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Mountain Buggy + one

Price $649


Price: $699
28.7 lbs (single), 30.9 lbs (double)

The Mountain Buggy +one was the all-terrain tandem stroller I used nearly every day for a couple of years, so I know it pretty well 🙂

All-Terrain Tandem Stroller - Mountain Buggy + one

When my second child was born we lived in a very urban environment, so I really wanted an in-line stroller that wouldn’t monopolize the entire sidewalk and would easily breeze through the doorway of the coffee shop I frequently haunted (how else would I survive?).

While the +one is not perfect (no stroller is), we’ve been pretty darn happy with it. And, I paid full price for it, if that tells you anything (I don’t normally spend that much on my own stuff, LOL).

Size & Weight

The brilliance of this stroller is that the chassis is the same width (24.8″) – and nearly the same weight – as Mountain Buggy’s single stroller, the Urban Jungle. By making good use of the length of the chassis, Mountain Buggy engineered a double stroller with nearly the same footprint as a single. And that’s what everyone really wants, right?

Physics magic.

+one_single_berry All-Terrain Tandem Stroller
Looks like a single, acts as a double

The frame is very sturdy and strong, yet lightweight (for its bulk) due to the high-grade 6063 T5 aluminum. The weight of this stroller as a double is about 30 lbs, which is pretty light considering the beefiness of the stroller. For comparison’s sake, most all-terrain doubles are in the mid-to-high 30s, and as you know, every pound counts.


The +one can be used as a single or as a double. In this regard, it’s more of a convertible stroller. The funny thing about this stroller is that you can have a baby in the back of the stroller and nobody even knows — all they see is your toddler in the front.

options All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

If you’re using the +one with one baby, note that the seat can lie all the way flat and has an infant boot to keep your newborn safe and snugly. You can also purchase the Carrycot Plus (sold separately), which offers three different parent-facing positions.

For use with an older child and a newborn, the front seat must be in the upright mode (cannot recline with an infant lying down in the back) and you’ll recline the back seat fully and insert the “infant mattress”. When your infant outgrows the mattress (6 months or so), replace it with the second “toddler” seat.

Baby Alice in th back

When used in double toddler mode, both seats can now recline (yay! On the previous model they did not). That said, there isn’t a ton of space for the rear child if the front seat is reclined. This is a problem if the child in the rear is big.

When using the rear seat, there’s a footwell that unzips from underneath, revealing a “well” space for the rear child‘s feet and legs. Note that the footwell area is ample, but the opening is fairly small, which can cause your child’s shoes to get caught when lifting her in and out, particularly if she is wearing bulky shoes like rain boots.

One user complaint about this stroller is its “tippy-ness”. Some reviewers warn that it tips easily when turning, or even pushing it on just slightly uneven or inclined terrain.

The weight of the stroller is primarily distributed toward the front wheel, and therefore tends to tip forward and diagonally–this is especially true if only one child is riding in it and is sitting in the front seat. One user said that if she lets go of the stroller when her child is in it, it immediately starts to tip forward.

Another reviewer who used the stroller with her newborn and older 32 lb toddler said that in the front seat, she was shocked to see how unstable her toddler seemed. As curious toddlers are prone to do, every time he peered out from his seat to check out his surroundings, the reviewer was afraid he would fall out, or that the stroller would tip over.

This is definitely something to be aware of (i.e. test it out in the store before you buy!) if you’re planning to purchase the Mountain Buggy +one.

+one_double_kerb_pop All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

Car Seat Compatibility

The seating area can be removed completely from the stroller to make room for one (and only one) infant car seat or bassinet (below). You cannot use a car seat when in doubles mode. This is a deal-breaker for some moms, which is completely understandable.

Compatible with the following car seats:

  • Mountain Buggy: Protect (adapter: here)
  • phil&teds: Alpha (adapter: here)
  • Maxi-Cosi: Mico, Pebble & Cabrio Fix (adapter: here)
  • Nuna Pipa (adapter: here)
  • Cybex: Aton (adapter: here)
  • Graco: SnugRide Classic Connect 22, 32 & 35 (adapter: here)
  • Graco: SnugRide Click Connect 32 & 35 (adapter: here)
  • Chicco: KeyFit (adapter: here)
  • Peg Perego: Primo Viaggio (model 4/35 excluded) (adapter: here)
+one_protect All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

Canopy, Braking, Storage, Accessories

A HUGE, amazing canopy with flip-out sun visor protects your babes from the sun at any angle and includes zip-out mesh panels that offer light and breathability. Yeah, the canopy is the bomb. The height and position of the canopy can be adjusted by moving it up the stroller frame to provide more (or less) head height for the child in the rear seat.

+one_extendable_mesh All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

There’s a large water bottle sleeve on the side for a closed bottle (yes, big enough for a bottle of wine) (ahem), but nothing that sits upright – like a coffee or unsealed drink.  Also, there’s no parent organizer, although you can buy one separately (I bought the Britax parent organizer and it works great).

The comfort grip handlebar is fully adjustable and the brake is a switch on the side, which is new and fancy.

You can also attach the Freerider stroller board to the +one’s rear axle to accommodate a 3rd child.

+one_freerider All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

The bottom storage basket is not super huge, but is very accessible from the side and from the back when used in singles mode. That said, it does take a lot of cramming and ramming to get a large diaper bag in there.


As with most all-terrain, air-filled tire strollers, the +one stroller turns and steers unbelievably well. It offers rear wheel suspension and 12″ air-filled tires that provide a smooth ride across all surfaces. Furthermore, it’s super easy to pop up onto curbs and such.

Yes, you’ll need to pump the tires periodically – I pump mine about once every month or two. The front wheel swivels or locks straight for getting through sand, gravel, or other rough stuff.

Mountain Buggy +one Front Wheel All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

But can you jog with it??

Don’t get me wrong; I do not pretend to be a runner, but I’ve jogged with it on several occasions (with the front wheel locked, of course) with BOTH of my heavy kids and I actually quite enjoyed it. On one occasion, I had to sprint home when Lucie got stung by a bee and I thought she was having a reaction (she wasn’t), and I was REALLY glad I brought this stroller with me that day. Again, I am NOT a “real” runner (by any stretch of the imagination), and this stroller isn’t really made for running, but for light jogging? I’ve had very good luck. Just understand this is not a real jogging stroller. For those, go here.

Folding & Carrying

This stroller improved dramatically with a new fold mechanism. Now, you simply reach under the front seat bar, twist the bar back, and the stroller folds back into place into a graceful standing fold. SO MUCH BETTER than the previous model!!

Cue to 3:45 to watch the fold.

Just remember this is a giant, double, all-terrain stroller. It’s hard to heave it in and out of the trunk. The folded length is smaller than the previous model, but still pretty darn long. I seriously doubt it would fit in a smaller trunk. Yes, you can pop the wheels off to make it smaller, but it would be annoying to do that each time.

On the plus side, I love that you can fold it without having to remove seats and whatnot, like you have to on other tandems.

+onelife All-Terrain Tandem Stroller

Bottom line: I love the smooth ride, the comfortable seats for both kids, the versatility and how easily it slips through doorways. I also love folding it without having to remove the seats (the new fold really is great!).

This stroller is better for kids who are closer in age because bigger, older kids may be cramped in the back. Definitely take the temperament of your kids into consideration because a naughty, rear-seated child can pull hair, kick and otherwise torment the front child [ahem]. If your kids fight like this sometimes, definitely get a side-by-side!

I don’t love heaving this all-terrain tandem stroller in and out of my trunk because it’s heavy (all doubles are!). In addition, some reviewers complain that this stroller is extremely unstable/tippy. But overall, the Mountain Buggy +one is a neat tandem stroller that I think most people would enjoy — especially those in urban environments.

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