panels for airflow, but you can only use them when the seats are fully reclined.

    (6) The storage basket isn’t as big as the Vista – but that is also true of almost every other stroller.

    (7) Valco Baby makes a universal cupholder which you can purchase separately. Don’t. It’s terrible.

    (8) Valco Baby also sell snack trays. The cupholder is very small and doesn’t fit our Munchkin 360 cups.

    Overall, though, it’s a great stroller. It’s a shame it isn’t better known or more widely available, because I think most people would love it.

  9. Front tires of valco SDT are prone to breaking. Valco is aware of this problem but is not contacting effected customers. Huge safety risk to parents and kids. Will not buy from this company again

  10. Do you think you can push it one-handed with two bigger kids in it? I want this stroller but am hesitant about the maneuverability. My older daughter is 4 (about 38 lbs) and my younger daughter is 2 (about 28 lbs) but both like to ride!

    1. Hi there, it will be hard to steer with one hand with 2 heavier kids in it. If that’s a concern, a stroller with air tires is what you should look for. Hope this helps!

  11. How’s the “head height” ? Looking at this stroller vs the baby jogger city mini double stroller, and wonder which would be better for taller kids. (I’m more concerned about the stroller being outgrown via height rather than weight).
    Also does anyone know if the “front wheel issue” has been resolved?

    1. Hi Rachel,
      Personally, I think the Snap Duo Trend would be better for taller kids. The “seated height”, which is from the where the kiddo sits all the way up to the peak of the canopy, is about 28 inches. That offers a ton of room to grow.
      In terms of the front wheel issue, good question. It appears that the recall affected these strollers (info from Parents.com):
      “The affected model, the Snap Duo Trend, was sold between February and October of 2020…Affected colors include charcoal, gray, night, and denim, and strollers with order numbers 7884, 7885, or 7886 and model numbers N9938, N9939, N9872m or N0001 are included in the recall.”

  12. For twins – I understand there are two kinds of carseat adapters.
    Could you use two of the universal adapters, instead of one of each? In order to accommodate two of the Chico key fit 30 carseats?
    Also – assuming when the carseats are in, they will be facing you, correct? It is just the standard seats that face out?

    1. Hi Carly!
      Yes – I’m almost positive you have to use the universal and the Maxi Cosi/Nuna adapter together to fit 2 car seats. I’ll verify this.
      When the car seats are in, yes, they face you (parent). You are correct that just the standard seats face out.

  13. Is there a travel bag that you recommend for this stroller? One where I don’t have to remove the wheels? Thank you!

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