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Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Review

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The City Mini was my original love — I was horny for this stroller the first time I laid eyes on it: so compact, sleek, sporty, easy to fold. Mmmmmm mmm. Since I lived in the city (SF) and had to walk up a flight of stairs to get to my apartment, I needed something lightweight that also had some suspension. A 28-pound stroller the size of a small golf cart (sneeze: BOB) was not going to fit the bill. It’s stood the test of time and remains one of our favorite all-around strollers. In 2019, they redesigned the stroller, so here is our Baby Jogger City Mini 2 Review.

So what’s so special about this stroller, you ask? 

Fold and Portability

Here’s the thing: the City Mini collapses into a neat, easy-to-carry package with one lift of the arm (see my quick demo here, previous model). That’s it! Oh and it auto-locks… and it’s only 18.4 lbs! It really does rival many urban strollers out there, making it a great match for families in the city on a budget. Trust us: when you’re at the subway station and you realize the elevator is out of service, this is the stroller you wish you had. (Everyone else has since mimicked their fold, but they were the original.)

This stroller folds flat – like flat as a pancake. There’s no messing with removing the seat, yada, yada, like there is in reversible strollers. It’s just easy.

You can also carry the stroller around by the strap.

A few have complained about the wider girth of the “2”. Turns out, the City Mini 2 is in fact wider than its predecessor (25.70 inches v. 24 inches). This gives it a little more stability, but doesn’t make it easier to get through doorways. 

Image from Ricardo and Crystal Torres

Wheels and Maneuverability 

The City Mini is the original 3-wheeled compact, lightweight stroller, and I think it’s the best (though the others, like the Chicco Viaro, and are VERY similar). It has a pivoting front wheel, which makes it easy to steer with one hand (you are so demanding!). It scoffs at bumps and curbs. It also has forever air rubber tires and all-wheel suspension. You can also lock the front wheel for rougher, uneven surfaces. Most people agree: they love that it’s compact yet still gets around easily.


The seat lies down flat for a napping baby (what I call the “first class” position) and sits up for “coach” — and every position in-between. Note however that some parents complain that the seat doesn’t have a true upright position, though this is true with many 3-wheeled “sporty” strollers. The new adjustable calf support (again) raises and lowers for added comfort. At this point, forget about the “first class” position, your babe is basically in a private jet. 

The seat is roomy and comfy (padded), and it can hold up to 65 pounds of baby meat. That’s pretty impressive for a stroller that’s relatively compact (for comparison, the BOB Revolution can hold up to 70 pounds — not too far off!). 

The City Mini 2 lies nearly flat, so you can use it with your baby as long as they have head/neck control. For extra comfort (and if you want to face your newborn), you can buy a pram (sold separately). You can also opt to create a travel system — a great option if you know you’ll be commuting a lot by car. 

The seat’s fabric is also easy to wipe clean. 

Car Seat Compatibility 

Baby Jogger is really good about making a plethora of car seat adapters — including ones for Graco, Britax/BOB, Cybex, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna, Peg Perego, Clek and the Chicco KeyFit 30.

If you really want to skip the stroller frame phase, you could easily just get this stroller with the appropriate car seat adapter and be done with it. You can also buy the complete system (Stroller + City GO 2 infant seat) for $529 and you’ll be sitting pretty. 


The City Mini’s canopy, which is UV50, is beautifully designed and has a fabulous sun shade that pulls alllll the way down. Parents rave about how big it is and that their little ones are well protected from the sun. Another thing we enjoy is the large peek-a-boo window, which allows you to keep an eye on your baby while still keeping him or her shaded. Whenever you want to take a look, roll up the flap, and voila! 


Storage is not the City Mini’s strong suit. While large(ish), many parents complain that the underseat basket is too hard to access.

You can access it from the front, where the leg support adjusts and goes up and down, but the opening remains fairly small. Bottom line, you won’t be able to put a large diaper bag down there without a struggle. 

People also wish the stroller came with a compartment for smaller belongings (like phone, wallets etc…), though there is a pocket behind the seat for smaller items.

Another con is the lack of a parent console — though that is something you can (and should!) purchase separately. Considering that the stroller is pretty well priced, we think it’s still a good deal! 

Bottom Line: 

In one word, the City Mini 2 is easy. It’s easy to fold, easy to maneuver, easy to clean… it’s just easygoing. And it won’t break the bank. Not to mention, it’s compact and lightweight, but still has most of the bells and whistles of a full-size stroller. Not too shabby for a stroller that retails for under $300.

The only major drawback is the lack of storage versatility. If you want one easy stroller that can do it all, we think the Baby Jogger City Mini 2 remains a surefire (and affordable) choice. 

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