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Best Strollers for 3 Kids and Big Families

Looking for the perfect stroller for three or four babies? We’ve got an extensive list of the best stroller options for triplets, quads, and families with 3 or more kids under 5.

We’ve broken this article into three options:

  1. Strollers for twins and a singleton (including double strollers + glider boards)
  2. Strollers for triplets
  3. Strollers for quads

…And here they are, broken into categories (see below for the in-depth descriptions)

Best Strollers for 3 in 2023

Strollers for Twins and a Singleton

$$ — Joovy Big Caboose ~ $499:  Bargain Buy — This monster stroller holds up to two car seats and up to three regular seats; perfect for an older single and a set of younger twins, a set of triplets over 6 months of age, or three kids of different ages, where at least one is over 6 months.

$$$ —Joovy Qool ~ $549: Versatile Option — Versatile stroller that can be used for older triplets, or twins and an older singleton; can be used as a single, double (with purchase of additional seat and Front Adapter), or triple (with purchase of Bench Seat).

$$$ — Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X ~ $750: Top Pick for Twins and a Singleton — Can fit up to four kiddos using the Toddler Seat and Hitch Hiker board accessories; rides like a dream; but heavy duty and not easy for “throwing in your trunk” (none of these are…).

Double Strollers with Riding Boards

$$$ — Baby Jogger City Select 2 + 2nd Seat + Glider Board ~ $599+ $199 + $119 — #2 Pick for twins and a single ~ a solid twin stroller + riding board is perfect for younger twins and an older singleton.

$$$$ — UPPAbaby Vista + 2nd Seat + “Piggyback” ~ $1,249 + $134 (Piggyback Riding Board) — #1 TANDEM PICK for twins and an older (preschooler age) single. This luxe stroller and its accessories are tried and true and will grow with your family — so many clever configurations that work from birth on up.|

Triple Strollers

$$ — Foundations Trio Triple Sport Tandem Stroller ~ $499— Each seat has a 5-point harness, has its own canopy, and reclines…but only a little.

$$$ — ZOE Trio+ ~ $539 — This stroller consists of two main components: the regular ol’ Zoe Twin+ (formerly the XL2 Best v2 Double Stroller) plus the Zoe Trio+ attachment. If you have 4 kids, you can use the Zoe Tribe Seat attachment, which makes it a quad stroller!

$$$$ — Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller ~ $1,246 — This lonnnnng Italian-made stroller comes with the chassis and stroller seats; no adapters are necessary.

Quad Strollers

$$$ — Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller ~ $599 — Good reviews for a 4-seater: well-made, ergonomic handlebar, fairly good sunshade and shock-absorbing, rubberized wheels.

$$$ — Zoe Tribe+ ~ $579 At only 31 lbs, super lightweight for a quad stroller. Can easily transform into a double if you only need to stroll two. Easy to transport. Disney-size approved.

Strollers for Twins and a Singleton

Keep in mind that the stroller you choose (and the way you place your kiddos in the stroller) will ultimately depend on their birth order. Okay, here we go….

Joovy Big Caboose — Bargain Option

Price: ~ $499
Weight: 32 lbs

The Big Caboose by Joovy is car seat compatible (up to two car seats) and can have up to three regular seats. The two front seats can be used as is (for children 6+ months), or they can each accommodate car seats (car seat adapters are included).

The rear bench, which is great for kids 2.5+ years, can also turn into a stroller seat using the rear seat accessory. This is awesome for kids who are too young to ride on the bench. When used as a stroller seat, it can fit kids 6+ months. Please note: the rear seat accessory is not car seat compatible, so you cannot put three infants in this stroller.

Joovy Big Caboose

This stroller would be perfect for an older single and a set of younger twins, a set of triplets over 6 months of age, or three kids of different ages, where at least one is over 6 months (to ride in the rear seat).

Note: this stroller is very long and not so easy to steer, especially in hilly terrain, but many twin parents who have an older child (2.5+) and have smooth sidewalks and flat terrain rely on it regularly.

Joovy Qool — Top Pick for Versatility

Price: $549
Weight: 30 lbs

If you have older triplets, or twins and an older single, you should definitely check out the Joovy Qool. This stroller gives you options — it can be used as a single, double (with purchase of additional seat and Front Adapter), or triple (with purchase of Bench Seat). Or, you can buy the entire thing as a double (~ $879) right from the start.

Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X— TOP PICK for twins and a singleton

Price: ~ $750 + Joey Seat ~ $130, sold separately
Weight: 34 lbs

What I love most about the Valco Baby Tri-Mode Duo X is that it gives you soooo many options, such as:

If your singleton is the older one…

In this scenario, you’d put your infant twins straight into the Valco Baby seats, because they recline to a fully flat position (like a pram). No need for car seats! Woohoo! For your older singleton (who must be 6 months or older, and have solid head and neck control), the Toddler Seat is perfect. Note that the weight limit on the Toddler Seat is 40 lbs. Once your older single child hits 4, it’s time for a riding board, called the Hitch Hiker Board— or they can just walk

My husband with our kiddos in the Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X

In fact, I purchased this stroller with the Toddler Seat when my twins were born, and my older daughter (3.5 at the time her sisters were born) immediately began calling it her “Queen Seat” (yeah, you know who The Boss is in my family… ). She loves it because she’s up so high, has an amazing view of everything around her, and she feels special…not to mention that when we’re out, she gets a ton of big smiles and comments from everyone we pass. (Seriously, every.single.person will comment when you’re out and about with this stroller!)

The Queen in her throne

If your singleton is the younger one…

In this scenario, you’ll lay your singleton infant in one of the stroller seats (as mentioned above, the seats recline fully flat, so you won’t need a car seat), one of the older twins will ride in the other seat, and the other older twin will ride in the Toddler Seat (excuse me, Queen Seat).

If you have two littles and two bigs…

Not to worry. The smaller kiddos can ride in the two stroller seats, one of the bigger kids can ride in the Toddler Seat, and the 4th big kid can glide along on the “hitch hiker” (Valco’s glider board made for children older than age 2, sold separately). So, in essence, this stroller can hold up to four kids! Whoa… how awesome?! (Can you tell we like this one?)

The Valco Baby Twin-Tri Mode Duo X is not very commonly reviewed and the brand itself can be hard to find, which is why you may not find much info on the interwebs about this ahhhh-mazing stroller. But seriously, it’s been a lifesaver for me and my trio of tots.

Double Strollers with Riding Boards

Perfect for infant twins and an older singleton — or three kids under the ages of 5. You can get one of the double strollers recommended for twins, plus a riding board at the back. Here are some solid choices:

Baby Jogger City Select 2 with 2nd Seat + Glider Board — #2 Pick for twins and a single

Price: $599 for stroller +$199 for second seat + $119 for Glider Board
Weight: 37.8 lbs

The City Select 2 is a really awesome and versatile pick for parents of twins (and, with the addition of the glider board, also great for parents of three kiddos where at least one is about 2+ years of age).

Whether you want to use this stroller with car seats, bassinets, regular seats, or a combination of any of these… you can. It allows for over 24 different seating configurations, which means this stroller can truly grow with your children and your family’s needs.

UPPAbaby VISTA + Rumble Seat + Piggyback — #1 Tandem Pick for twins and an older single

Price: ~ $1,249 (UPPAbaby Vista + Rumble Seat) + $134 (Piggyback)
Weight: Frame + Seat = 26.6 lbs / Rumble Seat = 6 lbs

People who have the Vista generally love it — even in double mode, it rides like a dream. The Vista can accommodate little ones from birth through the toddler years, and allows for multiple configurations to transport up to three kiddos.

For your infant twins, you can use the Vista with infant car seats or bassinets, and as they grow older, you can use it with two regular seats (one being the Rumble Seat). If you have an older child and younger twins, or older twins and a younger singleton, attach the Piggyback so all three of your kids can ride at once.

Triple Strollers

For triplets, there are a couple of triple tandem strollers, but to say they drive like a bus is an understatement. That – and they are so long, they probably won’t fit in your trunk. And yeah, they weigh about 60 lbs. You see these used for commercial applications at daycare centers and whatnot, we actually don’t recommend them for others. But here they are in case you’re interested —

Important to note: None of these triple tandem strollers recline flat, nor can they accommodate car seats.

Foundations Trio Triple Sport Tandem Stroller

Price: MSRP ~ $499
Weight: 34 lbs

Parents like that each seat on the Trio Triple Sort Tandem has its own canopy, has a 5-pt harness and can recline — but only a little.

Just don’t expect your kids to be able to peacefully nap in this thing. It does fit through standard doorways, however, and has large storage baskets for all your and babies’ necessities.

Children shouldn’t ride in this if they don’t have solid neck and torso control — usually about 6 months or older.

ZOE Trio+

Price: ~$539+
Weight: 30 lbs

According to Jen, one of our triplet mom readers, the Zoe Trio+ is all the rage in the triplet moms world right now. Jenna, another triplet mama, explains, “It’s lightweight, fits in most trunks (because it separates into two pieces) and is relatively inexpensive.”

Even better? It’s Disney-approved. Yay!

Peg Perego Triplette Piroet Stroller

Price: $499 (chassis) + $249 (each seat) — ~ $1,246 total
Weight: 60 lbs

This stroller is loooong! But it fits three kiddos comfortably and easily, from birth up to 45 lbs (each child). This Italian-made stroller comes with the frame and individual Pop-Up stroller seats and hoods for each child.The seats all have an adjustable footrest, recline capabilities, and a loop on the hood to hang a toy.

This stroller accepts up to three Primo Viaggio infant car seats (sold separately) to create a 3-child travel system. The stroller seats click into the chassis (no adapters necessary) and can face forward or backwards. For a triple stroller, the Triplette rides and maneuvers well due to its soft ride wheels with ball bearings and suspension.

Four Tiny Humans

If for some reason or another, you have to transport four tiny humans around, check out these options. Again, these strollers tend to be better suited for daycare centers and whatnot due to their giant size and weight.

Foundations The Quad Sport 4-Passenger Stroller

Price: ~ $599
Weight: 67 lbs

Not bad for a 4-seater: ergonomic handlebar, shock-absorbing, rubberized foam wheels, fairly good canopy protection, and SafeBrake system engages when handle is released. Reviewers seem to like this stroller, saying it’s well made and a lifesaver with four kiddos.

ZOE Tribe+

Price: ~ $579+
Weight: 31 lbs

This is just like the Trio+, but can hold 4 kiddos (or can downsize to a double stroller and hold just two… ). This quad stroller is amazing! It only weighs 31 lbs (for a QUAD, people!!), folds easily and is Disney-size approved. The Tribe+ can hold up to 45 lbs per seat. Love this stroller.

Consider This…

WonderFold Wagon

Price: MSRP ~ $595
Wagon Weight: 50 lbs (With seats installed)
Wagon Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Colorways: Comes in gray, orange and navy

What’s that you say? None of these strollers fulfill your large family’s needs? I get it. I totally do (it’s not just the kids… it’s all the stuff our kids come with, plus the picnic lunch you were hoping to pack… oh, and don’t forget the picnic blanket and frisbees too).

Check out the Wonderfold Wagon (otherwise known as the W4 Stroller Wagon), which can accommodate up to four passengers ages 6+ months to 66 lbs per set of seats (the W4 has two sets of seats). In total, the W4 can hold up to 300 lbs (that includes kiddos + whatever other gear you need to bring with you).

This wagon — which is like a hybrid of the best parts of both a stroller and a wagon — has so many cool features. Kiddos can get in the wagon by crawling through the zippered front door! How fun is that?!


The side panels are made of mesh, which allows for increased airflow, and the seatbacks are high and face-to-face, so passengers can see and play — and hopefully not fight! — with each other as they ride. The wagon also comes with a reversible, removable canopy that offers UV protection.

It’s easily transportable too, which is awesome. The W4 folds and unfolds in one step (though the seats do need to be removed before folding), and will fit in the back of most car trunks.   

Like a stroller, the W4 has a one-step foot braking system, with 8″ front wheels (with bearings) and 9.5″ rear wheels and suspension. The tires are made of durable polyurethane, and will never need to be pumped or reinflated. In other words, your children aren’t going to be bouncing all over the place as you pull them around in this wagon… they’ll get a nice, smooth ride (good for when they’re snoozing).

The seats, which are removable, are fully equipped with 5-pt-harness for added safety and security. The seat fabric is also removable for easy cleaning. 

Bonus: the W4 offers lots of great storage. It comes with a detachable rear-facing basket that can fit things like lunch boxes, water bottles, a small bag, etc. There are also pockets on each side of the stroller for smaller items such as water bottles, toys, diapers, wipes, keys, phones, etc.  

If you have babies, you can remove the seats to use it as a bassinet (lay your baby — or babies — directly on the bottom).

Via IG @pjmedusa & &wonderfoldwagon

Bottom Line — Honestly, if this stroller had been around when my twins were babies I would have gotten it in a heartbeat! It’s versatile, rides well, fits up to four kids plus storage… It’s the perfect blend of stroller, nap space and wagon! 

Happy strolling all you rockstar mamas of three (or more) kiddos! Let me just say, you have my utmost respect and admiration! Oh, if you’ve found an option for your duo, trio, quads (or more!) that wasn’t listed here, let us know. All of us PoMs (parents of multiples) would love to hear your strolling solutions.

God bless moms of multiples!!

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  1. Good Day,

    I would like to buy Peg Perego triplette piroet stroller, the infant car seats sold separately, which ones do I buy (item#) so that I order correctly to fit with the stroller? Do the stroller seats pop out in order to place the infant seats?

    1. Hi Maria,
      The seats you need to purchase are Primo Viaggio 4/35 Infant Car Seats. Yes, stroller seats pop out for you to place the car seats in. Hope this is helpful!

  2. I really hope you can help me. My daughter has her hands full with 5 children & expecting soon. I’ve been looking for months trying to find a quad stroller with 2 infant carseats. She never has liked infant carriers. So not an option as she has tried with her other children. Btw…she’s also a foster parent. Therefore she desperately needs a quad stroller to contain all 4 children. 3, 2, 1 & newborn. I need serious help! Please. Grandma of almost #18!

    1. Hi Kimberly!
      Congratulations to you and your daughter! Wow — she certainly does have her hands full.
      Hmmm… I’m not sure I know of a quad stroller that can take two infant car seats, but there are definitely double strollers that can take two infant car seats, with the opportunity to attach a glider board for a third, older child. And I know it’s not ideal, but one child could ride in an infant carrier.
      There’s also the option of something like the Wonderfold Wagonn which can carry 4 kiddos, and seats can be removed for babies to lay flat on the “floor” of the wagon.
      I hope you find something great that works!
      ~ M

    1. Hi! Many of these options will work for older twins and a newborn singleton — a lot of them have glider board or bench seat options (so one older child can ride in the regular seat while another rides on the glider board. The Valco Baby Tri Mode Duo X has the Toddler Seat option, which allows one older child to ride in that, while another rides in the regular seat (and baby can ride in the other seat — either reclined totally flat, or in a car seat).
      I hope this helps! Good luck!

  3. Hi, I am planning to buy the zoe trio+ for my 3 kiddos (twins age 2years 7months and a 7 months old baby). I am just wondering if this has a cup holder and amazingly good for the money. I hope I am getting the right one.

    1. Hi! Yes – it does come with a parent cup-holder. Parents LOVE this stroller… I think you’ll be happy. It’s not an all-terrain, mind you, but it is great for every day (walking around on even terrain, errands, etc.) and travel. Good luck!

  4. The Wonderfold wheels are AWFUL as of 2021. They get jammed up with the tinest speck of dust and can’t handle anything but smooth, level pavement.

    1. Amanda,
      This is VERY helpful to know. Thank you for sharing this with us and our readers!!
      What a huge bummer.

  5. any opinion on the phil and teds double strollers? specifically the sport verso double. i’m looking for in-line, all terrain wheels and toddler add-on.

    1. Hey Lauren! Yes — check out our review page on the Phil & Ted’s inline sport strollers here. The Verso looks pretty cool! It’s essentially the same as the Sport, but with a modular seat design (meaning the seat(s) can face outward, or toward you). We love the narrow (single size) footprint of these inline strollers!

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