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Convertible strollers…convert from a single to a double stroller – and back again. It’s stroller magic, people.

Best Convertible Strollers Uppababy Vista 2015


Although you can technically use a side-by-side double stroller as a single (duh) — it’s unwieldy. Plus it’s just a teeeensy bit awkward. Convertibles give you options. And because they’re so versatile, convertible strollers are a great value. If you’re the “getting your money’s worth” type of parent, you’re in the right place.

Best Convertible Strollers: twins - options

A tandem (convertible) next to a side-by-side

On the downside, convertibles are generally big and heavy, since they ultimately have to hold 90-100 lbs. Of course this is to be expected with any double stroller, but it also means that convertibles used in singles mode are larger and heavier (about ten pounds or so heavier) than “regular”/non-convertible single strollers.

Best Convertible Strollers - City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select

Don’t underestimate how much an extra 10 lbs (or so) adds to the agony factor of a stroller! Weight matters a lot.

*If you’re pregnant with baby #1, I’d recommend you buy a regular single stroller unless you are really darn sure about popping out baby #2 within the next 1-2.5 years or so; otherwise, you’ll be pushing around an unnecessarily large and heavy stroller. Just want to be super clear about that. Right. Moving on…

Top Convertible Strollers ~ Overview

$$ ~ Evenflo Xpand ~ Economy Pick ~ $400 ($344 on sale) as a double. Cleverly engineered convertible stroller. Click link to see video preview.

$$ ~ Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller$400 ($279 on sale) as a double: a good but heavy (SUPER HEAVY) option, very versatile, most affordable

$$$ ~ Baby Jogger City Select ~ Most Roomy ~ $699 as a double: roomy convertible with lots of seating versatility, slightly less maneuverable (2nd seat goes in front, making it long and harder to steer), not good on hills!

$$$ ~ Britax B-Ready G3  ~ Most Compact/Maneuverable/Easy to Fold ~ $670 as a double: excellent maneuverability because 2nd seat goes in rear, folds the easiest of all these (and with both seats on)

$$$ ~ Phil & Teds Sport ~ $649 as a double: sporty, highly maneuverable (2nd seat goes in rear), has a small footprint, but almost no storage

$$$$ ~ UPPAbaby Vista ~ Best Luxury Convertible ~ $1,088 as a double: top notch product with exceptional features and functionality, very maneuverable and fairly roomy, both seats have good recline, 2nd seat (“Rumble seat”) goes in front

$$$$ ~ Austlen Entourage ~ Best Workhorse ~ $1,020 as a double: very well engineered product, expands length-wise based on needs, lots of seating versatility, easy to haul cargo or luggage, best on smooth terrain, heavy

They are all great picks and have a lot in common with one another (the P&T Sport is the most different, being a 3-wheeler)

1. Evenflo Xpand ~ $344 – Economy Pick

I was blown away by this economy convertible stroller at JPMA this winter. It’s way cheaper than anything like it – and is extremely well engineered, with a top seat that can slide up or down the frame to better accommodate the 2nd seat (if/when you add it). This gives you better maneuverability because it pushes the center of gravity to the rear of the stroller. It also allows you to be closer (height-wise) to your rear-most child.

You might not know this, but the company that makes Evenflo (GB) also manufactures strollers for several premium brands. I feel like they’ve taken lessons learned from luxury strollers and applied them here to a much more affordable brand (and this is why I generally think Evenflo is a fabulous value brand)… (I know I just said the word brand a lot, but bear with me…).

Check out our video preview:

2. Graco Uno2Duo Double Stroller

Leave it to Graco to offer families a convertible stroller at a reasonable price — and the really nice thing with this stroller is that you don’t have to buy a ton of separate add-on parts to make it into a double. It already comes with everything you need: you can either buy the double stroller ($410) to get the regular stroller with the doubles seat, or opt for the travel system ($273) that comes with a Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 car seat instead of the additional stroller seat.

Best Convertible Strollers - Graco Uno2Duo

As a single, you can use this stroller with its standard stroller seat, a car seat, or in bassinet mode — yes, the seat converts to a bassinet! — so it’s nice that you can use it with a newborn without necessarily needing a car seat. It’s also nice not to have an extra piece of gear to keep track of. (If you do want to use a car seat, the Graco Uno2Duo is compatible with Graco seats.)

To go from uno to duo (chuckle), you pull the back of the stroller out to extend the base, and from here, you can use the double as either a “standing stroller” (cool for older kids!) or a tandem double.

Best Convertible Strollers - Graco Uno2Duo

Best Convertible Strollers - Graco Uno2Duo

Without purchasing a 2nd stroller seat, your older child can stand in the back (shown above). If you do purchase a 2nd seat, you get 4 more riding options (below). Note that none of these allow for the holy grail of riding positions: double rear-facing (as seen in the City Select or UPPAbaby VISTA). But still, not too shabby.

You simply fasten the second seat at the bottom (note: the car seat can only fit on the primary seat with this one). The handlebars also extend to grow with the stroller. The second seat can be a little tricky to attach and detach at first, but most parents say they get the hang of it after several uses.

Best Convertible Strollers - Graco Uno2Duo


In singles mode, the Uno2Duo has tons of super-accessible storage space at the base of the stroller, but all of it practically vanishes when you switch to doubles mode. It comes with a parent cup holder and a separate phone holder — convenient! — as well as a removable tray with cup holders for the primary child’s seat.

And the Uno2Duo folds up quickly and easily with one hand (you have to remove the second seat first, FYI). The fold is very cool, in fact! You don’t have to manhandle it.

Best Convertible Strollers - Graco Uno2Duo

The BIG downside with this stroller is its weight….no, 44 pounds was not a typo. This monster actually weighs that much. If this means nothing to you, just know that 44 pounds is craaazy heavy, even for a double. This is not the kind of thing you want to be hauling in and out of your car all the time — unless you want to use it as your strength training exercise… it’s a heavy duty vessel, indeed. *Despite its heft and size, though, parents who’ve used this stroller still really like it. So don’t let it scare you off!

Best Convertible Strollers - Graco Uno2Duo

Bottom Line: Convertibles are expensive by their very nature, but the Graco Uno2Duo is a more affordable option in this category. It’s easy to use, very versatile, and while it may not be the fanciest product or highest build quality, it gets the job done and performs quite admirably, especially given its low price, but be prepared for heavy lifting!

Best for:

  • Families on a budget
  • Kids of different ages or older little kids (i.e., a baby and a toddler or older preschooler, or two toddlers/older preschoolers)
  • Families who also want a sit n stand (standing only, rather) option

Not good for:

  • Twin babies
  • People who need to lug their stroller around or in-and-out of cars frequently
  • Those with minimal storage/trunk space

3. 2016 Baby Jogger City Select ~ Top Pick

  • Price as Single: MSRP $529 ($319 on sale); 
Doubles kit ~ MSRP $154
  • Price as Double: MSRP $699 ($574 on sale)
  • Stroller Weight: 29.5 lbs (single) and 37 lbs (double)
  • Weight Limits: 45 lbs per seat

We’ll say at the start that we love the build quality of Baby Jogger strollers — they have a luxury “feel” without the luxury price.

Take note the Baby Jogger City Select Lux is also pretty badass, and includes a rear jump seat (but no standing) for your older kiddo. Here’s our video preview:

Back to the City Select “regular” version…

As a single stroller, the main seat can face forward or backward (although the stroller will only fold up when its facing forward, FYI), or can be used with either a bassinet (sold separately for $89) or one of a long list of car seats (see the third column).

Best Convertible Strollers - Baby Jogger City Select

This stroller takes the second seat in the front. As you’ll see, others in this roundup take the second seat in the back…this detail makes a BIG DIFFERENCE, people.

On the plus side, the front-heavy situation makes the Baby Jogger spacious and roomy for your kids — MUCH more so than many double strollers — and it also gives you a tremendous amount of versatility (below).

Best Convertible Strollers - Baby Jogger City Select

Plus, it means that taller parents with a longer stride won’t constantly kick the back of the second seat (as many report doing with the Britax B-Ready).

Best Convertible Strollers - Baby Jogger City Select

Lucie (4) and Alice (almost 2) in the City Select

However, being front-heavy, it’s harder (nearly impossible) to pop the Baby Jogger up onto a curb or steer on a hill. In fact, it can really get away from you when turning on a hill. If you live in a flat area with great handicap ramps, this is less of an issue. (This problem can be mitigated (somewhat) by putting your heavier child in the back.)

Since the Baby Jogger’s two seats are identical, you don’t have to worry about which seat goes where. (Great for twins!) Each has a 45-lb weight limit and both recline.  

The Baby Jogger folds pretty easily with 2 hands, and it’s fairly compact – it’s probably even the most compact folded stroller of the convertibles. **However, the Baby Jogger will not fold as a double; you have remove the 2nd seat first. (Note that this is a major difference between the Britax B-Ready — which folds easily as a double — and the Baby Jogger — which only folds as a single.)

The Baby Jogger City Select is compatible with many different car seats, all of which need a car seat adapter (sold separately — consult the chart to see which adapter you need). It definitely takes the cake in terms of car seat versatility.

(Other accessories you can buy separately: belly bar, snack tray, bassinet, rain cover, glider board, cup holder, parent console, handmuff & footmuff.)

Best Convertible Strollers - Baby Jogger City Select

All in all, the Baby Jogger City Select is a beautiful, VERY well-made, versatile stroller that is SUPER spacious for your kids. The fit and finish is top notch. Although the stroller is a bit harder to steer and maneuver due to the front-heavy weight distribution, parents with a long stride will enjoy the extra “kick” space. These factors make the Baby Jogger City Select a top pick (tie) for best convertible stroller.

Best for:

  • Twins!
  • A baby and a toddler
  • People who live in a flat area with good handicap ramps
  • Tall parents with a long stride
  • People who value roominess for their kids, above other things.

Not good for:

  • People who live on hilly terrain or need to pop the stroller up on the curb a lot
  • People who want to be able to fold the stroller with both seats attached

4. 2018 Britax B-Ready G3

  • Price as Single: MSRP $499 (on sale $319); 
Doubles kit ~ MSRP $169
  • Stroller Weight: 30 lbs (single) and 34.9 lbs (double)
  • Weight Limits: 55 lbs for primary seat and 35 lbs for the second seat (roughly your average 3-year-old)

To get a general overview, check out our quickie video of the previous model taken at ABC in 2016:


At the outset, we should tell you that since its two seats are different sizes, we don’t think the Britax B-Ready G3 is the best stroller for twins

The primary seat on the Britax can face forward or backward, and it reclines quite far but doesn’t lie completely flat. (Babies under 6 months will need to be in a car seat or bassinet.)

Unlike the Baby Jogger City Select, which takes the second seat in the front, this stroller’s second seat goes in the back. What does this mean for you? For starters, if you’re a “power strider” (you know who you are!) and tend to kick the backs of strollers, this is probably not the stroller for you. Pass go and collect $200.

For everyone else — calling all casual striders and singleton mamas — the benefit of having the weight added to the back of this stroller is that it makes for: excellent maneuverability, easy turning, and best of all, it folds with both stroller seats attached. YAH! This is my favorite feature of this stroller — for sure. Let’s face it, getting two kids and a stroller into the car is hard enough without having to take stuff apart.

Best Convertible Strollers - Britax B-Ready

Again, because the weight of the 2nd seat is in the rear, this stroller is super maneuverable, especially if you live in the hills!! (It is very, very difficult to steer a front-heavy stroller around hilly terrain, BTW.) Thus, if you live in the hills, the Britax B-Ready is a great choice for you. It also pops onto curbs MUCH more easily than others in its class.

Not surprisingly, the 2018 Britax B-Ready G3 is compatible with any current Britax car seat (B-Safe 35, Endeavours and B-Safe Ultra). With an adapter, you can use this stroller with Maxi-Cosi, Cybex and Nuna car seats.

*To use any car seat in the lower/secondary seat, which many people prefer (keeping their older child in the larger main seat), you must also purchase the lower infant car seat adapter ($79). (Also note that the car seat can only forward-face in the lower position.)

While it might not be the most versatile convertible stroller we cover, the Britax B-Ready G3 has 12 different positions (above), as well as the ability to take two infant seats at the same time.

Noteworthy Britax B-Ready G3 features:

  • Adjustable, rotating (not telescoping) handlebars (yes, the TALLEST of the others just by a smidge).
  • A linked parking brake with green and red indicators.
  • An expandable storage basket which is accessible from all four sides, thanks to strategically placed side zippers.
  • An oversized canopy with a ventilation window.
  • Tires that never need to be pumped up and will go over almost any terrain.
  • A reversible main seat with four recline positions and an adjustable footrest.
  • Option to use Britax’s Stroller Board for bigger kids or for a 3rd child.

All in all, the Britax B-Ready G3 is a luxury-ish, all-terrain stroller in singles mode and a compact, easy-to-maneuver, easy-to-fold, easy-to-transport stroller in doubles mode. These factors, plus its reasonable price point, make the B-Ready G3 one of the best convertible strollers.

Best for:

  • Children of differing ages
  • People who live in hilly areas
  • People who don’t have very good handicap ramps, and/or have to pop the stroller up a lot
  • People who place a premium on easy folding and maneuverability

Not good for:

  • Parents with a long stride
  • Kids who get in and out of the stroller a ton

Read the FULL review here, along with reviews of other Phil & Teds inlines —

  • Price as Single: MSRP $499; 
Doubles kit ~ MSRP $146
  • Price as Double: MSRP $649
  • Stroller Weight: 27 lbs (single), which is pretty light for convertibles (in singles mode), and 31 lbs (double)
  • Weight Limits: 44 lbs (a 5 y/o) for primary seat and 33 lbs (a 3 y/o) for the second seat

Best Convertible Strollers - Phil & Teds Sport

Noteworthy Phil & Teds Sport Features:

  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Highly-adjustable canopy
  • Plastic footwell…makes for easy cleaning!
  • Autostop braking

The Phil & Teds Sport is a sporty, 3-wheeled, inline stroller that’s more similar to the frame of a jogger. The primary seat is exceptionally tall, allowing for use of the cocoon carrycot for newborns (0-6 months), which I REALLY love. (It’s really easy to lift a newborn in and out of the stroller with the carrycot; I used it when Alice was a newborn and ended up using it as a portable napping venue all over the place.)

Best Convertible Strollers - Phil & Teds SportTo turn the Sport into a double, you attach the second seat to the rear, lower position. It holds up to 33 lbs (the lowest weight limit of the four strollers we cover here), and must be removed to fold the stroller up.Best Convertible Strollers - Phil & Teds Sport

Both seats recline, so you can accommodate two napping children at once. (Although you can’t use the rear seat when the primary seat is fully reclined, you can still use it with the stroller in doubles mode as such by adding the doubles seat or a car seat over top of the reclined seat.) See all the seating options in the complete review here.

*With three air-filled tires (instead of four) and the weight of the 2nd child in the back, this stroller reigns supreme in the realm of maneuverability. For the roughest terrain, the front wheel can be locked for better tracking. Furthermore, the Sport folds very compactly for a double stroller and fits into almost any trunk. Plus, the Autostop feature is super useful, especially for those who live in hilly areas like San Francisco. It works like a kill switch bar on your lawn mower: you let go and everything comes to a screeching halt.

Best Convertible Strollers - Phil & Teds Sport

The Sport can take two car seats, but needs car seat adapters — note that the primary and secondary seat adapters are different (i.e., not interchangeable). Both seats do recline about 45 degrees, so you can accommodate two napping children at once. See all the seating options in the complete review here.

The big downside to this stroller is that the storage disappears with the addition of the 2nd seat, although you can buy pannier bags for the side(s). You can also hang your diaper bag from the handlebar.

With three 12” air-filled tires (instead of four) and the weight of the 2nd child in the back, this stroller reigns supreme in the area of maneuverability. For the roughest terrain, the front wheel can be locked for better tracking. Furthermore, the Sport folds very compactly for a double stroller chassis and fits into almost any trunk.

Best Convertible Strollers - Phil & Teds Sport

All in all, this is a compact, sporty, maneuverable, 3-wheeled double stroller. For more, read the FULL Phil and Teds Sport review along with reviews of other Phil & Teds inlines: the Dot, the Dash and the new and exciting Voyager.

Best for:

  • Those looking for a compact, yet sporty, all-terrain inline stroller
  • Those who value maneuverability above other things.
  • Kids of different ages

Not good for:

  • Kids who will fight about stadium seating
  • Parents who want to be able to fold with the second seat attached
  • Parents looking for the highest weight limits on both seats
  • Parents needing storage

6. 2018 UPPAbaby Vista – Top Luxury Pick

  • Price as Single: MSRP $929+; Doubles Kit: $189
  • Stroller Weight: 26.6 lbs (single) and 32.6 lbs (double)
  • Weight Limits: 50 lbs for primary seat and 35 lbs for the second seat

One of our favorite luxury single strollers, the UPPAbaby Vista has incredible features, as you would expect for the price!

For starters, the handlebar telescopes to adjust for height, which is one reason it’s super popular with taller parents (and parents of differing heights). The storage basket on the Vista can’t be beat — it’s ginormous! Its fold is incredibly easy, and it can fold with the second seat on. You know I’m a big fan of that! The Vista’s canopy is also amazingly huge and it’s SPF 50. Shoot.

Like the City Select, to convert the Vista to a double, you add a “Rumble Seat” to the front of the stroller. This is nice for tall parents with longer strides, because it doesn’t impede your stride. For an older child (or a 3rd kid!), you can also get the UPPAbaby Piggyback Ride-Along Board ($119). The rumble seat holds up to 35 lbs, can face forward or backward, and can recline. The Vista can take two infant car seats (it’s compatible with the UPPAbaby Mesa without any adapter, and works with some other car seats with an adapter) and two bassinets as well. See all the configurations here:

Speaking of which…listen up: the VISTA comes with an AMAZING bassinet (yes, whether you want it or not). It’s an industry favorite, and you can use it anywhere and everywhere, including overnight sleeping. It also has a removable, breathable mattress pad with a vented base and mattress for breathability. It even has its own sun canopy!

Best Convertible Strollers - UPPAbaby VISTA

You can also buy a stand for the bassinet to get baby off the floor ($149). Yes, the VISTA bassinet is truly badass.

Best Convertible Strollers - UPPAbaby VISTA

The new 2018 VISTA!

Note: The 2018’s new features include a slightly longer bassinet to accommodate taller babies, polyurethane front wheels for an even easier push, and a powder-coated frame that prevents scratches. The 2018 VISTA also has a replaceable handle and comes in some purdy new colors (charcoal melange, green melange, and bright red). All 2018 VISTA models now feature leather accents (ooo-la-la!). See more.  

Best Convertible Strollers - UPPAbaby VISTA

Noteworthy UPPAbaby VISTA Features:

  • Bassinet included
  • Excellent 4-wheel suspension
  • Large accessible storage basket
  • Hands down: the best sun canopy on the market

All in all, the UPPAbaby VISTA is an incredible convertible stroller for those who can afford it. The build quality is top notch and the features are downright impressive: the telescoping handlebar, the HUGE storage basket, the badass bassinet, the easy (standing) fold, and the versatile rumble seat. Thus, if you’re looking for a luxury convertible stroller you can use for years to come, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. It holds up nicely on the resale market as well.

Best for:

  • Parents who value compactness, versatility, and ease of use
  • Tall parents
  • People in sunny places

Not good for:

  • Families on a tight budget

7. Austlen Entourage

  • Price: $840 as single; $1,020 as double
  • Weight: 32 lbs (single); 37 lbs (double)
  • Weight Limits: 150 lbs

Update, Jan 2019: We are sad to report that Austlen has filed for bankruptcy. We will leave this review up for those that already own this stroller or for those that can find one for sale.

Check out our full Austlen Entourage review, if you’re interested.

Best Convertible Strollers - Austlen Entourage

The Entourage is a beautiful stroller with the most overall possibilities of the convertibles — in terms of seating, storage, usage, etc. But for all its versatility, it is rather large and heavy, as well as very expensive. Caveats, caveats.

You can use the Entourage as either a single or double and BOTH modes offer TONS of storage space — this is one thing that sets it apart from all the other strollers here. It’s perfect for things like beach days, picnics, and lugging groceries (oh yeah, and your kids).

Best Convertible Strollers - Austlen Entourage Best Convertible Strollers - Austlen Entourage

In addition to two “normal” stroller seats (the doubles seat is purchased separately), the Entourage can also take one or two car seats(!!), although you’ll need to use adapters, which are sold separately. (Or you can use it for one newborn with bassinet seating mode.) With the added Jump Seat (sold sep), this stroller also converts to a sit n stand for even more seating options. With all the different pairings, there are more than 30 seating configurations…pretty impressive. In addition, this ship can tote around 150 lbs — the highest carrying capacity of all the convertibles.

Best Convertible Strollers - Austlen Entourage

Even when it’s fully loaded up, the Entourage drives like a dream in pretty much every mode, and it has bonus features like an add-on organizer (the “market bag,” oooh la la) that attaches to the handle bar. The fold on the Entourage is easy and compact — and we LOVE that it folds up with both seats attached. Major points.

Overall, we think this is an exceptional convertible for those who can afford the expense.

Best for:

  • Two kiddos of any age/age gap
  • Families with lots of gear/stuff to schlep around
  • Everyday use in a walkable area
  • Family travel

 Not good for:

  • Families with a tight budget
  • Families who have rough terrain to deal with — or need A/T capabilities
  • Families looking for a car stroller (it’s heavy)…

For more, read our complete Austlen Entourage Review.

If you’re still having trouble picking, you might also want to check out our video review that compares the Britax B-Ready, the Baby Jogger City Select, and the UPPAbaby VISTA for some visual aid. (Mind you, I made this video in 2014, so minor updates were made, especially to the VISTA, but the general principles remain the same.)



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