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Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

Price $249


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Raise your hand if you’re a parent of two (or twin parent!) who likes to jog! If that’s you, we’ve got good news: a jogging stroller that can fit two kiddos up to 50 lbs (that’s a total of 100 lbs of baby meat!), rides well, and won’t break the bank. You must read our Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger review. 

Coming in at just a little over $200, the Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller is a popular, well-reviewed economy stroller. A downright bargain!

OK: let me be completely honest, the materials and build quality are not the greatest… but people seem to be happy (very happy, in most cases) for the value they get for their money. Let’s take a closer look. 

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review

Dimensions: Size & Weight

This stroller is 32.5 lbs, which is average for a double all-terrain stroller. And at 31.5” wide, it technically gets through a standard doorway, though many have reported that it won’t! It really depends on how wide your doors are, so make sure to measure any doorways you need to pass through before buying.


The seats, which can lie nearly flat (about 20-30 degrees from the horizontal plane — good enough for naps), come with secure 5-pt harnesses and recline independently. Though you’ll have to wait until 6 months to run, you will be able to use the stroller for leisurely walks around the neighborhood starting around the 3-month mark. A big complaint is the sagging that occurs when the seats are reclined, which speaks to the “economy” build of this stroller.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review Keeping Warm

Car Seat Compatibility & Adapters


This stroller does not accept any infant car seats. Boo.

Baby Trend Expedition vs Navigator

Baby Trend also makes a four-wheeled, all-terrain double stroller called the Navigator, which has four large wheels (instead of three). Unlike the Expedition, the Navigator accepts one or two infant car seats. It’s even more massive and I would not recommend jogging with it. 

Baby Trend Expedition vs. Navigator

The quality is on par with the Expedition (meh).

Canopy, Storage, Accessories

The Expedition only has one canopy that covers both seats, which could make for frustrating situations (think… one kiddo wants to nap, the other wants to see the world). All in all, the canopy is puny and doesn’t cover much, but it does rotate down to block the sun wherever it’s hitting your kiddos.

Expedition canopy storage and assessories
One canopy that doesn’t cover much

Like many other strollers, the Expedition has a peekaboo window for you to see what’s going on below. The storage basket on this stroller is pretty decent and fairly accessible, though you won’t be able to fit a large bag due to a metal divider that goes down the center (hard to see in the photo below, but believe me, it’s there).

Expedition Double Jogger Storage

The Baby Trend Expedition comes with a neat parent tray that we love (below). It has two cup holders and a closed storage area for your phone and keys. I wish every stroller came with a parent organizer like this!

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Cup Holders


Like most double all-terrain/jogging strollers, the Expedition has 3 air-filled bike tires: two large 16 inchers in the back and a 12 incher in the front. Any stroller with that wheel configuration will be extra easy to push steer. Remember that air-filled bike tires need to be pumped occasionally and may run the risk of getting flat, but most parents agree it’s still totally worth it.

Baby Trend Expedition Air Filled Tires

The Baby Trend Expedition Double does not have any other shock-absorbing features, so the ride is not as smooth as it would be with one of the high-dollar strollers like the BOB. This may make for a bumpier ride, which (depending on your little one) may not be conducive to an on-the-go nap. But remember: real air-filled tires are the gold standard for pushing, steering, and general ride quality, so they’ll still absorb more bumps than a stroller with plastic wheels (much more, in fact!). So it really depends on what you’re comparing it to.

Another nuance: the tires on this stroller are more cheaply built than on higher-end joggers. They have old-fashioned metal spokes that will rust over time (below), especially if left out in the elements (although you can generally get off the rust using steel wool). Higher end strollers, like BOB and Thule, have rubber/composite “spokes” (of sorts) that won’t rust. It’s things like this that give it a shorter life expectancy. I still see 10-15 year old BOBs out there jogging around — can’t say that about this brand. But again, longevity might not be what you’re after.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Wheel
Check out that rusty tire

The Wobble

One complaint you’ll read about over and over again is the shimmy and vibration in the front wheel — the infamous wobble. A clever father devised a simple fix for it using a large rubber and metal washer. Check it out here. We know… You shouldn’t have to do this, but that’s what happens when you pay $200 for a double stroller — you gotta tweak it to make it work properly.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Wheel
The infamous front wheel

Folding & Carrying

Trigger mechanisms on the side fold the stroller down quite easily, and you can remove the giant wheels to help it fit into smaller trunks. As with any double jogger, the fold is rather large, so it may not fit into smaller spaces. 


This class of stroller (double jogger) is always clunky and heavy — they can be a pain to take in and out of the trunk, especially for older grandparents and shorter, smaller people, but this is the nature of the beast.

So… can you actually jog with this stroller? Yes! You technically can (it is, after all, called a jogger). A few moms in my jogging group run with it with 2 kids, but I can definitely tell the difference between this and a higher end stroller, like BOB or Thule. ESPECIALLY during longer runs when things like tracking (veering off course) and wobbling can get REALLY annoying. Again, it might be “good enough,” and that’s fine! No judgement. 

With that in mind, if you are a serious/long distance runner, I recommend you spend more money on a higher quality stroller – or even a nicer, used jogger. There are plenty on Craigslist.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Review — Bottom line: If you’re on a budget and plan on doing mainly light jogs or just getting around the neighborhood with your little ones, we agree with hundreds of reviewers that this economy double jogger is a great value! It rides and steers great, has decent features, plenty of good storage and can take you and your family on many fun adventures. Be aware that it may not last as long, may wobble on you, and doesn’t have the greatest suspension. We also don’t recommend it for earnest running. 


    1. Hi Christy!
      Unfortunately there is no stroller/glider board that is compatible with the Baby Trend Expedition Double. I know– it’s a bummer!
      Hope this helps!
      ~ M

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