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Can’t leave the kids at home to go running? We understand.

Really, we do.

A high-quality, true jogging stroller will allow you to run with your kids whenever you want, which will keep you sane and keep them comfortable and entertained. [See also: Best single jogging strollers.]


As you know, jogging requires a fixed-front wheel. Otherwise, you’ll constantly veer off course – or worse, the stroller can flip over.

Three of the strollers listed here have a totally fixed-front wheel (that can’t swivel): the Schwinn Arrow, the BOB Ironman, and BOB SUS.

I’ll say it again: the front wheel on these strollers (with the exception of the Summit X3) is fixed and CAN’T swivel. Ever.

fixed front wheel

The fixed wheel on the BOB Ironman

The benefit to a fixed-front wheel is a guaranteed, non-wobbly, smooth run. If you are a serious runner and don’t need your stroller to go shopping and such, I strongly suggest you get one of these fixed-wheelers. 

However, if you need the stroller to double as an everyday stroller, do not buy one with a fixed-front wheel. You won’t be able to steer it without lifting the front wheel off the ground, which gets really annoying after a period of time.

I feel terrible for people who buy a fixed-front wheel stroller, not realizing this.

And you see them all the time — walking around with their fixed-front wheel stroller at the mall. Frowning because, for whatever reason, they didn’t get the memo.

Crossover strollers, on the other hand, have a front wheel that CAN swivel. In fact, most of the aforementioned strollers in the previous section (all-terrain strollers) are also crossover strollers. Again, the downside is that you may get some wobbling with the convertible front wheel, especially with kids of differing weights in the two seats, but you can at least maneuver it around when you aren’t running.

Got it? Ok. Moving on.


What about babies and running? The commonly held rule is that babies need to be about 6-8 months before running with them in the stroller. Yes, even in their car seat. Otherwise, it’s just too much jostling around for their little baby brains – especially during the first 3 months when they have no neck control.

I’ve heard some doctors say you can jog with a baby as young as 4 months, ahhhnnnnd I’ve heard others say to wait a year. Bottom line is if this is something you’d like to do, discuss it with your child’s pediatrician.

Economy Double Joggers 

Jogging with kids is a major undertaking that requires robust gear. The forces of running combined with the weight of two kids produces a lot of… inertia. Hence, the “economy” category is REALLY tough.

Understanding that not everyone can afford a $500 jogger (right?) – I have two pieces of advice:

  1. Buy used – you’re much better off with a high-quality used stroller than a brand new cheap stroller that won’t last. Like exercise equipment collecting dust in everyone’s basement, many people buy good joggers and don’t end up using them. At the end of the day, I’d rather have a used BMW than a brand new Kia. Just sayin’.
  2. Buy new – with plans to re-sell it when you’re done. The strollers I recommend here (outside of the Schwinn) should hold up well over time and give you pretty good re-sale value, especially if you take good care of it.

Better yet, do both!

Here are the best double jogging strollers, from least to most expensive:

Best Double Jogging Strollers

1. Schwinn Arrow Fixed Wheel Double Jogger

Price: MSRP $300
30.2 lbs

*This stroller was recalled in July of 2016, but is available again on Amazon under the InStep label. 



The Schwinn Arrow Double is made by InStep, which is owned by Dorel Industries (they own Safety 1st, Maxi-Cosi, Cosco, etc.). Needless to say, it is not the best double jogging stroller out there.

The Schwinn/Instep Arrow is a fixed-wheel double jogger that has many of the features of other joggers like the BOB, but for a much cheaper price. The build quality is pretty poor (in the POS category) and I would not recommend it, but people ask me about it all the time, so here’s your review 😉

Size & Weight

This stroller is wide at 32.5” and weighs in at 30.2 lbs, which is the lightest of the jogging strollers listed here (yay!).


Seats/Car Seats

The two kids’ seats have 5-pt harnesses and removable seat pads. Each seat reclines independently, although not totally flat. Though the total weight limit for the Schwinn is 100 lbs, the seats are not very tall and many users claim that their child’s head hits the canopy by age 3.

This stroller does not accept infant car seats.

Canopy, Braking, Storage, Accessories

It has fairly good features, especially for the price: an adjustable handlebar, a bicycle-style hand brake (in addition to the parking brake), a dual cup holder (yes!), and a couple of canopy mounted speakers for an MP3 player to keep everyone entertained during your jog.

The single segment, independent canopies on the Schwinn fall short on coverage, so you may have to augment them with a blanket or towel.

The storage basket is of average size.


Again, this is a fixed-front wheel stroller that does NOT steer. You won’t be taking this stroller on any shopping trips without serious frustration. Buy this stroller because you want to run with it.

All three wheels have 16” air-filled tires, which provide a very smooth ride. In addition to the tires, there are shock absorbers on either side to smooth out the bumps even more. A common complaint is that the stroller pulls to one side while jogging (this totally defeats the purpose of a fixed-wheel stroller), which is something that could not be remedied. If yours has this tendency, send it back and get a refund.

Folding & Carrying 

The stroller folds down with two triggers located on either side. With all three wheels removed (which is easily done), you can actually fold down this stroller fairly compactly, especially for a double. One reviewer claimed he could get it in the trunk of his Audi A4, which is a pretty small trunk.

Don’t keep this stroller outside because it rusts quickly.

Schwinn Double Arrow - Folded

Bottom line: If you insist on buying new but don’t have a lot to spend, the Schwinn Arrow Double Jogger is an option, but not a great one in my opinion. You get what you pay for. It has many nice features that a high-dollar stroller would, but don’t expect it to perform as well or last as long. 

2.2016 BOB Ironman Duallie and
2016 BOB Sport Utility Stroller Duallie – Top Picks, Fixed Wheel

2016 BOB Ironman Duallie: MSRP $599
2016 BOB SUS Duallie: MSRP $579

Weight: 34 lbs (Ironman) and 36 lbs (SUS)

Along with their civilian counterpart, the BOB Revolution, the Ironman and SUS both got similar facelifts in 2016 to comply with the new ASTM standards.

Please start by reading the review of the BOB Revolution Duallie Flex & Pro as the Ironman and SUS only have a few key differences.


The chief difference between them, of course, is the fixed-front wheel on the Ironman and SUS. Again, this fixed-front wheel is designed for running, not to go shopping or to meander through crowds.

If you’re looking for a stroller that you can also take to the mall? This ain’t it. The Ironman & SUS are heavy duty running strollers, and they do their jobs very well.

Many complain that the fixed-wheel makes it hard to make little turns and adjustments while running on trails and such, requiring them to slow down to a walk in order to turn; others seem to have mastered the art of turning the stroller while in motion by pushing the front wheel up ever so slightly to turn while jogging. This seems to be an acquired skill.

The tires on the Ironman are 16” semi-slick and built mainly for paved surfaces. The tires on the SUS are more knobby and rugged, which provide increased traction and toughness while running on rougher terrain. Think of the Ironman as a road bike and the SUS as a mountain bike.

2016 BOB SUS Duallie — only in forest green

According to reviews by distance runners, the tires need to be replaced about every 500 miles or so (what? Who runs that far, LOL). Y’all are crazy.


Other than the fixed-front wheel situation, the Ironman and SUS also have a hand brake for better control while running. The bicycle-style hand brake offers more control, especially when going down hills.

Size & Weight

The weight is about the same as their civilian counterparts (Flex & Pro), and the frame on the Ironman is the same as well (high-strength aluminum alloy) but the frame on the SUS is high-strength chromoly and aluminum.

2016 BOB Ironman Duallie


The folding of the Ironman and SUS is the same as the Revolution, except the fixed-wheel protrudes more because it can’t swivel. Fortunately, the front wheel pops off like a bicycle tire (i.e., very easily) to allow a tighter fit in your car.

Editor Hack: The Scout stroller rack fits nicely in your tow hitch and allows you to transport your BOB without filling up valuable trunk space. Get 15% off with code lucielovesscout.



Bottom line: If running is why you’re buying a stroller, these are our top picks! If you run mainly on the road, choose the Ironman; if you run mainly on trails and such, choose the SUS. The Ironman only comes in yellow. The SUS only comes in forest green this year.

4. 2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double – Top Pick, Crossover Wheel

Price: MSRP $650
Weight: 37 lbs

MALL OR MOUNTAIN,” the Baby Jogger Summit X3 double could be the only stroller you own.

I had a really hard time deciding whether to put this stroller in the all-terrain section or in the jogging section. After all, most of these strollers fall on a continuum of all-terrain/jogging crossovers, but few of them do both well.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3

This is our favorite crossover.

This stroller competes most closely with the regular BOB Revolution(s) and the two are priced similarly.

Size & Weight

The Summit X3 is now about a pound heavier than the Pro at 37 lbs and he’s also 2″ wider than the BOBs – yikes. Yes, the Summit will still fit through a standard 36” doorframe, but it will be a tight squeeze for sure. If you need to get this stroller through a bunch of doorways on a regular basis, forget it – you’ll be really frustrated.

Because the Summit X3 is shorter length-wise (back to front), we found the Summit X3 to be a bit easier to turn and less canoe-like than the BOB, but we also noted that the center of the weight falls predominantly on the back wheels of the Summit, which makes it feel very back heavy. In fact, several reviewers commented that the stroller felt like it would tip backward with both seats fully reclined (I can’t imagine running with both seats reclined, but whatevs). The weight of the BOB, on the other hand, is more evenly distributed over both the back and front wheels. This is one of those things that a reviewer like me will notice because I’ve used to many, but you might not ever. Just FYI.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3_Side


We prefer the seats on the Summit X3 to the BOB for one main reason: the Summit X3 has a support bar going down the middle of the stroller, which makes the seats more supportive and prevents them from sagging toward the middle – as many people report happens with the BOB.

The seats on the Summit X3 both recline independently (and nearly flat) and the recline/un-recline mechanism is easy to use.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Window

Car Seat Compatibility

Nope! The Summit X3 does not have any car seat adapters, mainly because the company feels that babies should not ride in jogging strollers until they have excellent head and neck control and can sit in the seat directly. That said, they are rumored to be working on one due to intense demand…

As an alternative, you can purchase one or two compact prams ($160 each) for your 0-6 month-old newborns. These are sold separately. However, many people can’t get over the fact that the Summit X3 doesn’t take a car seat for outings with their toddler and newborn (I agree, it’s a bummer).

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Pram

Canopy, braking, storage, accessories

The canopies on the Summit X3 are preferred over the BOB. We found them to be sturdier and smoother. While the canopies on both strollers are VERY generous (they got even better in the 2016 BOBs), the Summit’s canopies have clever ventilation windows on either side of each, which help keep kids cooler on hot days.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Canopy

Head-height: While technically the BOB is a longer stroller and should work better for taller kids, we found that the canopy bunching issue REALLY impedes head room for taller kids on the BOB, even with the material pulled back with the drawstrings. The Summit beats BOB in that area as well with its tall, roomy canopies.

Bottom line: Canopies are a big deal for jogging strollers and reviewers unanimously prefer the canopies on the Summit X3.

The Summit X3 has a parking brake as well as a handlebar brake, which engages drum brakes in the rear. This is a GREAT feature and is found on the BOB Revolution Pro, Ironman & SUS. The Summit also has a runaway strap that is secured to the bottom of the stroller, so the stroller won’t travel away from you if you fall or accidentally let go. If you were to fall while running (yes, it happens), the whole stroller won’t go toppling backward.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Handlebar

The storage on the Summit is about the same as the BOB, but the storage basket on the Summit is more easily accessed from the sides due to the easy-to-pull elastic. The storage baskets on both strollers are annoyingly bisected down the middle – the Summit with a support bar and the BOB with the seat tether strap – so you won’t be able to get a large bag in either one of these strollers. The Summit also has mesh storage pockets on the back of each seat.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Behind

It does not come with a cup holder or a parent organizer, but those items can be purchased separately.

The handlebar on the Summit X3 is rubber and easy to wipe clean, but does not adjust for height. If you are very short (under 5’2″) or very tall (over 6’1”), I would steer you (no pun intended) to the new BOB Revolution Pro or Flex models.


The Summit X3 has large 16” air-filled tires in the back and a 12” air-filled tire in the front. Yes, you’ll need to keep a pump handy to re-inflate the tires every so often. While the rear suspension on the BOB is excellent, the Summit X3 has all-wheel suspension.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Wheels

Another awesome feature the Summit X3 has that the BOB does not, is a switch on the handlebar, which allows you to switch from fixed-front wheel mode to swivel mode. This is MUCH preferred to bending down on the ground and switching it at the wheel by hand. Much cleaner too! Nobody likes kneeling in the dirt… except for kids.


The Summit X3 folds with Baby Jogger’s signature fold (i.e., “the fold”), which is sooooo easy and elegant. Simply pull the handle in the bottom of the seat, and the stroller folds in two. Reviewers unanimously agree this is an easier operation than folding the BOB.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 Fold

While the Summit X3 is a large, heavy stroller, it actually fits pretty nicely into trunks. You’ll need a larger trunk, but I would say the Summit X3 would take up about ¾ of the trunk of a medium to large SUV, like a Ford Explorer.

Bottom line: Although you can’t beat the signature “push” of the BOB, I pick the Baby Jogger Summit X3 over the BOB Revolution Duallie. It’s a close race, but it’s the little things that add up: the reinforced seats that don’t sag, the better canopies, the hand brake, and the hand-operated switch for the front wheel.

Once more, if you are using this stroller primarily for running, I would point you toward a stroller with a fixed-front wheel (which Baby Jogger doesn’t make in a double, which is SUPER IRONIC given the company’s name, LOL).

But – if you are looking for an all-terrain stroller that does it ALL pretty well, you won’t be disappointed with the Baby Jogger Summit X3 Double.

It comes in green/gray and black/gray.

You’re welcome.

2016 Baby Jogger Summit X3 3:4

5. Thule Urban Glide Double Stroller ~ $650

Review Pending. Many readers have written to me saying this is the best double jogging stroller out there.

We visited Thule (pronounced “too-lee”) for the first time at last year’s baby show (2016). We are very impressed with the Urban Glide, both the single and double version. They also have an awesome trailer that can also be used as a stroller, the Thule Chariot Cross.

Tule Urban Glide

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