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Toys for Twin Babies

You won’t really need any of these items for the first few months of your twins’ lives, but once they turn 5 or so months through about a year, these baby seats and toys for twin babies will be great picks for your duo.

Baby Positioner Seats

There is concern that these interfere with proper development. That said, if you have multiples, you might need to use them from time to time – and that’s okay! As with everything, moderation is key. Only use when the baby is developmentally ready (I had a friend put a 3-week-old in a Bumbo—nooooo!!) and don’t keep them in there for hours at a time.

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up ~ $42

The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up is a space-saver with an easy fold option.

Summer Infant Superseat ~ $54

For the multi-tasking win, the Summer Infant Superseat has a detachable toy bar, removable snack tray and transforms into a booster seat.

Bumbo ~ $59

The cult favorite, the Bumbo, can be found on sale for similar prices as the others. It has a very limited time for use (even shorter for babies with those chunky thighs). It may not be the highest-rated seat, but many people swear by them. There is one version that becomes a booster chair, which is very versatile.

Activity Tables

My girls loved the activity table. They would immediately stop crying once I started pushing the buttons, which means I loved it too!

You can take the legs off most activity tables in the early days to use for tummy time.

Later, you can prop it up with just two legs for fun while sitting.

Finally, with all four legs on, they can use to pull up, stand, and cruise! The best thing is that your multiples can SHARE this toy, which makes it one of the greatest toys for twin babies!

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table ~ $33

This activity table features the sounds of the piano, drum, guitar and French horn, all while teaching babies their numbers and colors. You can also switch between Spanish, English and French. Ooh la la!

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Table

Bright Starts Having a Ball Get Rolling Activity Table ~ $49

My twins and singleton all loved this activity table. The ball drop ramp is a hit — my kids loved sending balls down the spiral chute and collecting them at the bottom of the ramps. This adorable table also features silly sounds, a variety of melodies, a silly noise-making hippo, piano keys, a story book and more.

Baby Einstein Curiosity Table ~ $79

This adorable double-sided “curiosity table” engages kiddos in a variety of ways; from colorful spinning gears, to a magnetic dry-erase whiteboard, to flashing lights, fun melodies and more, this activity center will definitely keep your twins busy for a while!

Push Toys

*Note: Push toys are for older infants, starting around 10 months or so (in other words, you can wait on these).

Push toys: more great multi-taskers! From tummy time, to sitting, to standing, to pushing, these toys will get tons of mileage.

You can make do with one if you are good at distraction, but to reduce stress and crying, consider getting one per babe.

There are two main players in the push toy game (sounds intense, I know).

VTech’s Sit to Stand Learning Walker ~ $39

This farm-themed pusher is battery powered. Singing songs and calling out shapes, it’s good times for all… that is until you turn off the volume and hope no one notices (toy noises will be the bane of your existence, trust me).

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator Activity Walker ~ $59

This simple, yet high-quality push toy features three chomping alligators, fish on the wheels, and spinning butterfly and ladybug beads. When your twins push it, the walker makes a cute (not terribly annoying…I promise!) clacking noise.

Note: We are not recommending baby “walkers” due to the AAP recommendation. They have caused injury and death (falling down the stairs being the biggie), with no benefit. The AAP recommends stationary activity centers instead. Oh, look at that, our next topic on our twin baby registry guide…exersaucers & jumpers (timing is everything, people).

Exersaucer & Jumpers

My girls loved these. I recommend getting one of each (Exersaucer & jumper) to mix things up—gotta keep playtime fresh. Again, don’t overuse these (it’s very tempting, trust me!). You can’t use these until about 5 months or so, so again, no rush…

Check out our full article on exersaucers and jumpers.

Interactive Multitaskers

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano ~ $84

From 5 months and on, my twins were obsessed with this! One “played” the piano (danced on the floor keys), while the other “played the guitar” and stared at herself in the mirror — ha! It’s such a cute toy — makes music, offers a place for babies to sit (and the seat is removable for when your babes can stand and no longer need it), and keeps them entertained for a looong time (something every twin parent needs!).

Happy playing!

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