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Double Umbrella Strollers

The job of an umbrella stroller is to be lightweight and fold compactly. A double umbrella stroller is no different, except that even the lightest ones are still quite heavy compared to their single-sized counterparts.

Oh so slim profile of the double umbrella

With a couple of exceptions, double umbrella strollers also lack the bells and whistles that come with full-size strollers (such as accessories, large canopies, large storage baskets, and all-terrain wheels), but they are awesome for travel – both car and airplane – and you never have to worry about whether they will fit in your trunk!

Even though my oldest is five, there is nothing worse than landing late after a cross-country flight and forcing your already-asleep child to march a mile down to baggage claim, then stand there for an eternity waiting for luggage, etc. No thank you. Bring a double umbrella and let them sleep!

Remember also: there are a couple of “lightweight travel strollers,” like the Zoe Best V2 (read more in General Purpose Side-by-Sides) that may suit your needs as well, but they won’t have the slim umbrella fold you see above. Downside to umbrellas: because there are two separate handles, you’ll always have to use two hands to push and steer them —  that’s the big trade-off.

Gang — there is no clear winner in this category. All of the strollers reviewed below have legitimate pros and cons, so you should choose based on your specific needs…

Also, please note that there are currently no tandem umbrella strollers being made anymore (as of the publish date). Not sure if the Kinderwagon Hop will return on the market or not, but will let you know if it does.

Double Umbrella Stroller Lineup

$ – Delta Children LX Double Umbrella ~ $99/$74 on sale: “Cheapie Pick” – a straightforward, ultra-light, compact double umbrella… very cheap and bare bones.

$$ – Chicco Echo Twin ~ $189/$151 on sale: a sturdy but HEAVY double umbrella stroller with good maneuverability, taller handles and good features.

$$ – Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight ~ $199: great-quality build, long use, good storage and nice conveniences.

$$$ – Maclaren Twin Triumph ~ $350: “Editor’s Pick” – a top-notch, everyday, mid-weight umbrella with many desirable features (minus irritating buckles).

$$$ – UPPAbaby G-Link2 ~ $349+: an upscale stroller with nice features, canopies, recline, etc., though less-than-expected maneuverability and quality compared to UPPAbaby’s typical output.

$$$ – Maclaren Twin Techno ~ $495: Discontinued ~
“If it’s your only stroller” – a heavier-duty (and heavier), full-featured version of the Triumph; has suspension, fully reclines for infants and has a bassinet option; rain cover included; very maneuverable (has 6 wheels compared to G-Link’s 4), though taller parents may kick the back wheels.

1. Delta Children LX Double Umbrella — No Frills Budget Pick

Price: MSRP $99/$74 on sale
Weight: 18.3 pounds

The Delta Double Umbrella is an excellent, uber-lightweight, cheapie double umbrella. Parents love it for exactly what it is: a no-frills, affordable, easy-to-fold, easy-to-drive, compact double. It’s cheap, but gets the job done. You won’t cry if the airline loses or damages it. 

Each seat holds up to 35 pounds and does recline, although not very far. It’s a nice ride, but maneuverability declines as the children get heavier. The Delta Double folds up quickly and easily and has decent storage space (for an umbrella, at least). It also has 5-point harnesses (compared to just 3 of the Kolcraft, below), so it’s good for those squirmy worms. It comes with sun canopies, but they’re very skimpy. There’s even an (apt-to-fall-off) cup holder! Also, the handlebars are short and don’t extend, so normal to tall parents might be slouching over to push it.

For the price (it’s cheaper to buy this stroller for a trip than to rent one daily at a park), you can’t complain. Yep, even tall people agree: all things considered, this stroller is definitely worth owning, even if only for a very short period of time or a specific trip. Note that it meets Disney size requirements.

Technically, this is the ONLY double stroller you’re allowed to check on American Airlines (under 20 lbs – what?) (yes, they do weigh it at the gate!!!)

Runner-Up Economy Pick: Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Stroller

Price: $75
Weight: 21 lbs

The Kolcraft Cloud is also a simple, bare bones double umbrella stroller that’s a close second to the Delta.

Kolcraft Cloud

This is another decent economy double umbrella stroller with a slightly better build quality than the Delta (maybe). For the money, people generally like it.

This one’s also very lightweight, folds easily and compactly, and has seats that recline (a little bit). It also meets Disney size requirements. Upside: the canopies on this are larger than on the aforementioned Delta. Big con: NO BOTTOM STORAGE BASKET, though many people hang their diaper bag on the back. Another neg: it has a 3-pt harness instead of 5, which isn’t great for squirmy kids.

Bottom line: This is another lightweight option if canopies are more important to you — and if you’re okay with no storage and the 3-pt harnesses.

2. Chicco Echo Twin

Price: MSRP $189 /$151 on sale
Weight: 31 lbs

The Echo Twin fills an important niche for those looking for an affordable, yet STURDY, well-made double umbrella stroller that still folds compactly and fits into (nearly) any trunk, as any good umbrella should.

Tall parents love this stroller, as tall handles are really hard to find on umbrella strollers.

Yes, the Chicco Echo Twin is heavy for a double umbrella stroller, but slim and ergonomically easy to carry.

Did I mention it’s heavy? This is NOT the stroller for parents who have to carry it up the stairs every time or heave it in and out of the trunk a lot.

chicco twin - double umbrella stroller

The weight limit is 40 lbs per seat and at 31” wide, it fits through any standard door frame.

The Good

Parents like this stroller for several reasons. As mentioned, the build quality is great — Chicco makes good stuff (it’s like Honda). Kids ride safely: it has a sturdy, 5-point harness which keeps squirmy kids secure. The fold is nice and compact and fits into (almost) any trunk. It pushes pretty well, too — better than most other double umbrellas on the market. Another nice perk is that the seats recline independently and to a near flat position — about 140 degrees; this is awesome for when one child wants to nap and the other wants to sit up and be part of the action. The storage baskets are average-sized for an umbrella (hey, at least it has ’em!), and canopy panels in the rear provide additional protection from the wind (and — bonus — can zip off for ventilation).

One seat reclined

The Bad

But… not everyone loves the Chicco Echo Twin. The most common complaint about it is that it’s very heavy for an umbrella (31 lbs). Whhhyyyy is it so heavy? Users also don’t love that the sun canopies are on the smaller side and don’t provide much protection from the sun or other elements (unfortunate, but typical for umbrellas). An annoying feature is that you must push all three brakes separately to engage the brakes (not a deal-breaker, but just FYI). Also — the Chicco Echo Twin only comes in gray (for now).

Chicco Echo Twin folded

Bottom line: This could be a day-to-day stroller for those tight on space and short on cash. DON’T BUY if you are petite and can’t heave 31 lbs into your trunk. For big, strong, tall parents… sure. If you’re looking for a more manageable day-to-day stroller, spend the money on a Maclaren or UPPAbaby, even if you have to buy used.

3. Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight

Compared with the Maclaren Twin Triumph and the UPPAbaby G-Link, the Joovy Twin Groove Ultralight is much less expensive but similar in quality build. Our favorite features are the storage, seats, longevity of use and conveniences that other double umbrellas lack.

4. Maclaren Twin Triumph — Editor’s Pick

Maclaren is a wonderful but elusive British brand that has trouble keeping strollers in stock in the US. But when people find them… they buy them. Right now, you can find it on Amazon and Magic Beans — and probably at your local children’s gear store.

The G-Link 2 is finally out! Among other updates, the new model is lighter (22 lbs), more compact, easier to maneuver through doorways, has a larger three-panel canopy to better shield kids from the sun, and a bigger, more accessible under-seat basket that can hold up to 10 lbs! The 2019 G-Link 2 is available in Jake (black) and Jordan (Grey).

6. Maclaren Twin Techno

Price: MSRP $495
Weight: 26.2 lbs (stripped down)

Maclaren also makes the Twin Techno, which has many of the features of a full-sized stroller, delivered in an umbrella package. This 29 lb (true weight) stroller is a super heavy-duty version of the aforementioned Triumph with bells and whistles galore.

It’s also great for infants because the seats lie flat — you can even get an infant carry cot, which is not found in any other double umbrella.

double umbrella stroller


  • A suspension system for handling bigger bumps in the road
  • Adjustable and extendable leg rests, head huggers, and shoulder pads
  • Reclines fully to accommodate newborns and babies under 6 months
  • **A carry cot (bassinet) option — this is UNIQUE among the umbrellas
  • Four recline positions, with easy one-handed adjustment
  • UPF 50+ protected super-extendable canopies with viewing windows (and they’re waterproof)
  • A carry handle
  • A custom-fit rain and wind cover — comes with it!
  • Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty
  • Holds up to 110 pounds of baby weight

Check out this video showcasing our favorite features!

Again, note that even moderately tall parents (5’9″+), or parents with a longer stride, report kicking the rear, middle wheel. This is the trade-off of having 6 wheels instead of 4 (as found on the G-Link); these 6 wheels are much more maneuverable, but… it might get in your way. Many say you adjust your stride (to be wider) and “get used to it” after a couple of days, but this is a big FYI.

The Maclaren Twin Techno is great for parents looking for a full-featured umbrella stroller that still folds compactly. Though due to all the features, it is quite heavy. You can get the matching foot muffs, which are great for colder climates.

And there you have it, that is everything we know about double umbrella strollers. We hope you found something you like!

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