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Looking for the best stroller for three or four babies — triplets, quads, or a set of twins and a singleton?

Strolling with my trio

God bless.

I’ll be the first to break the bad news: your choices are somewhat limited.

We’ve broken this article into options for twins and a singleton (of “strollering” age) and strollers for triplets.

Whether you have triplets or twins and a single, it’s good to remember that you can always put two kiddos in a regular double stroller, and wear the other baby (or wear bothcheck out twin carriers here).

If you’re out and about with your partner or another caregiver, you can always bring two strollers. For example, when my twins were infants, we would put the twins in the Baby Trend Double Universal Snap ‘n Go and our toddler in her single stroller.

So don’t worry, you have options!

Here is the list of options, broken into categories, and listed in order of price (lowest to highest) ~

Strollers for Twins and a Singleton

$$ — Joovy Big Caboose ~ $399:  Bargain Buy — This monster stroller holds up to two car seats and up to three regular seats; perfect for an older single and a set of younger twins, a set of triplets over 6 months of age, or three kids of different ages, where at least one is over 6 months.

$$ — Joovy Qool ~ $499 — Versatile stroller that can be used for older triplets, or twins and an older singleton; can be used as a single, double (with purchase of additional seat and Front Adapter), or triple (with purchase of Bench Seat).

$$$ — Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X ~ $699: Top Pick for Twins and a Singleton — Can fit up to four kiddos using the Toddler Seat and Hitch Hiker board accessories; rides like a dream; but heavy duty and not easy for “throwing in your trunk” (none of these are…).

$$$$ — Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo Accessory ~ $1,339 — A serious all-terrain stroller for three from New Zealand; works for twins and a single or triplets from birth (because all three seats recline fully flat).

Double Strollers with Riding Boards

$$$ — Baby Jogger City Select + Glider Board~ $699 — #2 Pick for twins and a single ~ a solid twin stroller + riding board is perfect for younger twins and an older singleton

$$$$ — 2018 UPPAbaby Vista + 2nd Seat + “Piggyback” ~ $1,149 + $119 (Piggyback Riding Board) — #1 TANDEM PICK for twins and an older (preschooler age) single. This luxe stroller and its accessories are tried and true and will grow with your family—so many clever configurations that work from birth on up.

Triple Strollers

$$ — Foundations Trio Triple Sport Tandem Stroller ~ $379 Each seat has a 5-point harness, has its own canopy, and reclines…but only a little.foundations

$$$ — ZOE XL3 Best v2 Triple Stroller ~ $449 This stroller consists of two main components: the regular ol’ Zoe XL2 Best v2 Double Stroller plus the Zoe XL2 Add-On Triple Seat attachment. If you have 4 kids, you can use the Zoe XL2 Add-On Quad Seat, which makes it a quad stroller!

$$$ — Foundations LX 3 Passenger Stroller ~ $500 —  SafeBrake system, large storage underneath stroller; downside: one canopy that doesn’t offer much coverage (especially to the child in the first seat).

$$$$ — Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller ~ $1,149 — This lonnnnng Italian-made stroller comes with the chassis and stroller seats; no adapters are necessary.

Quad Strollers

$$$ — Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller ~ $429 Good reviews for a 4-seater: well-made, ergonomic handlebar, fairly good sunshade and shock-absorbing, rubberized wheels.

$$$ — Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller MSRP ~ $499 Stroller used at many daycare centers.

$$$ — Foundations Quad LX 4-Passenger Stroller ~ $500 Quad version of LX-3.

Strollers for Twins and a Singleton

Keep in mind that the stroller you choose (and the way you place your kiddos in the stroller) will ultimately depend on their birth order. Okay, here we go….

Joovy Big Caboose — Bargain Option

Price: ~ $399 (on sale at Amazon for ~$255)
Weight: 32 lbs

The Big Caboose by Joovy is car seat compatible (up to two car seats) and can have up to three regular seats. The two front seats can be used as is (for children 6+ months), or they can each accommodate car seats (car seat adapters are included).

The rear bench, which is great for kids 2.5+ years, can also turn into a stroller seat using the rear seat accessory. This is awesome for kids who are too young to ride on the bench. When used as a stroller seat, it can fit kids 6+ months. Please note: the rear seat accessory is not car seat compatible, so you cannot put three infants in this stroller.

Joovy Big Caboose

This stroller would be perfect for an older single and a set of younger twins, a set of triplets over 6 months of age, or three kids of different ages, where at least one is over 6 months (to ride in the rear seat).

Note: this stroller is very long and not so easy to steer, especially in hilly terrain, but many twin parents who have an older child (2.5+) and have smooth sidewalks and flat terrain rely on it regularly.

Joovy Qool

Price: $499
Weight: 30 lbs

If you have older triplets, or twins and an older single, you should definitely check out the Joovy Qool. This stroller gives you options — it can be used as a single, double (with purchase of additional seat and Front Adapter), or triple (with purchase of Bench Seat).

One of our twin+singleton mamas emailed us to say, “I have the Joovy Qool for my 4-year-old and my 15-month-old twins. It’s perfect for twin parents who also have an older child who might still need to ride (or be contained), but also would like to walk sometimes.”

The seats each hold up to 55 lbs, and in total the stroller carries up to 135 lbs. In addition to the abovementioned accessories which turn the stroller into a double or triple, you can also purchase car seat adapters, bassinet, parent organizer, rain cover, child tray and a shopping tote.

The Joovy Qool also comes with a large and easily accessible storage basket which can hold a diaper bag and other essentials, as well as an adjustable telescopic handlebar for parents both tall and short.

While many users love this stroller and appreciate its awesome versatility, some say it’s difficult to fold. Other reviewers note that it’s heavy, although the weight (30lbs) is very much in line with other stroller in this category. That said, if you’re a mom of three (triplets or twins and a single) and are looking for a stroller that will give you several riding options (and last you for quite some time), you should definitely check out the Joovy Qool.

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X — TOP PICK for twins and a singleton

Price: $699
Weight: 48.6 lbs

*with Toddler Seat (formerly called the Joey seat) ~ $129, sold separately

See also: Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X Full Review

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X with Joey Seat

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X without Toddler Seat

I use this stroller for my twins and singleton. It pushes and steers like a dream – yes, even with three (mainly because it’s a side by side and not tandem, so the weight distribution is MUCH better!). The Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X has extra large canopies (I mean, your kiddos will be fully covered), independently reclining seats that lay totally flat, and four 12” all-terrain tires. Yes, this stroller means business!

Sorry to say it only takes one car seat, and the Toddler Seat (the 3rd seat) doesn’t recline (it’s meant for babies 6+ months), but this is the closest thing to perfection (for 3) that you’ll find.

Check out those canopies!

What I love most about the Valco Baby Tri-Mode is that it gives you soooo many options, such as:

If your singleton is the older one…

In this scenario, you’d put your infant twins straight into the Valco Baby seats, because they recline to a fully flat position (like a pram). No need for car seats! Woohoo! For your older singleton (who must be 6 months or older, and have solid head and neck control), the Toddler Seat is perfect. Note that the weight limit on the Toddler Seat is 40 lbs. Once your older single child hits 4, it’s time for a riding board, called the Hitch Hiker Board — or they can just walk 😉

My husband with our kiddos

In fact, I purchased this stroller with the Toddler Seat when my twins were born, and my older daughter (3.5 at the time her sisters were born) immediately began calling it her “Queen Seat” (yeah, you know who The Boss is in my family…). She loves it because she’s up so high, has an amazing view of everything around her, and she feels special…not to mention that when we’re out, she gets a ton of big smiles and comments from everyone we pass. (Seriously, every.single.person will comment when you’re out and about with this stroller!)

The Queen

If your singleton is the younger one…

In this scenario, you’ll lay your singleton infant in one of the stroller seats (as mentioned above, the seats recline fully flat, so you won’t need a car seat), one of the older twins will ride in the other seat, and the other older twin will ride in the Toddler Seat (excuse me, Queen Seat).

If you have two littles and two bigs…

Not to worry. The smaller kiddos can ride in the two stroller seats, one of the bigger kids can ride in the Toddler Seat, and the 4th big kid can glide along on the “hitch hiker” (Valco’s glider board made for children older than age 2, sold separately). So, in essence, this stroller can hold up to four kids! Whoa… how awesome?! (Can you tell we like this one?)

The Valco Baby Twin-Tri Mode Duo X is not very commonly reviewed and the brand itself can be hard to find, which is why you may not find much info on the interwebs about this ahhhh-mazing stroller. But seriously, it’s been a lifesaver for me and my trio of tots. You can find it on Amazon, Albee Baby in NYC, or (maybe) at your local baby retailer (east coast only). See also: Valco Baby Tri Mode writeup in Best Strollers for Twins

Me and my gals

Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo Accessory Seat (Triple)

Price: $1,339
Weight: just over 33 lbs

The Aspire Twin Buggy is a side-by-side, plus one (pictured below). This stroller must be ordered from New Zealand, but it ships to the USA (and other countries) for free. The Aspire can work for twins and a single, toddler triplets or triplet infants, because all three seats recline fully flat.

To me, this is a specialty stroller for those who need rugged, air-filled tires to roll over very rugged terrain. This stroller would be ideal for older twins and a younger single (so you can maintain eye contact with your littlest while the twins entertain each other).

Double Strollers with Riding Boards

Perfect for infant twins and an older singleton — or three kids under the ages of 5. You can get one of the double strollers recommended for twins, plus a riding board at the back. Here are some solid choices:

Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat + Glider Board — #2 Pick for twins and a single

Price: $699 (on sale at Amazon for ~ $574) + Glider Board: ~ $77
Weight: 35 lbs

The City Select is a really awesome and versatile pick for parents of twins (and, with the addition of the glider board, also great for parents of three kiddos where at least one is about 2+ years of age). Whether you want to use this stroller with car seats, bassinets, regular seats, or a combination of any of these…you can. It allows for 16 different seating configurations, which means this stroller can truly grow with your children and your family’s needs.

Baby Jogger City Select Seating Configurations

For a third child who also wants to hitch a ride — i.e. an older toddler, or one of your twins (if your twins are the oldest) — you can purchase the Glider Board which easily attaches and detaches to the stroller’s rear axle.

See also: City Select and CS Lux Writeup in Best Strollers for Twins

2018 UPPAbaby VISTA + Rumble Seat + Piggyback — #1 Tandem Pick for twins and an older single

Price: ~ $1,149 (UPPAbaby Vista + Rumble Seat) + $119 (Piggyback)
Weight: Frame + Seat = 26.6 lbs / Rumble Seat = 6 lbs

People who have the Vista generally love it — even in doubles mode, it rides like a dream. The VISTA can accommodate little ones from birth through the toddler years, and allows for multiple configurations to transport up to three kiddos.

For your infant twins, you can use the Vista with infant car seats or bassinets, and as they grow older, you can use it with two regular seats (one being the Rumble Seat). If you have an older child and younger twins, or older twins and a younger singleton, attach the Piggyback so all three of your kids can ride at once.

Other options include:

Triple Strollers

For triplets, there are a couple of triple tandem strollers, but to say they drive like a bus is an understatement.  That – and they are so long, they probably won’t fit in your trunk. And yeah, they weigh about 60 lbs. You see these used for commercial applications at daycare centers and whatnot, we actually don’t recommend them for others. But here they are in case you’re interested —

Important to note: None of these triple tandem strollers recline flat, nor can they accommodate car seats.

Foundations Trio Triple Sport Tandem Stroller

Price: ~$379
Weight: 34 lbs

Parents seem to like the Trio Triple Sport better than the LX 3-Passenger Stroller (below). For one, it’s lighter (34 lbs as opposed to 68!), and it’s about $100 less expensive. Secondly, each seat has its own canopy.

The seats each have a five-point harness and can hold children up to 40 lbs. The seats recline, but only a little…so don’t expect your kids to be able to peacefully nap in this thing. It does fit through standard doorways, however, and has large storage baskets for all your and babies’ necessities.

Children shouldn’t ride in this (or the Foundations LX stroller) if they don’t have solid neck and torso control — usually about 6 months or older. This stroller does not take car seats.

ZOE XL3 Best v2 Triple Stroller

Price: ~$449
Weight: 17 lbs (FYI: this is the weight of the XL2 BEST v2 — XL3 Specs Coming Soon!)

See Also: Zoe XL3 Best v2 Triple Stroller

Where my triplet and quad mamas at?! This one’s for you!

According to Jen, one of our triplet mom readers, the Zoe XL3 Best v2 Triple Stroller is all the rage in the triplet moms world right now. Jenna, another triplet mama, explains, “It’s lightweight, fits in most trunks (because it separates into two pieces) and is relatively inexpensive.”

These are definitely not sentiments you ordinarily hear about a triple (and certainly not a quad) stroller! Let’s dig in, shall well?

The Zoe XL3 Best v2 Triple Stroller actually consists of two parts

  1. ZOE XL2 BEST v2 Lightweight Double Stroller ~ $249 +
    — and–
  2. Zoe XL2 Add-On Triple Seat ~ $179 (currently on sale for  $149)
    – or –

    Zoe XL2 Add-On Quad Seat ~ $199 (currently on sale for  $179)

With Triple Attachment

With Quad attachment

You read that right — with the attachment (i.e. the 3rd or 4th seat), the Zoe instantly and easily transforms from a double to a triple or quad. You just click the attachment seat onto the belly bar of the double stroller (see below). How cool is that? (So even though this stroller is listed under Triples, it can actually serve as an awesome quad stroller too!)

What’s even better is that compared to most (if not all) other triple and quad strollers, the Zoe is actually much lighter, easier to maneuver, fold and even fits in most trunks (note: in order to fold it, you must remove the attachment piece first — but both the stroller and attachment pieces fold easily with one hand).

Each seat reclines independently — so kids who want to lay back and nap can, and those who want to sit up and see the sights can do that too — and has its own individual canopy.

Parents of higher order multiples also love that this stroller doesn’t attract the amount of attention that some of the others listed on the page do (as I mentioned, I have the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X, and we are constantly getting stopped–we’re like a traveling circus show).

It’s important to know that none of these stroller seats accepts infant car seats. That said, the seats do recline down rather far — about 150 degrees (note: 180 degrees is totally flat). This means you’ll have to wait a few months until your babies have some head and torso control before using the stroller (Zoe recommends at least 3 months). But, it’s an awesome choice for trips or quads who are 3+ months, or even three kiddos of differing ages. Versatility, people! That’s what it’s all about.

Note that the XL2 Add-On Triple and Quad Seats are not compatible with older model Zoe XL2’s such as the Deluxe, Best v1, or Sport. The seat attachments are only compatible with the Zoe XL2 Best v2 Double Stroller.

Triplet Mom, Lisa Kerr, out for a stroll with her trio; photo from Lisa’s IG @lisadkerr

Foundations LX 3 Passenger Stroller

Price: $500
Weight: 68 lbs

This triple stroller can hold kiddos up to 50 lbs (per seat), and each of the seats also has an adjustable 5-point-harness. This super-sized stroller comes with a SafeBrake system, which automatically engages when the person pushing the stroller is separated from it. There’s a manual parking brake as well. Also nice is that it has a large storage basket under the seats to hold belongings (diaper bag, parent essentials, etc.).

Some things to note if you’re thinking about purchasing this stroller: though it has a canopy to block kids from the sun, it doesn’t actually cover the child in the first seat (weird, I know); it’s very, very heavy (68 lbs!!!); and it’s laaaaaarrrrrggge — you’re going to want to make sure it fits in your trunk (or just be okay with the fact that it doesn’t) before spending $500 on this bad boy!

Four Tiny Humans

If for some reason or other you have to transport four tiny humans around, check out these options. Again, these strollers tend to be better suited for daycare centers and whatnot due to their giant size and weight.

Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller

Price: ~ $429
Weight: 67 lbs

Not bad for a 4-seater: ergonomic handlebar, shock-absorbing, rubberized foam wheels, fairly good canopy protection, and SafeBrake system engages when handle is released. Reviewers seem to like this stroller, saying it’s well made and a lifesaver with four kiddos.

Angeles Infant Toddler SureStop Folding Commercial Bye-Bye Stroller

Price: MSRP ~ $499
Weight: 40 lbs

This is the solution used by at-home daycare centers and such.

Foundations Quad LX 4-Passenger Stroller

Price: ~ $500
Weight: 84 lbs

This is the quad version of their LX 3-passenger.

Happy strolling all you rockstar mamas of three (or more) kiddos! Let me just say, you have my utmost respect and admiration! Oh, if you’ve found an option for your duo, trio, quads (or more!), let us know. All of us PoMs (parents of multiples) would love to hear your strolling solutions.

God bless moms of multiples!!

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